Thursday, July 21, 2022

I Like Thursday # 307


welcome to this week's list of likes! they may seem trivial but they add up once remembered...

 Land Management

a couple flowers have added color to the pots this week aside from yellow. Yea!

amazingly one of the 18 nasturtium seeds actually made leaves this week.

they are like round cups
So to date, 2 seeds out of 18 planted have germinated in the last three weeks. 

 The bell peppers are leafing out finally

  but of course no fruiting yet. It's been very  hot, we usually are few degrees higher

not just warm like accuweather reports
I guess it takes soaring over 100F before the weather people call it hot... I say a week of 99 is hot, how about you? To all the people who didn't want to believe our policies were leading to climate change, thanks for nothing.  

We've had some butterflies this year, yea! but also a lot of flies who seem hell bent on coming in the house. 

a problem

....the possession of google... for some reason they sent out 25 posts of mine at once to people... I've been hearing people say they thought I disappeared. Let me just mention here, my MO is to post on Thursdays ( to remind me there are some good things still happening) and Saturday creativity round up with all the things that help me express myself in art.  



the painted "mark making" banner, with a silk flower and some beading

finished up the silk binding on my circles quilt, as well as lots of beading... I love beads (shiny sparkly)and putting them on a quilt. I worked on the mark making banner too, adding stitching, silk hexies, and beads.


prompt is spinner, on an index card
 this week I painted a cute houses piece, and index cards each day... more on Saturday's creativity round up!  


Our kitchen patio slider was making that annoying crunchy sound and hard to slide. I looked up how to fix that on youtube... we vacuumed, washed with detergent, dried, sprayed with silicon and the big help was to look for the little holes under the runner to spray with silicon... ours had little covers which popped off. It's not like new but I can open and close it myself now.


There was another golden age lecture on zoom from the Newport Historical society... and it helps us feel connected to the east coast which we love

on youtube...

summertime and a pool party is the perfect thing to do!


audio, just finished this totally charming story of the life of a I on hold for her other two books at the library. When I find a fun author I want to read all their books!


also finished this fun book on audio... and seeking her other books too

 now listening to this one while in studio, it's nearing the end of her series so far

reading on ebook, and loving this series about a family and friends in Nantucket. Whew not a murder mystery!



TV is a big disappointment at the moment, thank goodness for Netflix, youtube, Acorn. DH and I like to have lunch together and are watching a show about expats buying and rehabbing chateaux in France (escape to the chateau DIY) ... this is the youtube trailer


a new I Like segment 

 Each week will be a different prompt of likes, this week it's a kitchen tool that does what it's paid for... one that kind of surprised you that works great and you reach for often.. It's nice when something turns out to work perfectly, isn't it?


Mine is the plastic scraper (from Amazon) so useful we now have three! We use them not only to scrape dough for bread, but batter, and to pick up and carry chopped vege to the pan.

the other one for me is these little grabbers... so cute and useful (also from amazon) I use them to sort out pickles or chile peppers, but also to grab sausages and put things away in tupperware, or grab something messy or hot. My fave is to watch dh's big hands using them! 

 No affiliation with source, just so you can see them... lots of people sell them.

Milo's Moment

whew! It's been hot especially when I'm wearing this black fur coat! I've enjoyed playing under this tree  lately, with Daddy running over to steal my ring toy, while I flip to my back and arm wrestle him.

Heh heh, I've got four arms to his two, and mine are mighty poodle arms! 

here's a little video mama made since our lives are so thrilling...

whew, that's thirsty work, I'd better go back to the porch Dad...

it's shady and we can still play the other new game Mama invented... I'll tell you about that next week

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rosie and the boys nature pics  


easyweimaraner said...

thanks for some good book ideas.. and we love the video of the playing milo ;O)

Sara said...

I'm going to check into the "dress" book - sounds like a good one. The little musical notes on your painted piece add some unexpected detail.

Scrapatches said...

Good Morning, LeeAnna! Thank you for a Happy Thursday. :) It is just as hot here. I have to get off the computer and go out and water or my flowers and veggies ... and bushes. It has been so dry. Milo looks like he is enjoying playtime in the yard. You must live near the airport? I hear a plane. Is this constant? Living in the city, I have gotten so used to sirens that I do not notice them much anymore, but a plane or helicopter flying over our hill top still grabs my attention. Lovely artwork, as always. You are a prodigious reader. My reading time is greatly limited due to my eye condition these days. Thanks you for the link to the scrapers. They look larger than what I have and very handy. This is a fun prompt of the week ... <3 Pat

grammajudyb said...

I’m not sure what the pretty hot pink flower is in your first photo, but it’s lovely! It has been hot here too,! Uffda! I’m tired of it.
Love the video of Milo and DH playing in the yard! Good for you to be able to correct the sliding door issue. I’m beginning to notice ours is a bit sticky. I’ll have to check it out!
Seeing your little “ hand” tongs made me smile. I have a pair too, and it’s a favorite toy of our great granddaughter. She tries to “pinch” every one. It’s a game!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you got your sliding glass door to slide again! Mine periodically has problems and it's a pain the neck. I love those scrapers, I have one kind of like that and I use it to scrape the little bits off the cookie sheets when I'm washing them post baking!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So glad you liked Nine Women, One Dress! I thought it was a fun and unique read. Your scrapers look really handy - I'll have to look for those. Glad a few things are growing for you - that's always a reason to be hopeful!

Sandee said...

Love the list of books. I always enjoy having a stack of books to read.

It's always good to see Milo. He's handsome.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

Cloudia said...

I'm thankful for Milo butterflies for a nice post like this!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That flower is grgeous! It has been very hot this summer! I'm glad that we've had a bit of rain lately as the drought is always so bad here. Thanks for the book recommendations!

Angela said...

Your little grabber is so much cuter than my boring tongues!

piecefulwendy said...

I've been so tempted to pick up one of those grabbers, because I think they are so cute! Stay cool, Milo (and you two, too!)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Milo is a sweetie! I know he's happy to live in a cool house this week. It's really hot and humid here in Florida but I'm reading (mysteries) and working on my junk journals. Enjoy your week sweet lady!

Carol Andrews said...

Hi LeeAnna. Such a fun post to read. I’m glad your garden is starting to fill out! Thank you for some more great book suggestions, perks at your art projects and the update on Milo. I think I better go check out those scrapers and tongs. They just look wonderful. 😉 said...

Glad you loved the Dress book, it was one of those books I started reading and didn't put down. I love those scrapers. I used them at work all the time when icing cakes, or sheeting glaze off of some of the donuts. I love your art pieces, and beads make them so special. Lovely list of likes as usual.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! Somehow I forgot today was Thursday. Yippee to nasturtium leaves and bell pepper leaves. Yes, 99 is HOT in my book. And a big YES that we have climate change. I did see my first Monarch butterfly ever at this house (13 years) by the new and growing hibiscus plant. That was exciting! I did get a bunch of posts from random past dates - I thought the issue was Blogspot, not Google. It cracked me up. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thanks for linking up with me today while Rebecca Jo is out! I loved the Nantucket Weddings book- have you read all of that series yet? It's my favorite! She's also one of my top three favorite authors of all time.

PaintedThread said...

Yay for nasturtium! Those scrapers are practical, but those hands are adorable! LOL And I can imagine they'd be useful. Stay cool, Milo.

PaulaShort said...

Thank you for sharing what you've been up to. Your photos made me feel like I was right there in the garden with you. Your pup is precious.
Visiting today from Thankful Thursday #5

Annie said...

Sorry I'm so late in the day leaving my comments today....I'm having to use the lap top because my Ipad doesn't allow me to leave comments on many blogs.
Another lovely post from you. It's been unbearably hot here...we are just not used to it. Thankfully it's much cooler today. I feel for just isn't the best colour in the heat.
Annie x

Tails Around the Ranch said...

That little nasturtium is adorable! Hopefully it'll grow nicely now that it's germinated.

Your blog isn't the only one sending out bulk posts. Other Blogger account I follow have lumped multiple days together. Sigh-doggone technology.

Have a lovely weekend.

Susie H said...

Good to hear your seeds are finally germinating. Let's hope they produce before the snow flies! haha! My library system has a lot of Mary Kay Andrews books on audio. They only have 3 ebooks. I'll have to look into them since I enjoyed "Hello, Summer".

riitta k said...

Heh, you had extremely bad luck with the nasturtiums. They generally germinate badly, but I wouldn’t have guessed so badly! It has been really hot there, I would have melted. To me 30C or about 85 F is hot. I am very pleased that it is even cooler, with 20-25 C but not enough of rain.