Thursday, May 20, 2021

I Like Thursday # 245

learning about shading using Basford coloring calendar

 Here it is, Thursday again! How time flies when you're looking for things you like! I continue to enjoy learning about blending color and shading using my calendar pages and prismacolor watercolor pencils


Let's get this party started with:

I'm on book three of the Baby Ganesh Agency series and LOVE it

 I finished the audio book  What we Find by Robyn Carr... I admit I almost stopped halfway through but glad I didn't as it picked up momentum and I enjoyed it enough to want to read book two in the series

Image of book page. Click to open preview.

 Joy and I managed to piece together zoom for video and phones for audio in order to visit this week. Just like quilting! We made it work and had fun! 

Last week I zoomed with Cindy in SC on my birthday and that was so so so much fun.

We caught several episodes of Aberdeen Curl, international curling competition on the Olympics Channel, and we both love curling. Don't judge. 

I got extra points this week because I used up the vege about to go bad! Yea! I made fajitas with onions and peppers that were on their last... the old cleaned carrots and celery went into lentil soup,  I made Greek potato salad with potatoes who watched me as I peeled them (lots of eyes)  we finished off some desserts, some yogurt drinks, and one cheese dip that was dated the day we noticed it in the fridge!  

speaking of food, I so can't wait to try this recipe... and all his recipes!  from Spain on a fork!

I found this cool youtube channel called homeworthy that takes you on tours of real people's homes that would be great to see in person! Not to mention I watched three and would like to be friends with all of them!

here's one ( link here)


 I couldn't love this dance more...

 Milo's Moments

I going to bed now Mama!

Mama: well leave space for me!

 Milo: oh don't worry mama, you won't wake me just snuggle into the big bed... but don't rush up, I plan to spread out and enjoy falling deep asleep and having poodle dreams right away!

Mama: er, that's what I'm afraid of Milo... you take up most of the bed and sleep so soundly I can't push you over!

Milo: yep! You'll never be cold with me around!

Mama: oh yes, and let's talk about the peepee you got on your legs , and your ring toy this week. 

Milo: Silly Mama! those are not bedtime stories ! come pet me a story then go back downstairs for a while, okay?

please visit these fine people keeping lists of their own, and let me know if you write a list for this week, small or large we will come visit!



  1. love the pasta and I hope Milo left enough space... is that possible for a dog?

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    Nothing wrong with Curling :)
    Have you heard about Hunters stew ? You hunt for things in the fridge, freezer, pantry and cupboards and make some stew :)
    Your meals sound good !
    Take care,

  3. We enjoy watching curling sometimes, too I didn't know there was an Olympics channel. That look on Milo's face is precious - he's definitely got something important to tell you!

  4. Curling, it is one of those sports which is very soothing to watch. I am having the same problem, food going bad before I get it consumed. LOL um Bobbin is much smaller and takes a huge amount of space on the bed too.

  5. I watching curling too. It totally intrigues me! Your book recommendations had me going to Amazon to see what they were about. I'm always looking for something interesting and new to read. Thanks! We might need to figure out a time to meet on Zoom as well.

  6. My sister and her husband used to be in a curling league in dallas before they had kids. They loved it!! And I sympathize about dogs in beds! I didn't bring in Spooky's crate the first night after I got back from Dallas and he slept with me- he's a terrible bed partner; will not move, cannot be pushed out of the way, must sleep with his whole self touching you and snuggling ever closer until you are pushed out of the bed.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the fabulous dance video! I had such a bad day yesterday and sleepless night and now I’ve spent 1/2 hour watching Nils and Bianca with a smile on my face. Nice job with the shading on your calendar page!

  8. What a fun post and Milo, keep your bed space!

  9. You get bonus points for using up al the veggies before they went bad. I love it when I do that. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks very good!

  10. No judgment from me on the curling - it's a big thing here in Minnesota, don't cha know?! Your watercolor calendar page is looking so nice! Milo, you are as handsome as ever!

  11. Your coloring art sure is pretty! That lady sure has some interesting things in her house and I like all the little bunnies. Milo, I agree pal, hold out for a better bedtime story! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. Hi LeeAnna! That dance video is just fab!! Wow, do they have the moves. And what a pretty quilt you have on your bed. I hope Milo doesn't get it dirty! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Hi,
    Love your pretty. Really liked the dance
    video...Our dog, Bob, does the same thing. When he stretches out, he takes up the whole end of the couch. Have a great day!

  14. Why was Milo heading for bed before sunset??? Silly, Milo! Don't you know you're supposed to be "on patrol" until the sun goes down? :P

    1. it was a re enactment since I can't take pics when he's sleepy and it's dark!

  15. I remember enjoying Robyn Carr's series. Yum! I believe I've found a new foodie blogger to follow! His recipes look delicious and easy! I've never thought of looking at other people's homes on youtube, but, now that we might be entering into a major renovation, I might start! I happily linked up to you today! Take care!

  16. I enjoyed both videos so much! I’m not a dancer, but boy do I like to watch others dance! Thanks!

  17. LA - belated Happy Birthday! Good for you to use up the food - it reminded me of my husband - he is so creative with foodstuffs! Loved the dance video - so genuine and eye-catching! Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Great likes! I love your coloring page! Milo cracks me up!!! Have a great week!

  19. That pasta recipe looks good! Bed hogs! I know how that goes.

  20. Your art work is wonderful! I watched curling during the Olympics but I still haven't really figured it out. Milo is cute as ever!

  21. Well, I like curling! I feel like it is a sport I could compete in! lol Thanks for the Homeworthy link. I LOVE looking at homes and how people decorate/organize them. Thanks for linking up.

  22. I too enjoy curling! We're hoping Milo allow you some room on the bed. Pretty quilt.

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