Thursday, June 8, 2023

I Like Thursday # 353 more ice cream please!


welcome to this week's list of likes... come on in... have a cup of coffee

I like painting or drawing morning pages... more on Saturday's creative post

Artsy fartsy

the index card a day challenge is back, and I make sure to do one a day, to get my creativity started, and it's fun to see what the prompt is. On the day above it was espresso, and I tried to really see my coffee cup, with it's shadows, highlights, colors, etc which trains my abilities as an artist. Then I add in something of myself.

I liked that this week, when my engineer/musician husband saw my treble clef piece, he asked to have it framed in his office.


finished this last Friday and did the post with close ups here


Listening to books on audio

I almost returned this right away, and I'm glad I did NOT as it was very good. I enjoyed the reader, the plot a family story, mixed with a mystery and some slightly mystical happenings in a small town. Lovely and full of love throughtout

I don't know what asmr means but supposedly it's to help calm you...I enjoyed these so much one day I watched three meals being prepared

if you enjoy no talking and how to make food as country people did in 1820? this is for you and me


continuing our summer ice cream chat our prompt is 

"tell us about a favorite memory from childhood of eating ice cream. Did your family go to Dairy Queen like mine did? Did you have a birthday ritual where you got anything you wanted at the restaurant?  Has your taste changed from tutti-fruitti with sprinkles or does it still make your hear sing?"

I remember trips to Dairy Queen, the outside window so we could perch on those metal tables to eat... it was always hot so one had to plan on meltage. I used to get a soft vanilla cone, dipped in butterscotch that cracked! when you bit into that curl at the top. 

Why does the curl taste best? On big occasions I got a banana split but I didn't like all the flavors running into each other, and pineapple was ick to me as a little girl. I also loved a dilly bar. 

at home, at big family dinners we often made ice cream, with fresh peaches, all taking turns turning the crank. I can't imagine a more Heavenly taste! 

My mother often had a half gallon in the freezer, and often it was neopolitan, with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I would cull out the chocolate, leaving the other two for less discerning tastes....

Once we splurged on the new fangled ice cream cakes... but it melted usually before served. 

As I got older I preferred sundaes. Chocolate not fudge, with a cherry of course. 

Things were pretty simple back then... getting a sugar cone was a BIG deal at home! 

Milo's Moments

does this shadow make me look fat? what about the gray hairs?
Milo here, (finally) to chat with you all...

all this rain has really curled my hair! The yard is always flooded now but it beats smoke all over! We have had so much smoke here in Colorado since moving here, and Mama told me the USA east coast is now getting perspective on how hard that is. I say it's very important for officials to figure out how to avoid these in future,. Humans can be smart, right? Critters of all kinds are getting hurt!

I've been having to play inside, other than walks, and you'll be happy to note, two legs were removed this week

Mama's been saying dirty words this week, like E A R S and T O E N A I L S

she says that, and faster than you can blink I'm on the table of doom for cleaning or pedicures

I love her though... 

please visit these fine folk to see what they liked this week... and tell me of your childhood memory of ice cream!

friday smiles at a stitch in time   

Sunday Smiles


easyweimaraner said...

your shadow looks pefect.. like you.. so there is no reason to skip ice cream this summer... (our mama can not say da same about her shadow LOL)

Linda said...

I am LOL at Milo asking if his shadow makes him look fat! :D I'm with you on the DQ dipped ice cream curl. I've not tried butterscotch - yum! Blue Bell has a new flavor today - Java Jolt. It's coffee ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and a coffee fudge swirl. I'm going to treat myself!
I love your artwork - your coffee cup looks magnificent to me!

piecefulwendy said...

The curl always was the best - I still love a good old dilly bar - yum! I remember always wanting to get the Neopolitan ice cream, but I don't think we ever did. Pretty sure I would've eaten only the chocolate too! I haven't heard of the index card challenge, but I like your drawing!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

This wet weather makes my hair curly, too! Frizzy might be the more accurate word, though. A DQ dipped cone - yum! Haven't had one of those in awhile. Love your drawing of your coffee cup, too - a small thing but very important!

Sara said...

Hmmm - ice cream and I are not always friends these days.

We had Lois' Drive-In, and she had ice cream and burgers and such. They had car hops, and some of my friends worked there in high school. Another favorite however was going to the A&W for root beer floats before going to a movie in a neighboring town. The car hops put the trays on your car window. And the mugs were frosty. And in college there was an ice cream shop in one building on campus where they sold the ice cream made by the Dairy Science department. They actually invented the flavor Cookies & Cream at South Dakota State University. It was common for anyone having a class in that building would stop and buy ice cream on the way to class. We still indulge when we attend college basketball games on campus as they sell it at games. Now they also have a food truck that travels the state to events to sell SDSU ice cream.

grammajudyb said...

I forgot that as a young married, DH's family tradition was homemade ice cream. Usually only vanilla though. Still, scrumptious. Oh, and tell Milo that my dad always let our dog, Trico, lick the flattened out ice cream carton when it was empty. We didn't know about chocolate being bad for her. She loved it. It didn't happen often.

Love the flamingo piece this week. So bright and summery!

Susie H said...

I forgot about Dilly Bars -- so delicious! Still in love with your flamingo!😊

photowannabe said...

Ummm, yumm, ice cream and homemade peach is to die for!!!
Love your morning cup of coffee artsy fartsy work.. Really nice.
Coming here from Thankful Thursday.

Cloudia said...

Yes, visual arts are like about learning. How to see! Like the photos I enjoy but do not shoot for some reason. Aloha Milo!

Angela said...

I didn't like the pineapple flavour either. I learned that you could substitute what ever flavours you want!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I love your flamingo quilt project. Thanks for the YouTube link. I will certainly go and have a look. I follow some people on instagram who cook or bake, (without speaking) which i enjoy watching.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Love that mingo, so cute. I use to love Dairy Queen too. We had a dairy in town when I was growing up and they made fresh ice cream daily and we'd go after school and get some of the good stuff. Milo, you look fabulous and you probably don't need a pedicure pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Miaismine said...

I’d love to join you for a cup of coffee! 😊 How sweet that your husband asked for one of your pieces for his office! Ahhhh!
I find that it takes me about 50 pages to “get into” a book. I’m glad you enjoyed your read.
Milo looks precious! I’m glad you all are getting some rain!
Hugs to you!

PaintedThread said...

We used to go to Dairy Queen too - I agree - biting off that dipped curl was the best part!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Just watched the salad video and now I'm starving that is so good, I could eat it right now. Poor Milo, still he looks lovely and we wish it would rain here as we've not had any for weeks. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Annie said...

My treat as a child was a Mr Whippy ice cream with a chocolate flake in it....and I still love it but only allow myself one on rare occasions now (diabetes says no!!). Milly comes and sits on my knee for a nail trim and has been known to lie back like a baby in my arms to have her nails filed πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ ....not something you could really do with Milo.
Annie x

My GBGV Life said...

All the fires are so very sad. We hope they get them under control soon.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

We have had more than usual rain down here in New Mexico too. Luckily, it usually just rains in the late afternoon...
We hope those fires get under control soon :-(

Rosy and Sunny

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm also doing ICADs, but I post mine on Monday. I'm not following the prompts, since I don't draw. I'm grabbing things out of a bag I saved to use this year. Some of mine are wimpy. LOVE your coffee mug. Just beautiful.

I don't think I got ice cream as a child. We didn't go anywhere because my grandparents had a business out of their home. I make up for it now, though.

The worst thing in the world is trying to trim a cat's claws. They hate it more than Milo hates it and they CLAW me, too. And Milo is right about the fires. We are dealing with their effects in KS, too.

Have a super weekend, LeeAnna.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Love curly Milo! Love the ice cream memories. We didn't have a Dairy Queen here until I was middle aged and the one we have is two towns over. Your creative pieces and process is always so interesting to see! Have a great weekend!

Helen said...

For some reason, that little curl at the top tasted better than all the rest!
And, now I'm craving butterscotch on some vanilla ice cream.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I would love to have a sundae one of these days! I'll have to load up on the LactAid for that to happen! One of our cats doesn't mind when we trim their claws but the other one hates it.

Gillena Cox said...

Hi LeeAnna
There was a Dairy Queen near me where i live and after mass on Sunday evenings i would head across to have an ice cream cone. But that's an adult memory 😊

Happy Sunday. Thanks for linking up at Sunday Smiles today.