Monday, September 16, 2013

Creativity Books

Fred Babb's poster hangs on the wall in front of my cutting table. Right now the cutting table is covered in stuff. So much stuff from the last three projects, purchases, scraps friends have given me, papers, etc. Next to the cutting table at the moment is my movable folding table that is also cutting table height. I use it to support a large quilt when I baste it. Right now it's also piled high. There is stuff on the sewing table.
But wait we are discussing creativity, right?

I checked Cameron's latest book out of the library, and here's me thinking I'll actually read it and do the exercises. I never read the first one all the way, and bought the next one, never read it either. Basically she seems to be saying the same thing: write three pages each day, do something fun once a week and walk.

Really I need to be able to harness the ideas, to create the time to make all the projects I've planned over the years. To have a clear space in which to make the projects. There is a lot more to living the creative life than getting ideas.

   The books I've bought over the years and haven't read were on my list of things to do in 2013. I have opted to just make stuff so far, and haven't even cracked them open.

  Still, I think, I'll increase my already overflowing creative idea bank account if I just read all these books.

  I wonder if my books will  be like the Harry Potter Book of Monsters, so when opened the concepts will leap out, growling and grab me. One can only hope.

Right now they remain on my to-do list, but get pushed back. One of my presentations to guilds is on becoming more creative and that concept is always in the front of my mind.
I am growing aware of the fact that one needs to be open to creativity, but also have a space ready to use it when the ideas come. I'll be exploring the way creative thought, organization of tools, arrangement of studio furniture, time management, body/family issues, and one's sense of self  all work together.
For now the questions I have are, does clutter reduce creativity? How does workspace organization impact productivity? Do you overcome pain or let it interrupt your creativity?  What impact does time or lack of it have? Do you buy books to help and not read them? Would they help or are they just the promise of possibility?  I think these are universal questions among artists and fine craft makers.


  1. Yipes! So many questions, so little time! (or wisdom from me for that matter!) I think if the clutter makes you have to clean before you can create, then it must be banished! Realistically, it at least must be contained as much as possible. For me, this sometimes means the stuff on my cutting table gets relocated to the bed and the process reversed when i9t is time to sleep!

    Books on creativity: I love 'em! But sometimes the reading gets in the way of the doing! (And, gee, now I have a few more books to read!)

  2. I always thought the morning pages seemed like a good idea - for a writer like her; but a morning of weaving accomplishes more toward my goals.

    Hmm, a morning of weaving? I should try that!