Monday, March 11, 2019

The Week Ahead

 I took a week off from Happy Homemaker posts... I realized I wasn't happy. I couldn't scrape together the energy to appear happy in the post so I just didn't do one.

Know what I mean?

I'm back.
Woody Woodpecker!
The Weather in Aurora CO
We are teetering on the edge of Spring. We have snow returning Wed to the tune of 8-12" yipee.

"Hey snow! I'm breaking up with you! It's you, not me, you're no longer fun. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. We had a good run but I'm moving on, and so should you."
it's dirty and icy and ugly...
I realized this week it's not snow's fault really, it's the lack of plowing and sidewalk clearing. People like to say, "it dries in a day!" but that's a big lie. It might dry in a "day" but not the next day. And one wouldn't drive without wipers because the rain would stop in a day! It's a hazard to leave 8" of snow piled up to become an ice field. Grrrr.

We had some warm days recently, and I heard birdsong on my walk. The ice on cross streets melted so I could cross to the next sidewalk and it was a godsend to be able to take a real walk without mincing along slipping and sliding. I don't want hot temps, I want clear sidewalks.

My view
I have been unpacking more boxes last week, and found I had bought two moose tablecloths! Must have been on serious clearance at Khols one year! One is oval, so I took off the rectangular one and replaced it with the oval on our rectangular table just to see if it looked interesting. It's bugging me as I sit here seeing it too short and the wrong shape so off it comes when I wash the other one. Gray skies at the moment but hoping to see sun coming in the windows soon on this side of the house, which is really nice. I see standing water in the yard from so much snow accumulation and again wonder why people say it's so dry here.

To Do
So much to do. Last week I dusted the glass tables and DH ran into them walking by! (sad to say he'd gotten used to seeing the dust) and mopped the wood floors. It's hard on my back to do both but I am so happy I did.
I need to handle bank stuff from a distance and hate to do that... put it off
I want to continue to organize and sort my sewing supplies. It feels good to know what I have, but challenging to find a new place to store it.
I want to start/finish quilting the snowy cattail piece. I put it away for a couple weeks, tired of it.
I want to FT with my MD friend who moved to SC about the same time I moved here... last week I FT'd with my Boulder friend, and it was almost like being together in person. We propped our IPADs up and just showed what we were working on, and looked into each other's eyes and had a long chat. What joy! So I want to do that with Cindy this week, and maybe even do beading together.

These stinkin' icy roads can't stop us from that!
Gotta change the sheets too... which is a big job with flannel sheets on a King sized bed
Always daily maintenance like dishes, laundry, etc but you don't want to know about that
I realized last year, that as an extrovert living the seclusive life now of an introvert, I needed to chat with friends. Doesn't matter that they are far away if we talk it's like we're together again, and indeed are together in a way.
Call friends.
can you see the puzzle I'm doing? As if I weren't crazy enough!
Fun stuff I did
I really had a good time sewing last week. And doing puzzles online is always fun. I like jigsaw planet. I'm now spoiled as they orient them and I just move them around with the cursor putting order to chaos, slowing the monkey brain in my head, looking at pretty colors coming together.

I am only reading about 4 pages a night before I drop the book on my nose so I am still on the same great book. The novels on disc I've been hearing while I work in the studio, have been a big 0. I have had a bad run of them... boring or disturbing, I just stop midway and return it to the library. I checked out a Jude Devereraux and know it will be good though, for this week.

I have lots of beading and art design books to look through during the day. And the home magazines are now piling up all tidy in their plastic mailing wrappers.
While we're talking about reading... I do not think Milo should open other people's mail...
It's none of his business, and it's just wrong... do you agree?

I forgot I can just pop a music cd into the dvd player in my studio... did that last week and rocked to bossa nova and samba music while I worked. I also like that UPTV keeps a running loop of Gilmore Girls on in the afternoons and I never seem to tire of the clever use of words on that show. I listen not watch, like eating comfort food kind of.

Is it time to eat again? I tire of that decision. Just want what's easy to fix. We're trying to eat salads again at lunch, for health.I chatted to my friend Nancy this week, and she is headed to Italy soon on vacay... now that's eating!

We finished 800 Words series, sad to report as I will really miss it. Still watching Time Team and Doc Martin, Murdoch Mysteries. I love Survivor but am peeved that they have kept the voted off people without telling the others they have to continue to see them later. No fair!
American Idol is very good this year... altho I am not impressed with the judges  too many superlatives, not enough critique, passing too many hopefuls through that we all know have no chance of making it to final 12... and their little hearts will be broken. But it's not my show, I'm not queen, so I'll just keep watching. One guy, Alejandro blew me away. I'd buy his CD tomorrow

He is original talented and humble. How I miss humility in this bragging world we're in, where people say they are the best! which means better than you. Why can't people just do their thing, and be who they are without being the "best!" and bragging so much.
Talent speaks for itself.

I was so involved with the Good Doctor this week too. I feel somehow invested in his character... I want some ombudsman to speak up on his behalf. I am intrigued by the dilemma of ability and talent vs appearance.Can an autistic person with great skill overcome his lack of interpersonal skills? It's a values discussion, what's most important in his world, being brilliant at surgery or handling patients with finesse? I would prefer a brilliant surgical diagnostician to someone to have dinner conversations with, but that's me. Is it enough to do your job or do you have to dazzle people in every way? It's gray... is part of treating the patient, instilling confidence and relating to them?

The bachelor has pushed me beyond... this man baby who is not ready for commitment chooses the one woman who didn't profess her love to him, to pursue. Throws tantrums because who he wants doesn't want him back. Grow up. Get therapy. Figure out why you keep choosing unavailable women. My husband says he doesn't want to be married really.
Now, there is no reason he should have to find love among the contestants a group of producers chose for him... the whole game show element is ridiculous when you consider how hard life is, but some people who really wanted a mate, have found love on this show.
 The real show would explore why Colton can't commit. Right? Haven't we all known people who say they want one thing, but sabotage relationship after relationship. And the old adage is true... you know them when you meet them. I knew immediately when I met my husband that he was the one for me. I had dated many years, tried to turn "Mr. You-might-do" into Mr Right, had bent and changed to keep a guy, overlooked a lot of red signs myself in the search for a mate.I can't imagine going through the circus that is the Bachelor franchise. I am not one in a herd... but still I watch.

whew! How do you really feel LeeAnna? lol
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity--anon.
from my weekly calendar

I wish you luck this week!
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  1. Love the weekly calendar page. Sorry you were not up to it last week - we missed your posting. Glad you are back on track and I'm with you, so tired of the snow! Have a great week.

  2. Whew, I'm tired just reading all the things you're doing! I think we both need to just sit in a sun puddle together for a while! :-) I understand about not being able to appear happy. I had one of those days yesterday. But, today the sun in shining and I'm feeling more energetic. Yes, snow and winter can't leave early enough. And, you're so right that music can make a big difference in a person's outlook. Hope you have a great week. xoxo

  3. Thank you for the treatise on the bachelor. so true. I don't watch it but many other tv show hosts have discussed how unhappy they are with him. Personally, I think he's a prima donna. We can't be "happy" all the time so I 'm like you- I just don't post when there's so much negativity in my life-very occasionally. I laughed (sorry) when your hubby walked into the clean table. Dusting is a chore I dislike but will try to get some done today. I do one room at a time so it's not so hard. Great, honest post. Enjoy your day, I say.

  4. P.S. I did not watch American Idol last year because I don't like Katy Perry as a judge but I did watch a little this year and it was ok. I can tell when they send people thru who are just bizarre-just for ratings.

  5. I'm sorry you weren't feeling happy, hope you're doing better now :) I don't watch those reality shows, they just bug me to no end hahah

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Love your inspiration! And you are so correct about the plowing (or lack there of) being the problem with the snow! Such a busy week - sure hope it's a GREAT one for you!

  7. So sorry your over the snow! I pray that you have a end to it and clear sidewalks to take your walk on! I read you were not yourself last week! I am glad you felt like posting this week! I have been away for a while my own self! Still I very much enjoyed reading your blog today! I look forward to stopping by again! I pray you have a blessed week!

  8. I am exhausted after reading all that you do. You sound like one busy person but doing lots of good stuff. Have a good week.

  9. Our moms sound a lot alike, Milo, with the puzzles and the books and the BBC shows but she prefers The Voice to American Idol. We've never seen Gilmore Girls. We need to check them out! Love your calendar page!

  10. Lulu is just too cute! I don't watch those reality TV shows as they annoy me way too much lol!

    1. you're missing some fine entertainment on some of the shows! Well, we all like what we like, right? I'll be watching Project Runway this week too. LOVE it.

  11. I did notice that you didn't post last Monday, so I'm happy to see it was a temporary situation. I think everyone is ready to be done with snow, but at least our village plows both the streets and the sidewalks. I can't believe you don't even get the streets plowed. That's just plain dangerous.
    It's nice that Milo shreds your mail for you, but it would be good if he waited until you had read it. Hope it was a tax document or a bill.
    I don't watch any of the reality shows although we were forced to watch the Voice at several of the homes we stayed at during our trip. One of the things I really look forward to on returning home is to have quiet time. So many people just have the TV on constantly and I find it very distracting.
    I love to do jigsaw puzzles on my Kindle, but have to watch how many I do or I get tennis elbow from gripping the Kindle to tightly. Hope this last snowstorm doesn't keep you inside for too long.

  12. Ach, the eating thing. I'm asking myself that question right now and nibbling on a small square of chocolate and drinking lots of water. I think Milo should rent out his services as a paper shredder, baby boy! More snow, sheeeeetttt. I believe it's supposed to snow every day this week but nothing so far. That is a LOT of snow by you guys, blech, I give the snow the stink eye and do that thing with my thumb on my top teeth like an old Italian lady.
    I should change my sheets today since I forgot last Saturday (sheet day). I've gotten to the point where I refuse to put on the fitted sheet and just bought a bunch of flat sheets at a going out of business sale.
    I can not watch reality shows for the most part. I will watch America's Got Talent because my mother loves to talk about it but it's all about magic and escapism and good comedies of which there are few.
    I think the birds are coming back already, boy are they in for a surprise.

  13. OH my goodness wasn't he just the best last week on AI. Have a great week!

  14. Milo, i surely hope that was not the publishers clearing house with a fat check for your mom person that you shredded to bits!
    LA, I sent you a "care package" today so look for it arriving on Thursday March 14, 2019! be well, Sonja

  15. Your "woodpecker" looks more like a flicker. Woody woodpecker is a Pileated woodpecker with a red crested head and black body. We're fortunate enough to have them visit us frequently eating dogwood berries.
    Milo is adorably naughty. He's just "helping".
    thank you for all you share.


  16. Yikes, Milo, opening someone else's mail is a crime. Be careful...we wouldn't want you carted off to the hoos-gow. Have a great week.

  17. LeeAnna - good for you to decide not to do a post when you didn't feel up to it. I think much unhappiness is created in the world when we feel compelled to do stuff - but of course, we should still pay our bills and teach Milo not to read other people's mail! I have not been able to watch American Idol yet - I sure enjoyed your selection of a talented young man - that guitar picking - wow! Happy St. Paddy's to you!

  18. I think everyone is sick and tired of snow. We expect more in the next 2 days too. Enough is enough. We did have some sun and 40 degrees today so now we have lots more ice for that snow to cover up. Hang in there !

  19. Alejandro has a unique sound, in particularly his guitar playing. So his piano playing, oooh. I haven't watched American Idol in years. I don't like the way how many of the singers' original sound at auditions get smoothed out into blandness.
    I've been hot and cold when it comes to posting lately. Words sputter rather than flow. That's okay, in time again. Meanwhile I've been playing with fabric and paint, which I'm finding more helpful in finding some kind of equilibrium. I also click away at Jigsaw Planet, too. I mostly do 180-piece puzzles so I can finish it all in one session. I'd like to see more Bob's Burgers puzzles. :-)

  20. We watch The Voice instead of American Idol, much prefer the judges over there (plus Idol is on opposite my new favorite Sunday night show). I know where you coming from not wanting to pretend to be happy in a post so not posting but I also think it's okay to post when you aren't happy as well. Glad you are feeling better this week. Um, make sure you don't send that snow this way! It's not welcome here. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  21. LOL about Milo opening your mail! Enjoy your weekend.