Tuesday, August 12, 2014

a few fabrics used

Celebrate with me on the cutting of precious fabric!
Yep, I'm LeeAnna and I have a problem cutting into and using my own fabric.

I do not lack raw materials of any kind, I have been collecting fabric since about high school which was when the Earth's crust was cooling. I have beautiful fabric. I often take it out and consider using it in a project and for some reason I often put it back in the drawer, lovingly, protectively, for a "better" quilt.

Oh. My. Word.

Here's my notice, I am going to use my fabric in a project, even if it's not a magnum opus, even if it doesn't end up a winner at Houston, just because it makes me happy to see it used.

I'll let you know how that goes... I just wanted to start a discussion on why we do this? I think it comes from expense and availability. A fabric is seldom reprinted. Hand dyes are unique.

For instance the above fabric was triple dyed from a wonderful print I never saw in black and white, and I paid about 10 dollars for that half yard. It's worth it, as it's one of a kind and right up my alley. Words, color, unique?? Love, love, love. Another wonderful fabric in my stash waiting for the right project.

See the bit cut out? I found the right project and will post the finished quilt later this week. I don't know why I had to use it but I did, and guess what?? It looks great and I love it. The quilt I mean. It would not have been right without the little bit of this fabric.

As Cole had to face his fears of bath and nail clipping, I must face my discomfort at using the gorgeous fabrics in my stash. After all Enjoy is my word of the year! (look at this post!)


  1. That is the way I use my favorites... a little bit in an appropriate quilt. I don't use it all in one quilt. That might have seemed appropriate to someone else, but not to me... I want to make my favorites last a long time.
    I can see why you are having trouble letting this one go. Just make sure that a larger piece, or many small pieces go into a quilt for your self. That way you can keep some.

  2. I am so guilty of doing that too! This might horrify you, but you know you paid $10 for that half yard... in England we pay €10 for EVERY half yard.

  3. Hey LeeAnna - some fabrics are hard for me to put up for sale! And I can't tell you how many customers say: "Nope, haven't cut it yet!"

  4. It all started way back when we learned not to cut that circle out in the middle of the paper! start at the sides, uses sparingly, you know it doesn't grow on trees...etc LOL!
    That's why that new "cutting out fabric shapes"machine seems like such a waste! Saves time maybe, but oh, all those really useless shape scraps!
    Love the fabric! Looking forward to the new quilt!
    Take care,

  5. Leanna that is a great print. I too love words on fabric and the dyed fabric makes it even better. I know I used to hate to cut into some fabrics too because I thought I would ruin the project I was working on and then not have that fabric again. So I used cheaper fabrics until I gained more confidence in what I was doing. I finally decided now that I have a ton of fabric (I too have been collecting fabric for decades) I better use it or someone else will long after I am gone, lol!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left me about my Chinese Lantern quilt. You are a no-reply, so I couldn't email you a response.

  6. We collect those fabrics and it's hard to use them because as Mark Lipinski once said in an interview, quilters aren't buying the parts for a project, we buy "the dream" of what that project will be. The fear is that the actual finished piece will not live up to that dream.

    What I've come to realize is that we live in a very fortunate time right now. There are a lot of beautiful pieces of fabric out there right now. If you use what you've got and it doesn't work (and you can't get more), I guarantee you can find something else to bring that dream to fruition. And you can't make the dream happen until you start the journey toward it by making that first cut.

  7. If I really love a fabric it tends to become a starting point for something. Somehow working this way means I'm not so scared to cut into a favourite length when the time comes. I think, as you say, it makes me happy to see stuff used, and it makes me work harder and getting to a place I'm satisfied with if I start with something gorgeous. Look forward to seeing where you go with your lovely letters.

  8. Hi, you left me a blog comment and I couldn't reply as you're no-reply. Did you know Google+ resets it every few weeks so you're no-reply again? I also found you really hard to track down through your Google+ profile as the only "link" is your You Tube...

  9. Ah---the precious fabric that we won't let ourselves use because we might want it more strongly later! It's an illness or compulsion or obsession. But what treasures we find when we really decide to use it and find it safe in our closet! It's perfect and was wisely saved for Monet!