Thursday, September 12, 2013

what do you think?

scrap play
I love my scraps! I am lucky enough to have friends who regularly contribute to my cache of lovelies. I showed you my scrap containment system HERE
These are some little strips most under an inch wide. I am obsessed with this strip business and spend many happy moments happily sewing tiny colors together to see the pattern develop. It's my thing.

So I am playing with arrangement of this particular assortment of strips today instead of finishing the STAT project on Gauguin. I ran into a snag with binding that so it is in the corner thinking about what it did.

I wondered if anyone had an opinion of  which arrangement is more pleasing, or artistic.

I expect I will turn this into either a small abstract piece, maybe wider than long, maybe even leaving some raw edges.

So what do you think? Any opinions?
living the creative life while waiting for the next great idea 


  1. Very nice job with your interpretation. There is an art group in south Florida that interprets work from vintage artists every year. I participated last year and it was more interesting than I anticipated.

  2. Put it aside and do another, and another, and another ...

  3. LeeAnna, I've always been drawn to scraps and have been captivated lately sewing strips in various widths and experimenting with different layouts (have a few recent blog posts with more coming). I will weigh in on your "what do you think?" question. The three strata are very interesting with great possibilities, but I would suggest a little more blending rather than abrupt color changes. Meaning a couple of the greens over into the turqoise, and a couple of the turq. into the pinks. Rayna Gillman calls this "therapy sewing," and I heartily agree. It's addictive. I'll be interested in where you go with these.
    Martha Ginn

  4. Ohh, I love what you've done with the string scraps. Having looked at other posts, I love your color sensitivity. It will be interesting to see how you use these string blocks.