Sunday, May 9, 2021

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sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits

 Questions from Sunday Stealing this week


1. Five problems with social media

> it encourages people to think they are more important than other people (opinions)
> people feel free to comment negatively, ignoring society rules that help us get along
> personal info is over shared with others who don't care about the sharer
> lies and hate are written so some people think they are true
> people become obsessed and let it rule their time while ignoring the people in the room
 2. A place you would like to live, but have never visited

 Wales and Italy, both in the countryside not in the city

3. Someone who fascinates you and why

The Dalai Llama because his life is about helping others
Dr Brian Weiss as he's uncovered so many people's past lives allowing them to heal in this one, I want to hear more stories from him, and how this affects his life

4. Do you have tattoos?  What are they and why?


5. A book you love, and one you didn’t.

I love so many books, and mostly it's about the authors so once they write lyrically to my heart I read everything they've written. I love Maeve Binchy's books for their character's honesty. I love Sara Dunnant for her lyricism that engages my mind so that I lost track of time. I loved the Thornbirds, and Sarum and the Harry Potter series, especially love Diana Gabaldon for immersing  me in another time. I love Jude Devereaux for books on time travel. 

I seldom finish books I do not like, so I have a hard time saying negatives. I'd guess the most recent one I didn't like was Crawdads sing.... I went back and finished and was cross about it

6. A fruit you dislike, and why

I love fruit and vegetables. A food I dislike is any strong smelling fish

7. Two words/phrases that make you laugh

from Gillmore girls   "oy vey enough with the poodles already!" and from the little girl I was a nanny for, " lick-sticks" for lipstick and "cuddle-sacks" for culdesac

8. A quote you try to live by

be nice

9. Something you miss

a strong injury free body, a time when people cared about the common good not just themselves, being able to safely dye my hair, being thin.

10. Three weird traits you have

are you calling me weird?  I'd say I am about as neurotic as others but one person's fears are different from another persons, so they call them neurotic.  I have some old superstitious  habits from the mother that are weird... if I forget something and have to go back in a locked house for it, I must sit before leaving.

11. What you wore today

are wearing, cuddle duds fleece leggings with a loose turtleneck sweater that swings below my hips. Or, my uniform on cool days, which we're having 

12. Word/phrase you use constantly

to the poodle, stop barking!
to my husband, what will we have for lunch/dinner
to the world at large, aaaack!

13. One thing you’re excited for

14. Your feelings on ageism

it's a lack of respect of knowledge gained from study time and experience. Everyone will age (if they are lucky) so have some perspective. 

Respect is never misplaced

you can't see the hidden pains people carry, be kind

15. Three interesting facts about yourself

I had to do this exercise at a meet and greet and it was fun to see who was open to sharing unique things about themselves, and who wasn't. ("I'm blond, I'm retired, I live in the neighborhood") (snore) 

I was a wench at the Rennaisance Festival for many years, one of which was as a magician's assisstant

I taught English at Berlitz Language School to people from other countries who moved to FL

I really wish I could travel back to earlier times to see how people really lived, but be able to come back where I know how to cope!

 what would you say?

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  1. A wench! I love that. I miss having a healthy body, too.

  2. I love Renaissance Faires, working as a wench sounds like a fun job.

  3. social medias are the opposite from being social... and even when you are nice and you give many likes to people, zuckerberg blocks you because you liked too much things... oxy-moron...

  4. I love your facts about yourself! What fun. I always roll my eyes at ice breakers like that because people say the dumbest stuff. Or they wayyyyyy overshare. lol. Stopping by from Sunday Stealing.

  5. I live about 40 to 50 miles from the Welsh border. It is a lovely little country and I have been there countless times. It is also very scenic - if you love the countryside you will love it.




  6. Gee -- you're not excited about Diana Gabaldon's new book, coming in November? (so nice to find another Gabaldon fan here)

    I like your answer about traveling back in time. It would be funto see how they really lived in the Outlander time, but with flush toilets and hot showers!

  7. I think you and I are the only 2 people in the world who didn't like the Crawdads book! :)

  8. Nope, I found Crawdads unsettling. So there are 3 of us.
    I really don't like these kind of exercises, so I rarely participate in them.