Sunday, August 3, 2014

Because I "needed" fabric

gratuitous quilt store photo
We had to hot foot it out of town to escape the numerous mosquito fogging being done in our 'hood. I am highly allergic to it, so we piled in the car for an adventure. My husband always packs a book, chair, and drinks when we do this as he says he never knows where we'll end up when I am in charge of the day!

We started the day at a quilter's garage sale. Oh. My. Gosh! It was held in a garage, and quilting supplies filled the garage, and we got there an hour before closing so the promoters said there was virtually nothing left! I had a field day!! I picked up a cute little plastic box to hold my collections,

Drew set up his chair, got the book poodle and water for the duration.

I collected the following items:

and the person in charge asked each of us to make an offer.
I said $5?
She said okay.

Such a good deal, four packs of needles, bobbin thread, doll pattern, The Angler, fabric and the box.

By now we were hungry so went over to an outdoor French bistro for a salad where Cole was not the only dog sitting patiently by the table. Fortified, I said, next stop to SPAVE (spending + saving)  was Joann's because I had a 25% extra off coupon.

 Husband and poodle set up the chair, book, and water to wait again. I found this stash, all on sale already, the dotty fabric is felt, and I see another dog pin cushion
in my future.
Stamps, zentangle smoothers, crystals, embellishments and a ball for Cole!

After my husband got his time in a bookstore while I did poodle duty, we were off to another adventure. We decided to visit a historic but vibrant nearby town by the name of Frederick MD so I could visit the quilt store pictured at the top.
Well! When we got to town, we discovered they were having  a street festival...
lots of musicians, the stores all open late, lots of people and cool dogs! We had a blast! I continued my spree with Needles and Pins and frugal gal that I am,
only bought these lovely fabrics in the sale room.

Cute coffee cups, companion fabrics in chocolate and my neutral lime green. The fabric on the top is one I coveted in other stores so to find it all  for $6 a yard was awesome!

The stores around here are doing a row by row pattern challenge. The first person to do something like 8 rows and quilt/finish got prizes. I know one woman who won, she visited 8 stores, sewed the 8 rows with their patterns, quilted and finished it... in a week. Not me, I'd still be dithering over fabric choices!
We took a little tea break,
and enjoyed all the main street stores and entertainments. Cole was exhausted of being cooed over and petted. I had three bags of bargains, and Drew had, well, a good time.  Next week I have pictures of Cole and I shopping at an art store! LeeAnna



  1. Hee Hee Hee .... My husband was walking through Joann's with me on Saturday with my 25% off coupon and I pointed out one of the things you bought and said "That's something Lee Anna would purchase just have on hand." I was right! Pat

  2. Glad you had fun in Frederick! My parents live in Maryland, but I've never visited that part of the state.

  3. Awesome trip! Thrift shopping is so fun, the finds are completely different than what you might expect. I pick up zippers whenever I find them, I just love the tags that say 35cents and they work perfectly as well as the brand new ones which cost 4 or more times that!

  4. So fun, the quilters garage sale was a deal! Glad you had fun and Cole too!

  5. It sounds like bundles of fun! I love traveling and seeing new quilt stores. Cole and your husband sound like great companion travelers! I'll go anywhere with my husband as long as I have a book worth me.

  6. How FUN!!! Quilter's garage sales are awesome, aren't they? And how lucky you are to have Cole, who can amuse himself while you are reveling in the fabrics and still be a wonderful travel companion.

    Best, Leiah

  7. Yes, after I read this post I HAD to have those little metal tags with the words on them. I found one lonely package at Joanns. I went to a second Joanns last night, no little metal tags, but I managed to spend $50 anyways. Thanks! Hope you are having fun on vacation!