Thursday, June 1, 2023

I Like Thursday # 352 we all scream for ice cream

welcome to this week's list of likes, starting with one of my morning sketches, I love ginko leaves

also while making dinner this weekend, I looked closely at the salmon...

 Isn't the skin pretty, silvery, triangles tessellating next to each other... 

 we like it pan sauteed with butter, salt and pepper... our meal completed with mushroom risotto from Amy's and sauteed spinach. Neither of us is comfortable cooking fish so this always feels special.

another love is roasted peppers, here ready to stuff with cheeses

and freshly baked moist banana muffins...

we also love these peppermints from whole foods, made without corn syrup, yea!

leading me to our prompt this week, and for a couple more weeks, that is ice cream related... 

Ice Cream Cone Tennis Match - off the mark cartoons
"what is your favorite flavor of ice cream at the moment? who makes it? do you have more than one favorite?
soft serve or dipped? Do you buy it in the huge box or a pint at a time? "

well, I love ice cream but it's not all equal. Our family made peach ice cream in an old fashioned crank machine in my childhood, it was special occasion and was the absolute best. More prompts of memories in upcoming weeks. 

I love gelato by Talenti, and ice cream by Breyers because they make it without corn syrup I'm allergic to. 

Nowadays when we still get delivery of groceries, we get small quart sized boxes and usually vanilla since we have it in sundaes or on desserts. Other favorite flavors for me are salted caramel, pistachio, coffee, coconut, and of course chocolate is always good.  My father always wanted butter pecan and I NEVER liked it nor do I now.

a fun question for a gathering is would you rather?  we could say would you rather vanilla or chocolate

I think I prefer hard ice cream from the freezer since I can stir it around to make it soft serve if I want, mixing in chocolate syrup or cherry juice. It melts lots faster that way though... 

joke: How does Reese eat her ice cream?


 I am loving the book I'm reading at the moment... two aging friends reunite to solve a mystery in a small English village 


and listening to an absolutely charming, funny and intelligently written book on audio

both authors I'd read again

speaking of which, my friend Cindy sent me a link to an interview with Margaret Atwood, she is so funny and charming and right on target for today's world...

I liked this drawing of an Elephant (see the whole post with pictures here


watching on TV

too many season finale's for my likes. We finished this season of Brokenwood, terrific as always and started the current season of Murdoch Mysteries 

 planted wildflower seeds and they are coming up in these pots

Milo: help! my ears are being blown off!

Milo's Moment

Milo: sigh..... not much going on... still working on leg removal

it's getting hot around here, and I'm panting more, which means drinking more water, which means I now wake up every night at 2AM to go out again... the pawrents aren't happy but whatchagonnado? 

It's been raining too, and when I went up to look out my window to see who had the NERVE to walk by my house, and I couldn't see out because ICE coated the whole window! Even Mama made that surprised noise that told me something was up! 

otherwise I am more than happy to eat any kind of ice cream available... just put some in my bowl with a bit of whipped cream and I'm a happy dog! Mama tells a story of her labradaughter Chelsea... they were visiting an ice cream factory and they gave Chelsea a whole scoop of her own. She grabbed the ice cream ball, shocked, looked at mama and spit it out! She did go back and eat it. 

now please visit these friends of Mama's to read what they liked this week too! Let Mama know if you wrote an I Like post and she'll add it in

friday smiles at a stitch in time  


easyweimaraner said...

we are curious to see what plants will grow in your pots... we love fishy things, but you are right, no one wants to cook or to roast it LOL

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Your muffins look delicious!
We like salmon too - but it's sooooo expensive here. A minimum of around $30-$35 per kilo which makes it only for special occasions.
Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Sara said...

I'm always sad when the season finale time comes each spring. But maybe something new and interesting will start in June on TV.

Salmon is the only fish I'm comfortable cooking, and do make it fairly often for myself. Dave will eat it - if I don't make it too often or do anything "weird" to it. LOL Most recently I glazed it with some sweet hickory BBQ sauce and it was delicious. Ice cream is a treat that I'm careful about eating, because it doesn't always agree with me. But I like anything with caramel.

Linda said...

Those muffins look yummy, and so does the salmon. I've only bought filets and they are just too thin to really enjoy that good salmon texture. So you had some hail on your windows? I bet your area of CO gets its share of thunderstorms this time of year. LOL on "stupid soft serve"! I love those old fashioned cranked ice cream memories - the best, and I miss those times. We like Blue Bell ice cream (Texas-made). When I was little, there was an ice cream parlor across the street from the drug store where Daddy was a pharmacist in our tiny town. I couldn't decide between chocolate and strawberry, so I'd get a double dip cone. Then there was another decision on which to get scooped into the cone first. Good times! Hope you are having a good week. :)

Helen said...

I want to see pictures of those pots once the wildflowers in them grow and bloom!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I have memories of making our own ice cream, too - planning on sharing that next time! Your book, The Lonely Hearts Book Club looks really good - I just put it on hold at our library. Happy wildflower growing!

Babajeza said...

Strawberry ice cream is my favourite at the moment. :-) I has been warm (not hot) for about one week now. Summer is definitely my favarite season.

All the best!


Cloudia said...

We love you Milo. And ice cream!

Angela said...

Someone gave use an ice cream maker years ago. I never got around to using it. It would have been fun for the kids to do. Oh well.

MissPat said...

We have Perry's ice cream here (I think it is a regional brand) and my favorite flavor is Bittersweet Symphony, coffee ice cream with ribbons of bittersweet dark chocolate throughout. Very hot here right now and no rain since May 20th. I haven't been able to plant my zinnia and marigold plants and the perennials are all starting to wilt.

a heartful child said...

Salmon is my favourite. My husband and I end up eating it three or more times per week!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I loved the Lonely Hearts Book Club. I hope you enjoy it too! I bought my mother an ice cream maker years ago when I was in college. I wonder if she ever used it. You always make the best recipes. Everything always looks so good!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Yum, love good salmon dishes, so darn good. I do really miss ice cream but it's on the can't have list. Those muffins do look great. Hey Milo, since I can't have ice cream you can have mine. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

sonja said...

raspberry sorbetto Talenti is so so yummy
and ice cream by Breyers when on sale
in chocolate or mint chocochip scooped into cake cups
so there is no dish to lick.

frozen salmon patties with mae ploy sauce, broccoli and crispy red potatoes chips.

hey, that salmon skin reminds me of a free motion quilting pattern i use often!

PaintedThread said...

Roasted peppers are good! Those peppermints look good. We love Brokenwood!

Angie said...

LeeAnna - I never noticed the scale tessellations on salmon - cool observation!

My parents also loved butter pecan ice cream - I wonder if it was a generational thing?

Love Milo's work on "leg removal"!!! LOL!

Thanks for hosting I Like Thursday!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your food always looks so good. Thanks for Margaret's video...she can be a hoot. I love peppermint patties too.Nice to have a few seeds sown-always fun to see what pops up. We understand Milo... More heat here means more drinking as well and an extra outing too.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Salmon, banana muffins, and ice cream? Sounds like the recipe for a delicious meal!!! :o))

Kathleen said...

Almost any ice cream will do, but I do remember peach ice cream and haven't had that in I may be on the hunt. Ice???? wow CO really gets the odd weather. Of course, I had just started wearing capris and now we are back in the 50s....a very slow spring then blazing hot when it lets up!

Michelle said...

I recently had some lemon ice cream in San Francisco and wow, it was good. We hardly eat ice cream anymore, so it was a real treat. Milo sounds like my dog Calvin...drinking more water with this warm weather. More trips outside! lol Thanks for linking up and have a great week.