Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art that tells about a person

"A few of my favorite things" (c) LAPaylor 2013

 When I learned foundation paper piecing a long time ago, I loved it immediately. Now I draw my own patterns but back then, I collected patterns that meant something to me and made a little original quilt with them. At the time I didn't have much experience or confidence in doing original quilts so this was a challenge.

Then as now I had a vision of the finished work in my head, so just kept building it. The symbols on it for me are stars,hearts, trees, houses, dogs, angels and flowers. Then over the years, since this hangs in the studio,
I hang things from it that I find along life's path like the flamingo keychain, the moon, a mermaid ornament, a birthday angel pin given by a friend, a candle from my 50th birthday cake, a beaded star made with family at Christmas one year, etc.

I have a little connection story about this quilt. A woman saw it at our quilt show and contacted me because it was so free and different from all the others, and I quilted it with abandon of rules, and she wanted to meet me. How Fun! That started a 15 year friendship with my friend Mary click here for her blog

This is a picture from the Smithsonian collection of Egyptian art of little symbolic pieces people wore around their necks. This is the same thing in a way...
it told others what was important to a person.

I believe showing original work is sometimes scary to people because it is so personal. It's a view into who they are, and if it's rejected or judged harshly, it feels very personal. Artists, including writers, singers, dancers, and anyone creating original work have to overcome the fear of judgement to share their light with others. They have to have enough confidence to withstand the critique of the masses.
We do that often because we are driven to make the work, and show the work because we want to connect with others.

I'm thinking about judgement today because I got my two entries home from PNQE with the judges comment sheets.click here Among the really nice compliments, was a comment about making sure my points were not cut off in piecing. I looked v-e-r-y closely and can't see any cut off points anywhere on the piece... I don't know.

Anyway, do you have trouble showing your work to others? Is is because of possible judgement?  Are you one of those hardy souls so confident you don't care what other people think? Come sit next to me....


  1. I think it is a lovely whimsical piece...I think judging is over rated! so take it with a grain of salt. They really only have a few minutes to look at it and go to the next one!

  2. thanks for looking. I mainly want to explore the connection between bravery and sharing work. This is a really old quilt but it hangs in the studio and I see it every day, still like it.

  3. I put my pieces into exhibitions to make up the numbers, I don't expect to win anything. We don't get judges comments - but I would love them, and I would also love to hear what other people think about it. I get nothing - not even the year I had a naked woman on a quilt - nothing - no comments, opinions nothing. So so disappointing.

  4. I think it is VERY hard to put original work out there. When any comments are made (good or bad) they go right to the heart because the work is SO personal. It is getting a bit easier because I am doing it more. I just have to realize that not everyone will like it (or understand it). As for the points...I didn't see any cut off points either, but I would guess the judge was referring to the green piece that the flying geese are on. I'd bet the judge thought the "point" of that green piece was "cut off" on the left-hand side. Comments from judges are (if nothing else) interesting.

  5. Ah, I remember that quilt show so well,LeeAnna. So cool to see your quilt and then to meet you, and you were so gracious.

    Yes, it does take bravery to enter shows but I think in your case it is more than off set by the joy you take from making so many connections with people by entering.

    I'm enjoying your blog!

  6. I love all the fun bright colors in your quilt, and the beading is pretty cool, too!