Sunday, August 10, 2014

green tumbling blocks

 Slow stitching, tumbling blocks made with scraps.
These came from my scrap bin at the left, as I keep scraps by color.

I used templates made from yogurt lids to baste around, and wanted the feel of a forest floor.

My scraps are anything odd shaped or less than an eighth of fabric. Of course some of them came from this bin...
 my bin of batik scraps.
I separate them from color bins because of two reasons.
one is I have some trouble with batiks and allergy.
two is they sometimes defy color placement!

I love them, and use them often however as I've washed even the little pieces three times making them slightly less offensive to sinuses. I might in a pinch pull from these bins...
My real stash of quarter yard to three yard pieces arranged by color in pull out shelves. I usually only resort to these when I need a large piece to work from.
I have already chosen a background for the above piece. It's a batik, and so very organic and exciting and I will show you the finished piece later.... gators....


  1. The tumbling blocks are just glowing! Nice, very nice. Are you assembling them by hand? Like hexies?

    1. I am... around plastic instead of paper, then pull the template out when done. LA

  2. Que colorido de cuadrados, bellisímo.

  3. So pretty! The tumbling block is on my to do list...... not enough time in the day to do everything I'd like to.

  4. Yes, I have that problem with batiks too. So far I have managed to avoid hand stitching with them, although that may change! Love your tumbling blocks -- forest floor is exactly right -- gorgeous!

  5. So sorry to hear you have problems with batiks. Bummer! Your tumbling blocks look absolutely stunning!

  6. I find tumbling block designs very interesting. I have one quilt made with that block.

  7. Very nice! I will come back to see your finished project!

  8. Making templates out of yogurt lids...what a great idea!

  9. Terrific color combination!! Check out my DVD about an easier way to piece those batik diamonds to minimize your allergic reaction a bit more!

  10. Hi LeeAnna!
    Forest floor?! Now I am curious as to how this one will turn out!
    Just treated myself to a new sketch book and fineliners to try zentangle!

  11. These are cute, nice use of scraps!

  12. I love tumbling blocks. I really have to make one of those sometime. Thanks for the tour of your fabric storage.

  13. Those blocks are beautiful! Looks like mottled shadows across them.

  14. Your tumbling quilt is gorgeous so vibrant

  15. I like those blocks too. Lovely.

  16. Your tumbling blocks are great. How tiny are they?