Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gotta treat yourself!

There's what on my food tray?
 Stores may be selling mums and pumpkins, but it feels like summer here. High humidity and 95 degrees and me in a fur coat!        At least there's ice cream!

out of focus from shaking with laughter
 Oh,  Joy!
Ben and Jerry's!
 I couldn't resist just sticking my nose in it to get the full bouquet! It's an amusing little dessert! Hints of vanilla!
My people ate most of it, but that's for the best. A cold head rush is no joke for a poodle.

Note I left a few pieces of kibble in my bowl. I ALWAYS leave a few pieces, for the food goddess. It ensures the people will continue to refill the bowl each and every time I even look at it.
I manage to keep my figure, but the end of summer calls for a few treats, no?? Are you treating yourself?

Love, Cole

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  1. Cole, wish I would have known, I would have stopped by to share some with you! Yummy!