Friday, August 29, 2014

Craft Festival in the Adirondaks

As we were leaving to return home, we stopped at the High Peaks Fine art and Craft festival, and farmer's market in Keene, NY. What a beautiful day and place!

Nestled in the high mountain peaks of the Adirondaks in a grassy field, were artisans, gorgeous food, antiques, live music, and lots of dogs!

I interviewed three artisans, and will post that next week but for now, lets talk about the treats we found!

The little house here, caught my eye immediately. The artist had about 25 of them, and usually I dither and shop and compare every last morsel of something before choosing. Nope. Went to this one first, and bought it. She burnt the words dream, breathe, imagine,believe,and love along the roof, hung a tile at the top with always believe on it, there are lots of little polished gemstones and, oh! Twigs glued to the turquoise and coral house. It sits on little crystal feet.
click on the photo to see details of the goodies

Drew got the coolest t-shirt with a topography map on the front, I found the pottery sponge holder and the beaded woven tree made of metal wire twisted into a circle, with branches threaded with amethyst and crystal beads. Awesome!! I think I might add it to my Georgia O'Keefe quilt. We had already found these terrific Feetures running socks in brilliant colors that do NOT get eaten by sneakers.

They were all bargains too except the socks. The sponge holder, with robins egg blue glaze on an embossed heart was ten, the shirt five, the beaded ornament 10 and the birdhouse only 25.

We were traveling so we didn't buy any of the gorgeous produce and meat for sale but if we were local you betcha we would have. The winery we liked from last year didn't have a booth this year, so we couldn't leave with their yummy wine.

In one of the produce trucks was the cutest Sheltie, waiting patiently for her people to sell their wares. She was one of LOTS of dogs there.

It looked like a dog show with so many varieties including some doodles.  All well behaved and only one grumble as a ridgeback didn't want his butt sniffed. Cole was exhausted from his lake experiences and not eating, so he stayed right out of the mix and watched from a distance.

As I said, I interviewed several artists as well as admiring many of their wares. I think I showed great restraint in only buying what I did. Drew also was taken with a photographer, and bought his calendar to remember our lovely mountains all year long.

Upon leaving Keene Valley we stopped in my fave store, The Birch Store, and I found two awesome dresses on sale. Their season was ending but I knew MD would be hot for weeks to come and I can always use them into the Fall. Gotta get great clothes when you see them as you'll never find them later. Just like fabrics... which is a whole 'nother blog post to come on the weekend! Oy vey! The quilting stores!!



  1. I like your purchases! I can't wait to hear about the quilt stores!

  2. It looks like you all had great day. Love those purple beans! Your owl pincushions from your last post are adorable. You never sit idle, do you?