Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Four seasons all in one

Fall Leaves on bricks
The seasons seem muddled this year for me... As for Fall... check out these leaves. I saw them falling early in NY, and arranged them for the picture. Don't they totally look like a quilted leaf? Oh be sure, this will inspire a quilted piece of art around here! Of course just about anything will inspire a quilt around my place!
Pinky-Winky Hydrangea

This was taken in the Fall at Longwood Gardens, but totally looks like Spring to me. So beautiful the gradated color changes from deep pink to cream.
Now this is a summer flower, a zinnia I believe, but look at the Fall colors. Beautiful! And the picture was taken this fall at Longwood Gardens again.
Winter view of summer The three bears
This shot was taken in the late summer but the shaved ice from Olympic rinks looks very wintery to me.
Awwww, so cute the little family. Drew is dressed for the hot summer weather, and I am in cold weather garb as I'd been watching skating, Cole is wearing his summer version of a black fur coat.

There you have it, the merging of the seasons for today's post. I am finishing up the Gauguin piece and in love with it, here's a sneak peak...
Must leave you now to walk-with-poodle and work in the studio. Little bit of clearing, little bit of sewing.