Saturday, May 29, 2021

Sewing Saturday

about 14" X 44"
I finished my "Table Scraps" entry for this month, in red because I wanted to use the color of the month at RSC too. 

I've been hanging some of my previous quilts on the bannister, pattern from Bonnie Hunter

why don't you come on up to the studio to see how it was made? (Milo will greet you and lead you in)

yea for improve piecing!

It started because I sorted some leftovers in the studio and put random blocks in with their color bin if possible. There were about 6 improv diamonds, plus two 4-patch diamonds in the bunch so I thought it was a fine time to make them into something!

To use them, I made a couple more improv blocks, and cut some diamonds and half diamonds with seam allowance, from my red scrap bin. ( success! I can now close the bin!) In this pic you can see that I couched a thick metallic cord down the two long sides. I only had scraps of that too, j-u-s-t- enough for the two long sides! I also used a "petting stash" black with red dots piece for the border. 

I decided this tine to pull the backing to the front, turning it under and measuring carefully, and sewing it all on machine to create an edge treatment. It can distort a bit so I blocked the final quilt by spraying with water and letting it dry in place flat. 

I quilted each diamond slightly differently

Continuing the improv feel, I quilted each diamond differently. 

I still want to add some beads but hurt my back trying to sew over the cutting table last night

I hope to hang it in studio 2 where I keep the bulk of creative supplies. Thank you to Joy at

for the impetus for making this! 

I did not quilt this one yet...

but I have been sewing the blocks together into sections on this one


I love how they change and intensify when sewn together! The pic looks weird because they are temporarily on the portable design board that folds in half, and it's bent on the floor!!

see how large the sections have gotten? Won't be long now! Then the decisions have to be made about how to quilt it and how to finish the edges. I love the ins and outs of a hexie/tumbling block so I expect I'll ladder stitch the finished block edge to the turned under backing when the time comes.

I have found while stitching these EPP blocks that sometimes the fabric is too tight folded around the paper that is too thin, and I have to remove the paper to whip stitch them.

Thanks for coming over, wish I could meet all of you. Maybe one day it will be possible for me to leave the house, if everyone who can get vaccinated does... then it will be safer for me. 

I have immune issues like many people do. We who cannot be fully vaccinated will not ever be able to return to a full life unless the people who are able to get the shots do. For those of you who have political reasons not to do it, consider that it's okay to do it for the common good of your country. 

and me.

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  1. Milo is a perfect greeter. Your projects are both beauties.

  2. The red quilt is so pretty. Love the colors and the quilting on that. The tumbling blocks is really coming along.

  3. Love your beautiful work - especially the tumbling blocks! Happy Saturday!

  4. You finished the RED Diamond Runner?! I like the way you brought the black out into the border. Awesome entry for the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, LeeAnna!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do to complete the RED Triangle Runner, too.

  5. Simply stunning, both red projects! Your tumbling blocks are coming along too! DH would like me to do a tumbling block quilt. I’ve been reluctant!

  6. Your red projects are beautiful, and the color flow in the tumbling blocks is fantastic! I'm tempted to start making some myself!

  7. The diamond table scraps runner is wonderful. But the tumbling blocks are my favorite.

  8. Oh, I do love how this diamond runner turned out and that tumbling block is beautiful. It is on my someday list.... but if I keep seeing yours it will get bumped up I'm sure. I agree on the getting vaccinated - those who can should. My kids got their first jab Thursday...

  9. Love the framing on the red one. Polka dots are one of my favorite patterns.

  10. Lovely table runner, it's going to be wonderful with the beads! I hope your back is getting better. I love your tumbling blocks more and more ;)
    Thank you for linking up today!

  11. Beautiful table runner! Hope you have a great week!

  12. Love those red diamonds! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. Gosh that sounds so complicated. I could never do that.

  14. The bannister is a fabulous place to display many of your fabulous quilts. To look up and see any one of your gorgeous quilts must put a smile on your face. Gorgeous diamond table runner and those tumbling blocks are coming along beautifully. Hear, hear on your thoughts re getting vaccinated. We must think of each other and do what is right.

  15. Your table scraps entry is wonderful and your tumbling block project is jaw dropping amazing!

  16. I find red fabric so hard to work with, but you did an amazing job. Well done!!


  17. Clever you to drape your quilts over the bannister. They look lovely. And the tumbling blocks are fabulous. Love the way you grouped the colors.

  18. That is a gorgeous table runner! I love your quilt over the bannister and wish we had one, but we have a single story home - lol! Those tumbling blocks are 3-D and look stunning.

  19. That's a really pretty red piece Leeanna. Great use of all those red scraps.

  20. Lovely lovely! Table Scraps is simple yet oh so striking. So sorry you hurt your back. Hope it is better soon. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.