Monday, August 11, 2014

Face your fears?

As if bath time, and water in your face, people touching your feet, brushing, shaving, scissors, cursing, and all that icky soap smell weren't enough. There's this...
If you think plucking hair out of your ears is awful, face these bad-boys. With a father on the other end.

The first picture is a cute little fridge magnet found on our recent foray into Frederick MD. Cole was collapsed on the store floor like an island in the shopping store, so I placed the magnet on his inert side.
NO ONE around here enjoys bath time but Cole fears it. Until this year, age 12, he tried to get in my lap when DH said, it's time... he knew what time it was. And when mommy starts with that look in her eye, acting like Edward Scissorhands, well, it's almost too much!

It's a big fat relief when he's done for a month. He gets to bask in all the ooohs and aaaaahs of people who say how handsome he is.

 We are relived the smell is gone. A mix of  that boy smell when he's had a month of frolic in the yard and food caught in a moustache.

He is a nervous eater, so doesn't want a treat for getting in the tub. After the grooming is over though...
We caught this sight, Cole in the kitchen, a rare visit as the floor is slippery, staring at the fridge. I've never seen him do that, so obviously a normal biscuit will not do this time!
Do you face your fears? I have a plenty of them, and he's a reminder to try to face them down!


  1. Aw poor Cole, hope he got a really nice treat after all that!

  2. Do you use bar soap or shampoo? I'm finding that a bar grooming soap is so much easier and takes less time. It rinses out so much easier and faster. I use Chubbs, but there are several brands of dog bar soap out there.

  3. Many years ago my miniature poodle hated bath time also. It was such a chore.