Thursday, March 14, 2019

I Like Thursday #132

I made this bunny bucket long ago

 Welcome to this week's list of likes! 

There is always something to like isn't there, if you look for it? Yes...
ione of my neighbors must be Irish!
I'm writing this as the blizzard is blowing outside... doing it early in case...this is the worst weather I've endured since hurricanes in Florida. The snow is blowing horizontally in sustained 60 MPH winds and will continue all day into the evening.
Now for the likes...

I loved meeting my new friend Kathy for a bit of fabric shopping/petting and lunch. It's so good to connect with someone new and get to know them better, hear their stories, learn from them.
I went to the store ready to take in all the possibilities but not buy more fabric now. I have so much, but then these two got my attention...

I see aspen trees, one is slightly darker than the other so I can do shaping, and both are shot through with gold and silver metallic paint.
Pretty no? I showed "great restraint' in only getting a fat quarter of both
Lunch at Panera Bread was good... Kathy said she always gets the chicken salad, so I tried it and it was good. While we chatted a group of firefighters put together three tables and sat near us. Made me feel pretty secure I must say, and happy to see so many men in one place, who give their all to help others.
Look at the quilty brownies Panera had...

In anticipation of the upcoming storm, we went grocery shopping and to Trader Joes for specialty items... I got these Iris 8 for $3.99.

Iris are elegant, so I put them in the black vase that looks art deco and one has opened so far. That shade of purple blue is intense right/ Ah Spring... come on now we've been waiting for you.

Milo finished up his Christmas cookies this week, loved them, and I almost hated to get rid of the box as it had a poodle on it

I love seeing a lot of fresh fruit and vege in the house, and thought how pretty all the intense colors were on my counter

I liked watching American Idol auditions this week, and have already chosen my top 10.,.. wish they could all produce an album for me. Some real talent out there and some of them are quite young.

We went to IKEA in search of a couple items, but couldn't find just the right thing. Still it was fun to see what was new...
quilt pattern boxes for desks

I did get this wee glass to go with my larger pink ones... I've used it every day since! I like a small glass and pink is always welcomed. Look at the pink Hexie plates...

And the lights

and this lamp looked like a flamingo to me

I got this small goose neck light to light my sewing machine screen. The light went out in it and the mechanic said it would be really expensive to replace, so I am making it work. Tim Gunn's phrase from Project Runway will be missed although the show is returning tonight to BRAVO with Christian Serriano in Tim's role. Can't wait... love PR

These are a couple of the library books I am looking through. One of my art group recommended this artist Cas Holmes and I have been pouring through her wonderful books this week.

Milo's Moments
this is what's left after a week of warm temps
 Hi Y'all.. I wanted to tell you about my new exercise. Oh I still run... and I think I should get double points for running through blizzard winds don't you? I still wrestle... especially with that little friend of mine Murphy.
You'll never get it!
I wrestle with Daddy too... he yells Fetch! which means grab the toy, and pretend to bring it back, dart away, and pull it out of the pawrent's hands when they grab it! I LOVE that game
 But I've added in resistance training.

Yep Mama is the ballast, I have to pull her along on every walk, and it's a work out!
I played keep away from lots of people this week too... I'm very good at staying just out of their reach. I saw a gorgoyle this week, a monster with a head and arms, but the bottom half was a bike.
I admit it scared me and I barked my surprise at it!
even I'm sick of snow
 My ears were nearly blown off my head in the blizzard, my coat was and I don't like that but a dog can't just go in the house... or so I'm told... barking out loud!

Please visit mama's friends also keeping it Paw-sitive this week!
Letting go the bay leaf

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  1. you are right... I had the same idea as I saw the lamp ;O) and I would keep this mailbox decoration for the whole year LOL

  2. Love the mailbox decor. The fabric is gorgeous, only a fat quarter? I would have to have at least a yard or two. I agree about the lamp, but oh the dragon fly lights. Luckily you and Milo were not blown away. We have been getting a lot of those type of wind storms. Always makes me very anxious.

  3. Good Morning LeeAnna! Stay safe in that blizzard. We have the storm arriving here later this morning with high winds and lots of rain. Now all the rivers will overflow and flood, and the ground is still frozen - I think it will be a big mess. But I don't have to shovel rain, so I'm not complaining. Plus, it's Thursday! Hang on to Milo when you take him out - we don't want either of you to blow away. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I like all the colorful photos, fruits and veggies and brownies, oh my! I would be too shy to take some of these photos in eateries and stores. I took my camera out at a fabric sale I went to lats week, snapped one shot of the shopping frenzy and was too embarrassed take my phone out again or to publish it on my blog. You have a wonderful eye for the simply interesting. Must be why you make such beautiful art quilts. May your snow soon melt again and the iris near you bloom, too. I love iris. My mother called them the poor man's orchid. Did you know the name comes from the Greek word for rainbow? That fabric looks gorgeous. You showed great restraint in only buying fat quarters. Every Thursday I now look forward to Milo's contributions. Thank you for the fun read ... :-) Pat

  5. Love this post with so much that I enjoy too! You are seeing quilty things everywhere. Sitting next to those, safe yes. Iris are one of my absolute favourite flowers. Pink Ladies are my current favourite apple..expensive here but worth it, imo. Mama as ballast...:) Btw, we have had three Colorado lows bring us a blast of snowy weather this winter. I don't know how exactly that can happen. Gotta end soon though.

  6. We have that blizzard today in eastern SD - after flooding started yesterday (streets and basements) in town due to the rain melting our snow too fast. Yikes!! Will we survive winter this year?

  7. I've been concerned for all our bloggers in Colorado and the Midwest from this current "bomb" storm. Glad you stayed inside. Those HST boxes are cool. I have a rewards account with Panera from a moment of weakness. I love their pastries and soups. Luckily, it's miles away and I don't get to that area often. I saw Christian Serriano on the Kelly and Ryan show. The dress he made for Kelly at the Oscars was so beautiful. Stay safe and warm.mary

  8. March has definitely come in like a lion! Let's hope the lamb shows up soon. We watched a few episodes of 800 Words on Acorn last night - thanks for the recommendation!

  9. I like the colors of the fruits...need color on a Wintery snowy day. Hopefully Spring is just around the corner with warmer weather.

  10. The mailbox decor is cute and that is coming from someone who is of Irish descent:). Stay safe with the storm bearing down on you. Thanks for linking up today.

  11. I've never had lunch there. Need to try it soon.

    Love all your likes.

    I especially love seeing Milo. We are all tired of winter and want to see some warm.

    Have a woof woof day, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  12. I love IKEA, but none are close so I really shop hard when I get to one, going through a few times. One friend said she will never experience that with me again. LOL

  13. I feared you were getting blasted by the blizzard. Hope Drew didn't have to go to work and that you don't lose power. Iris are my favorite flower. Just wish they lasted longer. Stay warm and safe.

  14. Yesterday's cyclone bomb was quite the experience. Don't think I've endured a storm like that in many, many years. Power outages and lack of WiFi empeeds the ability to get things done. Walking this morning was a silly idea. Both dogs went down and I nearly with them. We'll wait to see how much melts before going out again. Stay safe, dry and warm.

  15. I think it's fantastic you find so many things to love on Thursdays. And, I see you got the necessities at Trader Joe's to ride out the blizzard. Iris blooms are a sure sign of spring. I can't wait until mine start blooming. I would have added a couple bottles of wine as well....but that's just me! Stay safe and warm! xoxo

  16. I saw blizzard conditions on the news - I don't think I could stand it. Give Milo an extra hug from me. I have not tried Chicken salad at Panera Bread. Thanks for the recommendation!

  17. So much spring in you post today. Love the irises. My MIL had a front garden full of them. They always make me think of her. Love your fabric! Hugs to Milo.

  18. Cool things, yum to the chicken salad. IKEA is a fun place, or so I hear. Speaking of hearing, I'm glad your ears didn't get blown off Milo. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  19. Love the lights and the pretty plates. Yikes! What a snowstorm! May you seem some spring soon.

  20. I bet you both got lots of exercise in those winds. So it went from almost all melted to a blizzard? Bizarre. We had lots of rain today and I noticed a small lake had popped up overnight down the street. I was sopping went for a doctor's appointment. Someone was talking about they had to empty out their shoes there was so much water.
    Oh I love those blue dragonfly lights. I got some white dragonflies last summer and have yet to take them down. I also love your neighbor's mailbox, I should save it and send to my Irish cousins.

  21. The painting/pizza book looks intriguing. I shall look for it. I like your bunny basket, which now has me wanting to try to sew something three dimensional. Maybe a basket with an elephant's face or a cat's tail. Hmmm.

  22. That's a fun mail box - cheers! Or as we say in Finland - kippis or skål!

  23. Hope the blizzard has ended by now and you stayed safe and warm during it. Lots of great stuff in your post. Love the irises, so pretty. And lucky you getting a trip to Ikea, we seldom buy when we go there and seldom go but I always enjoy walking around the store. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  24. LA - lovin' this list of likes! Starting with that adorable little bunny bucket! Sorry you've been struck by more bad weather. We got above 40 degrees today and it looks like we're heading for the 50s next week - Spring could be around the corner, but it's a little early in these parts to get too excited! Thanks for hosting!

  25. Hi Leeanna, Great likes! I don't envy you that blizzard. We finally got rid of our snow yesterday and I'm really hoping spring is here. Have a great St. Pat's day! Love that quilt you posted in greens! Wowsa!