Saturday, May 8, 2021

sewing Saturday


So... sew.... it's Saturday and time to see some of what I've been sewing this week!

RSC color of the month is red, and I love it! Out came the scrap bin and I made the little sweater by appliqueing a strong woman on it!

all the colors so far

I spent several days this week sorting my finished quilts... many many of them that were jumbled from the move. I put them in categories, and number order for lectures, and found a couple UFO's mixed in! 

One of them started at our rental when we were were house hunting, a painted bird Spring piece, I finished! More pics next week when I can get the best lighting, but this is a teaser...

click on the image to see quilting and painted bird, but I hope to do a post on this next Friday! I had a lot of fun finishing it with special binding, quilting etc this week.

I found red scrappy squares and diamonds too... and wanted to turn them into something lovely...

what fun to make improv flying geese, by the easiest technique I've ever done. I made it up so I'll give more details when it's finished. I plan to add on the flying geese style blocks with free form curved insets. 

I found a painted scrap of fabric, cut it into these two pieces, painted in faces to turn the abstract scene into two goddesses. I did stick a couple appliques on too. Then quilted them and they've been looking over the studio this week.

I think the stencil I did over the painted piece had the curliques that turned into breasts 

just a few from the collection

I chose fabrics for 14 tumbling blocks in red and have been stitching while watching tv this week. 

I cut my own papers out of stiff printer paper.

last item to share this week, my kaleidoscope hexie blocks in red!

I asked my resident mathematician to help me figure out why my blue blocks cupped. 

I think the designer was not correct when she said measure 1 3/16" from the side to mark cutting lines... I changed it to 1 1/8th" and when the two 5" squares are face to face, mark in from top right corner, in from lower left corner, and cut on diagonal. Sew the straight edges, open,  and make three sets for each hexie. The colors so far...

So red was energizing for me, in a stressful week of decisions about the vaccines. I painted also and watched cool videos like history of how the first trousers were made and used, animals called capybaras

and listening to the wonderful Detective chopra series on audio books. 

you know how I love elephants.....

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  1. So much cool color and sewing and painting today. I love the shirts and the painted faces too. Oh heck, it is all beautiful.

  2. You found lots of treasures this week! Love the piece with the flowers and the painted bird. So glad you pulled it out to finish!

  3. Treasure! It is great when we find projects we had forgotten we have. Beautiful red blocks.

  4. Cappies are so cute! Lots of different sewing projects - they look great.

  5. Can't wait to hear more about those free form flying geese! I'm looking forward to seeing the completed piece, LeeAnna.

  6. Red has even energizing for me too. Those little sweaters just make me smile every month. So clever and cute. Kind of wishing I could sew this weekend, but am in Omaha for a graduation celebration, and a road trip with my sister-in-law, one of my daughters, and my 8 year old granddaughter is fun too.

  7. Those little sweaters are just too cute. Nice job and yes, you're right, red is so energizing as well as inspiring.

  8. I love your tumbling blocks! And the bright red diamonds too. Lovely faces.

  9. I always love to see what you are up to. I am always inspired by reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. I loved the capybaras video! I also love tumbling blocks. I like the fabrics that you chose. All the rest of your projects are pretty also.

  11. You are fortunate to have a resident mathematician. I am afraid I am mathematically challenged. So much gorgeousness and colour in this post. Love those vibrant hexies and those sweaters are fabulous. Sweet little birdie, too, resting among all those pretty very spring-like.

  12. Hi,
    Love those red hexies and
    pretty. Have a great day!

  13. You know I love ALL of your projects, but the one with all of the red, and the hexies, and the sweaters (what will you do with them???) are stealing my heart today especially! What did you decide about the vaccines? My family is all in the "fully vaccinated" category now, and that makes me feel a little safer for my husband especially, since his chronic heart failure condition puts him into the High Risk category. I am just so tired of hearing about viruses and vaccines and masks and hand sanitizer for months upon months on end already. Praying that this will all be over soon!!

  14. I love the girl on your red sweater. I am so anxious to see what you will do with a year of sweaters ! Your teasers about future posts are fun! Flying geese sometimes “kick my tushie”. I’m ready to learn a new technique.

  15. What fun with all the reds! I like those little sweaters - too cute!

  16. Wow! So much to look at! I love it all, but especially those goddesses.

  17. Those kaleidoscope hexes are fabulous. I am in awe of how very prolific you are.

  18. Every time you share your projects I feel like I've just strolled through an art museum. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.