Thursday, May 13, 2021

I Like Thursday # 244


Welcome to this week's list of likes! 

I liked coloring in this week's calendar  with bright colors!

I used my faber castel markers that are VERY colorful and juicy. They are color limited however and don't blend as well as I am used to with water soluble pencil and markers like the Turbow on the bottom right. Still markers have their place. 

I like color and lots of it! I loved drawing a line down the limb with avocado green, hitting it with a water brush and the shadow that happened. Plus I am enjoying adding a shadow with gray markers. Here are a couple of last week's coloring pages

link to the calendar

they are all from Joanna Basford's weekly calendar for 2021, sometimes I use marker and sometimes watercolor pencil. Speaking of which I ordered staedtler watercolor pencils to see how they compare to prismacolor,  along with Joanna's new coloring book.

Staedtler Presharpened Watercolor Pencils, Ergonomic Art Set, Box of 12 Triangular Colored Pencils 

I got some pinch bowls this week so I can do Mise en place when I cook, all ready for mixing

here on amazon

aren't they pretty? with a cute package to use when wrapping a gift.

speaking of cooking, I sectioned citrus this week and thought about adding pineapple... so I looked for a cake recipe to use the left overs and found this...

A slice of pineapple cake topped with pineapple and whipped topping

recipe with only 5 ingredients! Done and iced with cream cheese icing in no time! Wonderful robust cake, which all of us love and we'll make again and again.k

it's my birthday week so we are eating cake... I hope to make a caramel cake recipe I found this week today!

I found a show on Prime that is equally wonderful, called "Patterson" a character driven movie with likeable realistic characters, a bus driver who writes poetry and his wife who longs to express her artistic side, with the cutest english bulldog pup.

This is Us was back this week, finally new. Only two episodes left in season. Still enjoying Schitts Creek, and Firefly Lane episodes. 

Oh I'm in love with the audio book series I'm listening to... I wish I could meet a little elephant like baby Ganesh. A retired detective in Mumbai keeps busy with mysteries. Love the reader too.

reading by Ebook

My favorite baker is embroiled in yet another mystery while planning her mom's wedding

On youtube...

 I enjoyed watching some bead tutorials this week, and found this woman who has VERY clear videos and a soothing voice while she shows how to do some filler stitches in embroidery.

 I have learned  what I like in a tutorial... clear view of stitches, prepared teacher who doesn't fiddle with supplies, and one who stays on task with their words. I do not like the stream of consciousness some presenters use with every stray word that comes through their mind just to fill the time while they fiddle around with supplies. I like this woman's style of presentation and although I've done a lot of embroidery and beading, I learned  a lot. I saw a couple of her videos and they were all well done!

this one is gonna come in handy!!!  5 easy outline stitches that really stand out

Milo's Moments

I spent some time this week exercising the daddy. First he works out his arm muscles trying to get my ring toy
then the wind picked up and nearly blew my ears off!!!
so I acted like I didn't care if he got it.... but I really want him to WANT it not take it!
He gives up so easily!

 Now please visit these people to read their lists and let me know if you do one, we'll add you in!   




  1. we love the pineapple cake... the mama never did anything with pineapples... and the white top is perfect for her signature ;O)

  2. Happy Birthday LeeAnna!
    Enjoy the cake !
    That's what I like about youtube...there are many different lessons and instructors to choose from. Some are just irritating and others are great !
    Great job colouring !

  3. Love your artwork and always wonderful to see Milo! Have an exceptionally wonderful week!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have good cake and celebration!!!! Milo's ears are hilarious in the wind. I love seeing all your bright fun coloring. I also like the idea of the coloring pages in a weekly calendar. I have a couple of lovely coloring books (including one of Joanna Basford's early ones) but I hardly ever get them out. But I love the idea of a calendar because then you get to see the lovely colorings while you're using the calendar!!

  5. Your drawings and paintings are always so fun too see - so happy and colorful! I'm going to look for that Mumbai book series at my library - they do sound good!

  6. Oh, LeeAnna! I really like your coloring pages! So artistic , I color like a 4th grader! Hope your whole birthday week is fabulous! Maybe “someone”, will make YOU a cake! Either way, cake is good!

  7. Your coloring pages are so beautiful! I love your use of color. Oh your cake sounds yummy! Happiest of Birthdays. I agree with you, I have a hard time watching tutorials where they are kind of all over the place. Milo, good to see you using reverse psychology on dad. Keep up the good work.

  8. Your colorings sure are pretty and that cake looks so good. Happy Birthday from all of us. Hey Milo, keep trying to get the Dad trained pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. I love all the bright colors you share in your posts. Milo is looking as handsome as ever. Yummy looking cake. You always find wonderful recipes. Thank you for Thursday's blogging goodnesss ... :) Pat

  10. Hi,
    I like all your coloring and colorful. Pineapple Cake is awesome, a friend gave me the recipe years ago. Your books sound interesting, I'll be checking them out. Our dog, Bob, likes to tug while you hold soon wears out YOUR arm! Have a great day!

  11. I LOVE your coloring and the bead tutorial is fantastic! I agree with you on what I like for tutorials. Your shots of Milo ROCK! Thanks so very much for sharing (and I gotta look for The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel of the Crown! Thanks for the terrific post!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday, LeeAnna! I hope you enjoy your birthday week, with all kinds of things you love.

  13. Wow, another journey around the sun! Here's to many many more for you. Great colouring and how neat to find just the kind of video presentations that you can really learn from. There is so much out there and the quality certainly varies.

  14. Great colors and we love seeing Milo! Purrs friend

  15. Happy birthday and WOW!! I really like your coloring. Would you be willing to share the source for your weekly calendar? I would like to check out one for next year.

    1. in case you get this here is the amazon link to Joanna Basford calendar

  16. Happy birthday week! The cake sounds wonderful. Your coloring always makes me smile because you have such an eye for color.

  17. That cameleon is so cute and colorful. Nice job.
    And I'm definitely making that pineapple cake. Sounds totally delish!

  18. Happy birthday! Glad to hear you are eating cake this week. That pineapple cake sounds yummy! Love your colorful pictures with the markers.

  19. Hi LeeAnna! The coloring pages look so bright and fun. That's something to look forward to each week! That pineapple cake looks and sound delicious. I'll have to try it. Oh Milo, sometimes you just have to give in to daddy. He gives up easily because those teeth of yours are so strong! Happy Thursday and {{hugs}}. ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. That chameleon looks awesome. Pretty pinch bowls. Happy birthday!

  21. Great post. I love your colorful creature. All the flowers too. That cake, OMG!!! yummmmm Have a great weekend.

  22. When I first saw your colorful chameleon, I thought of Dione at Clever Chameleon who hasn't posted since February. Your coloring pages are really lovely. Happy Birthday, the pineapple cake sounds delicious. I'll try it soon. I hope your weather is finally warming up (although Diann posted a picture of snow on the ground recently).

  23. Such happy colours!!
    HåPpÝ BïRtHDă¥ - and happy Paint Party Friday!

  24. Lovely colourful art and delicious cake!

  25. Lovely art, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  26. Color! Color! Color! I love how you play with color! Hello Milo! You've gotten so big! Hugs to all!

  27. I love color! I have never been a fan of the all white decor movement. I have to have color everywhere. Love seeing Milo. He seems like the sweetest dog. Thanks for linking up.

  28. The artworks look amazing! Beautiful blending of colours. I always enjoy reading Milo’s moments. A Very Happy Belated Birthday to you! Eating cake is the best way to celebrate.


  29. When I watch Youtube, I too like for the presenter to get to the point and be prepared and ready to roll with supplies.

    Your recipes always look delicious! Happy Birthday week too!!