Thursday, May 27, 2021

I Like Thursday #246


What?! It's Thursday already?  Welcome to this week's list of likes! 

Big surprise... I like Flamingo's and flamingo things. I have a flamingo collection, including this whirligig we got just before we left Maryland but just put together this week. Whee! Then it broke... 

oy. You can rest assured I'll be doing something to fix it somehow.

I like soup... make a big portion and have it all week as appetizer. This time I traveled back to the 70's into my high school diet years and made cabbage soup! I added a few things and am not eating it exclusively like I did back then, but it is delish!

In soup pot saute 1/4 olive oil, 2 minced garlic cloves, a large knob of fresh ginger minced... add a chopped onion and cook a bit. Add 2 chopped celery stalks, three chopped carrots, half a chopped red bell pepper and 1/8 cup cooking sherry and simmer. 

Next add in half a sliced head of cabbage, 1 can tomatoes, 2 quarts of chicken broth, and spices. 

I do about tbsp parsley, and half tsps of basil, oregano, paprika, salt and pepper and simmer til carrots are tender.

simple but good. 

I finished Til Death do us Tart, the novel that includes some great recipes, and almost finished with the Baby Ganesh 3rd book in series on audio. Waiting for the next in Jude Devereaux new series due in one week. 

I liked watching a lot of finale's this week, but sad they're going. We saw the last Brokenwood this season but that's okay as we have the new season of Midsomer Murders to watch this week along with the best British bakery, a million little things, Firefly lane, and Virgin River. 

I am reading my night time e-books outside on the porch some now... maybe I can finish more books that way. Listening is my pleasure though, while I sew. 

Sewing... how I love my little creative space. I've been hand sewing my tumbling blocks, but am machine quilting my latest for Joy's table scraps linky this weekend. Red of course! Scraps of course. More on Saturday. 

coloring while I enjoy Home worthy videos on youtube... really fun home tours...

this is how this week's page started...

and how I finished it. I am enjoying seeing the colors blend and shadow

Short one this week... 

Milo's Moments

I was chillin' with my best toy on the porch this week til I heard Mama call... Milo!

Wha?? I get my own pancake and scrambled eggs with cheese??? With almond butter? 

Could you cut it up for me?

Mama: of course... this isn't my first time feeding you my baby!

Milo: I'm gonna have to say bye bye for now as I've got something to eat...

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  1. I love flamingos too... sadly they were missing after only one night outside... probably more flamingo fans here ;O)

  2. Love your whirlygig. The soup sounds interesting. I have heard about it but never tried it. I like to listen to books too while I workout, do housework, and sew. Oh Milo you lucky boy. Bobbin is happy when I let her lick out a yogurt cup, that is about the extent of people food she gets.

  3. Your flamingo is so cute! I saw a house on the next block from ours that had been "flamingo-ed" yesterday. A whole flock in their yard! Your soup sounds yummy - love all those veggies! Looks like Milo enjoyed his breakfast!

  4. There is surprisingly a lot of flamingo gear to be seen here in Ontario too. Always fun to spy. Thanks for writing out your soup it, a great clean out the fridge kind of soup. Pretty colouring and Milo is always charming. :)

  5. Flamingoes make things so cheerful. The whirlygig is adorable. I so enjoyed Zooming with you this week!! I've taken my lunch outside to the porch a few times since it's gotten warm enough. But it seems like it's always windy lately. And today it's cold and raining, which I won't complain about because we desperately need that rain.

  6. I have a colorful fish that blows and the painting is so beautiful.great food for the dog something different!
    Have a good day, hug Elke

  7. I love how that turned out - the colors!!!
    & of course Milo needs it cut up - as any baby would :)

  8. I love flamingos too. I have lots of flamingo stuff.

    Oh the soup sounds so good. I love cabbage soup.

    It's great to see Milo. He's most handsome.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  9. That is a super fine Flamingo! Dad needs to get a new one for the yard

  10. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us. We love soup as well and always make a big pot of it to take to work or have at night for a snack. Milo your breakfast looks delicious. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  11. Flamingos just make you smile. Inside and out.

  12. Hi LeeAnna! That flamingo whirligig is just perfect for you. Too bad it broke so quickly! I hope you are able to get it back together easily. I loved that cabbage soup from the 70s. It was truly a throw-anything-in-it kind of soup. Better coloring page for this week - I enjoy seeing them. Oh Milo - so glad you enjoy your pancake treat!! I'm no longer in the list of friends who post today! I know it's just an oversight - would you add me back in please? Thank you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Love that flamingo! WOW, I haven't had cabbage soup in years, we used to have it lots when I was growing up. Milo, you've sure got good service my friend. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. I even like that flamingo - I'm sorry it broke! It's so windy here today, that little bird would be flapping its wings like crazy. I like your coloring page, I'm rewatching Brokenwood, and waiting for the next season!

  15. I really like cabbage soup! The last time I made it I added in half a jar of salsa (to finish it up and substitute for the tomatoes.)

  16. I like that whirligig! I'd get pretty excited for breakfast like that, too!

  17. Every time I see something with flamingos, I now think of you. And there's a lot of flamingo stuff out there, so I think of you often. (Insert smiley face or maybe a flamingo emoji.) We're not getting out of the 40's tomorrow so maybe soup should be on the menu. This roller coaster weather is making for one unhappy gardener.

  18. LA - I will save that cabbage soup recipe for when I am home alone - like when hubby goes on an extended fishing trip in August. No one else here likes cabbage much, so I will have it ALL to myself! Awesome job with the shading - in your first photo, your leaves and the pot JUMP off the page! Enjoy your weekend!

  19. I have no doubt you will soon fix your flamingo! Oh yes, I remember the cabbage soup diet - it is a yummy soup! Your art page came out so lovely! And Milo....I'm sure he enjoyed his breakfast! Take good care!

  20. I copied your cabbage soup recipe. I, too, love soup. Strangely, it's a soup kinda day here in southern Ontario (who knew at the end of May it would be only 12C for the HIGH!) and it's blowing and pouring. I love that you made Milo pancakes and scrambled eggs. Rufus loves an egg on occasion too.