Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The toast art project

I've interpreting the master painters in fiber, so when I saw the master painters interpreted in toast, well!!
 Love Frieda Kahlo, and Matisse above. The artist has a website here:    ida frosk.    and a book
Eat Your Art Out.  Check out his site for larger pictures and descriptions. I can't enlarge them, as, well, check out my  previous post.

I'm working on a two tutorials so check back with me soon.

Tomorrow I am going to the Penn. Nat'l Quilt Extravaganza to see two of my quilts hanging with many other fabulous quilts. I expect to also see the vendor area, smirk. Just being supportive...

I didn't clean the studio today, instead I squirreled my way in, and sewed on the strips I posted several days ago. I like how it's turning out. I should have taken a video of the process, as it's pretty interesting. My hope is to sew Friday and show it to you soon. The strips will stand out from the quilted background like a mini sculpture. I'm getting an interesting edge treatment on it too.
 I also took a moment today to "SPAVE" (that's spending while saving) with a Kohls 30% off coupon. Got some awesome bargains, as if I had room in the closet for more clothes!
When you find a LBD (little black dress) for $6 you've just got to have it, you know? Silly husband thinks I will remove an item from the closet to make room.... ha! Everybody....breathe in!

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