Saturday, June 17, 2023

My creative week... quilting plus watching paint dry and sketching


Another week at chez LeeAnna was spent in the pursuit of art and color!!! Sometimes it was an effort to escape physical pain, sometimes an effort to learn a new skill or just see color move across paper

I signed up for Tamara LaPorte's week long painting workshop... sometimes I was inspired to try it sometimes I opted to just hear part of the videos. The first image is poppies done in watercolor, using my kuretaki paints, and my new tube of daniel smith opera pink

I didn't follow her instructions to use masking fluid. I didn't need to, and often adhesives give me migraines now. I would do the backgrounds the same way, but next time I would look at a nature reference photo and be more mindful of actual lines in poppies. She was haphazard about lines and color. What I do love here is the warm color against cool colors, and the watery look of the stems as well as the drops of color not found in nature

Index cards took a back seat this week, but here are 4. It was hard to interpret glyph when I can't pin down an actual definition. Typewriter was fun... in opera pink. I learned to type in high school summer school class, and that skill has carried me along my whole life

I had a turquoise travel typewriter which went missing in some move. I inked in four black squares, then used a while gel pen to letter on top of them

superstition started life as my drying paper towel from three painting sessions. When dry, I glued it to an index card, then inked on a sort of black cat. I love a black cat myself! I liked the texture

I originally wanted to use the dancing image as an inspiration for moonlight, but out of time I printed it off google images, and glued it to the index card and called it a day. I still want to do some version of my own on a larger paper

butterfly done over collaged card

fuchia  with a quote collaged over

I do not like collage much, the random quality plus I can't use gel mediurm without a migraine so that makes it all hard. This week I tried a collage initiall put on with glue stick. I liked it, but it needed a surface so I attempted to put a super thin layer of gesso over it... 

unfortunately the gesso totally obscured the magazine cut outs. I inked over them in effort to give some meaning and definition to them

another one of the kaleidoscope taster sessions by tori Burt was a wee birdie

my little pencil drawing before paint

I like a close up... how about you?

I just love him... such a sense of vulnerability... I've found when I imply an eye and don't overwork it, I like it better 

another lesson was a stylized portrait... I love the long neck a la Modigliani!

my pencil drawing, then gone over with stabilo crayon in black
Not my usual style so it was a really fun exercise in exaggerated features, no fuss!

stabilo crayon will dilute easily in water, so when I drop watercolor over it, the black line automatically creates a bit of shade. The idea is to paint fast, drop in color. I love how it looks impressionistic. Sort of a baby of Picaso and Modigliani, a bit fauvist in the bizarre colors and wildness. There is no attempt to be symetrical or exact just exuberant use of color. 

on the quilting front, I am mostly finished with quilting this set of blocks from last year's rainbow scrap challenge. 

here on the design wall in sections to be put together next

I quilted the top and bottom borders first, using a mix of walking foot and free motion and cotton threads in three colors... pink, yellow and white

I just love art deco so a lot of the quilting lines remind me of that era. Pardon my poor images here, the room was too dark so when it's done I'll find a way to take better pictures

I have to do person sized quilts in sections because of the wear and tear on my body pushinng and pulling it through my little machine. This requires advance planning and putting sections together after

trimming, pulling the flap aside, machine stitching top borders to the top of the center, then opening it up, turning the raw edge of the flap and pulling it over the seam, to be hand stitched closed and top stitch quilted by machine for strength. It's all invisible when done.

Thanks for sharing my week of learning, playing with colors, and fabric choices

I'm looking forward to this big quilt's finish... It should be about 55" X 70" when done, and I will need to make a binding choice at the end... for my non sewing friends... that's like a frame on a painting, and finished off all raw edges for use. Remember the satin binding on blankets growing up?

design wall Mondays at smallquiltsanddollquilts 

finished or not


Helen said...

I LOVE your version of Tam's poppies! I'm planning to do that one this afternoon or tomorrow. Like you, I didn't try to do all of them. I did watch most of them, but I've picked four that I want to do myself. We'll see!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Poppies, Fuchsia, and a fabulously colorful person, oh what a wonderful week!

Susie H said...

Great job on your RSC quilt. Bet you're eying the finish line! I think your poppies are beautiful. I love the background too with the wishy-washy stems. Hope your weekend is going well.

Gwyned Trefethen said...

I took Tam's LifeBook class one year. Your results bring back fond memories of trying new materials. Every year, I say maybe next year. Good for you for taking the time to do some lessons. Your results with the poppies and the long-necked lady are fabulous.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Such a beautiful post. I smiled all the way through. Glyph, paper towel painting, Opera Pink, A lovely not overworked eye...and your flower paintings are the most glorious. Your love for all of this shines through!

Kathleen said...

I love your work this week. The poppies are gorgeous as is the little bird. I am sorry the adhesives give you a migraine...what a shame. Your portrait is so much fun, too. So many bright colors this week...gorgeous work.

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

I love the great diversity of your art, everything is beautiful here! The little birdie is adorable, those poppies just amazing, and the lady very pretty. Have fun finishing your quilt.
Thank you for sharing your work, and linking up!

Pat in MI said...

Your poopies are very pretty, they remind me of my Grandma as they were her favorite flower. Your RSC looks great with the awesome quilting!!

Sara said...

Wow! You had a beautifully creative and colorful week. The poppies are awesome. So you frame or hang some of these to enjoy? The quilt is taking shape, and I really like how you are doing the quilting on it. It might take me until next week to catch up with my favorite blogs after being gone for 10 days.

Norma Schlager said...

Your watercolors are wonderful. I especially love the poppies and the birds. I have been so remiss. No painting since Florida, but you have inspired me to get back to it.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Such lovely artistry this week! On the quilting front I'm so excited to see how close you are to finished with the RSC challenge quilt. Yay you!

Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

Helen said...

Your poppies are just yummy! Fantastic job. I got mine done a couple of days ago. I'm pleased with how they turned out too.

DVArtist said...

What beautiful art. You are so talented in so many venues. Thank you for sharing with FFO and have a lovely weekend.

Gillena Cox said...

Luv all your gorgeous art Leeanna. Happy you linked up at AFFF


peppylady (Dora) said...

I just got some masking fluid. I have page in my art journal. I hope to use it on/
I did art this week.
Coffee is on, and stay safe.

My name is Erika. said...

Leeanna your paintings are as lovely as your quilting this week. I love the poppies and the little bird. I didn't have tons of art time this past week, sadly, but hopefully this weekend I can find some time. I love the cheeks on your painted face too. You really created some love round ones with the paint. I hope You have a wonderful weekend and give Milo a scratch for me. hugs-Erika

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You had fabulous creations this week!! those poppies are amazing!!!