Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In progress--beading

beading on fabric
My new beading group meets today and once again I'm in the position of deciding what to work on when I don't know what I even want to work on. Ever feel like that?
I want to learn how to make beaded jewelry, I LOVE beaded jewelry but the field is so large and there is so much to try and it's like going into the biggest ever bakery and wanting one of each! A person just can't digest it all.

I know, I know, just choose one thing to try and start. Well, that's easier said than done when you have the ENFP personality type  (one description) ( Seek it here) and hate to limit yourself even in fun endeavors.

We are overstimulated around this household between DH's dissertation for his doctorate and my learning all the computer stuff (just as hard for me as electrical engineering!) so the thought of starting on the whole world of jewelry making  is at once exciting and daunting.
I have done peyote stitch, made earrings and other forms of jewelry, tried torch work with glass, made a beaded bracelet watch, and a few other items. I want to learn much much more. But...
For today, just for today, I'm going to limit myself to beading something I understand. Fabric. I teach a class in 12 ways to add beads to fabric/quilts  (check out this page) so I could see what others are making while staying closer to my comfort zone. I usually skate along the edge of comfort so maybe it's okay to just be comfortable today as I'm still getting to know these people.
So the question for today is, do you usually stay closer to your comfort zone even in crafting or do you leap right in to new things? Feel free to answer here or email me.
check back soon for Monday Creativity Posts to begin


  1. What a great design....and personally...beading on fabric beats the heck out of beading jewlery......grinning. It's great to see you are using a hoop to stabilize the's something I always teach my students....

  2. I also love beading on fabric. Yours is stunning!