Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday's Stories

Some of the prompts are just fun to write about, using the 12 words to create a little bubble of a story.
Some of the prompts fit back into my ongoing novel... the one I am writing but don't post.
The words this time fit in nicely with my ongoing story line.... makes me excited to see this next little bit added in... enjoy...

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from ( Sunday's Whirligig): purses, attic, dusty, pass, rosary, shoes, tissues, window, stream, go, bags, say


Audie needed to see what was up in that dusty attic at gran's house. She used to love going up there on quiet Saturday mornings as a little girl... it felt like a secret garden.

And an archeological dig all rolled into one! She would go upstairs, past the two bedroom doors, to the little half door leading to the magical, scary, attic created with plywood placed over rafters.
Full of boxes and treasures, the attic had one dirty little window in the eave that let in enough light to watch one's footing, and little disturbed dust motes would float and swirl around in the shafts of daylight streaming in, like tiny fairies guiding her to explore the room.

Gran would say, "well go on and explore, but leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way out! and don't pass out up there from the heat, I'd never find you again!"

Audie always approached the little door with excitement, with a tingle just under her sundress. She loved old stuff! There were purses up there, still holding long forgotten items a lady needed back in the day. She loved the ones with beads, or little clasps made of rhinestones. Or the ones that were hard, and shaped like little boxes... she once saw a picture of Gran all dressed up for Easter Sunday church, holding a see through box purse in her gloved hand. She knew gran always had a lipstick, some tissues or a hankie, and a small change purse in there.

As a little girl she loved to open the big traveling trunks with the rusty latches, to see old costumes from her aunt's dance studio days. The crinolines and tulle were kind of mashed down in the trunks, but they still were so fun to put on... She loved the sequins and fluffy parts and danced around the attic like a fairy herself!

How often had she put her small feet into a pair high heeled shoes lying in those trunks? Black patent leather, still shiny... or those really pretty ones with the straps with tiny metal taps on the toes and heels. There was a pair of dyed bright pink ones with kitten heels she especially loved to put on, then try to dance around the plywood without disturbing the precariously placed bags piled on each other.

She liked finding old toys that Gran and her sister used to play with as little girls. She would even carefully play a while with the tea sets and dolls too before putting them back in their bags and boxes. Some of the little dolls were missing clothing or hair, but she liked and named them anyway. The doll house was her favorite toy.

Today, as an adult, she approached the little half door differently. She still had the tingle of excitement at what she might find but she was actually looking for clues.

The problem was she wasn't sure what the clues would be, or what they would tell her. She just knew Gran took some secrets with her to Heaven, and left some clues to the mystery of the box she sent Audie, somewhere.
 Gran knew Audie loved a mystery, but she also suspected Gran wouldn't want just everybody in town to know her business too. So it would take some exploring, and thinking, and maybe a message from gran on the other side.

What was this? It looked like a rosary, but Gran was a devout Southern Baptist, the kind who thought they were the only ones going to Heaven. (wasn't that the old joke?) She went to every service, meeting, and cookie social held at the church and took Audie with her. Audie knew all the words to many hymns  sung over and over, and it provided structure to her life as a child.
Gran was a believer, but not judgemental about others. She left that up to God, and worshiped Him her way.

What would a rosary be doing up here, and why hadn't she seen it before now. Maybe she did but didn't know what it was... was it a clue?


  1. This is an interesting read. It makes me want to know more about Gran and her clues and Audie's search. Wanting to know more of the story is just what you intend as a writer, yes? Now I have a clue to explore, a bread crumb trail leading to find Sunday's Whirligig. Thanks ... :-) Pat

  2. I agree. And what a good way you’ve found to advance your story. I would never have considered using someone else’s word list. Clever you.

  3. It is always love that breaks barriers and as Ann says above what a chance to explore that origin of the rosary in a follow up story. It is always a pleasure to read your work Lee Ann.

  4. Keep going! Looks like the makings of a great novel.