Monday, March 18, 2019

the week ahead

thank goodness for houseplants
Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker day! Well it's Monday... and last week was the longest month of my life.We survived the blizzard of '19. It was very scary and left lots of snow and more ice.

no it's not melted, it won't melt. My husband laughed yesterday saying he's going to write a book titled:, "The snow melts in a day, and other lies told about Colorado"
 snow on the "covered porch" came to about 7" Milo is on the pre cleared path outside the porch
The Weather in Aurora CO
I felt like, I had broken up with snow but it's been stalking me. When I asked  neighbors might this be the last snow of this year and might we see Spring, they all laughed. (that's not a good sign) and said, well it could snow through Mother's day.
And it's not the snow so much as it's the ice. We've missed so many events because I couldn't get down the front stairs for ice. The snow around here is "drunk uncle" careening around crazily and then causing a mess wherever it's been.
Today, sun and no new snow, so that's a relief. I heard a bird too! Yea!

This morning
I woke with a start! from a nightmare. A daymare actually at 7 AM. Isn't it interesting how a nightmare can follow you after you wake? I feel frightened still, after half a cup of coffee, and typing this. Another cold day, I'm wearing fleece leggings, cuddle duds turtle neck undershirt with sweater.

People Chow
For once I wanted to share something edible. I do not want to spend lots of time cooking these days and have a lot to sew and read, so I discovered this easy way to prepare a quesadilla.
whole wheat flour tortillas on a parchment for oven, shake on a mix of grated cheese, some diced fresh tomatoes, some delish salsa (my new fave is Hatch Valley 505 Sweet N Spicy) which is flavorful not harsh.
under a broiler... people don't use the broiler as much as when I was growing up
til the tortilla cups up and the cheese melts. About 3 min
can you smell it from there? The shell is so crispy not hard, be careful folding or like us rolling it up
DH had this for breakfast after fighting the headwind to walk the dog, who works by the post office motto "neither snow, nor rain, nor dread of night will keep me from my walks"

To Do
So happy I got all my fabric sorted into orderly bins.

Next to do is to sort the purchases I've made and squirreled away the past year of upheaval, then sort the kits into one box, the WIPS (works in progress) or PIGS (projects in grocery sacks), then the finished quilts and I'm back in business. It became a business as I used to do lectures and run workshops on my techniques, was quite busy actually back East. I haven't wanted to put myself out there here, as I still feel unsure of roads and the weather flat out sucks to me this year. Maybe when the tide turns I'll be able to schedule something and know I can leave the house safely.
I actually did a number of things when trapped inside last week. I still need to do laundry and all the regular stuff everyone has to do.

studio's one and two
I am really happy with how Studio 2 is working, it's a payoff for the heavy lifting of supplies, and all the decisions about where to put things. The two studios together don't add up to the space I had in MD, but I'm finding the spaces to work for me!
 I can now go to a bin, knowing that's where the reds are for instance.
And use them.

I need to find a shelf with hooks to put in studio 1, as I opened a box with special ornaments for the studio and have no place to hang them in this house. With little room for furniture, I'm going up the wall, except the shelves I've seen with hooks are too long for the space. My neighbor does woodwork, so I asked if we could hire him to design one for me. Being also from MD, he said it's too cold to work til the snows stop but then he'll help.

Aren't a quilter? Then try to relate it to finally conquering a messy office into order, or a closet that is overstuffed with clothing. It's where I work, where I create, and it gives me joy, thank you Marie Kondo.

books, not kindles. I find I do not like using the ipad or kindle to read. I like books, and have a lot to read, but not a lot of focus. I also love magazines, so I read them which takes little focus. I do want to start the creativity book soon, as I have an art quilt group meeting this week.

Special outings this week
I have my once a month meeting with the art quilters this week. I look forward to seeing this group of 10 people, my only real group here so far. It provides a set of friends I need, and a place where everyone understands the need to create.
There is a new coffee meeting starting in our 'hood too... we live on a golf course, and there is a restaurant here, very conveniently in walking distance. They are hosting a meet and greet. When do you think it is?
On the same morning as my once a month meeting. I'm going to do both, as I really need to meet some people here.

Now remember, this is MY list.
 I know I'm not the norm in this group, but this is what -I"M- watching and there is no shame in watching pop TV in the evenings. Some people said they don't watch reality tv. I bet they watch PBS, or the news, or talk shows, or America's got talent.
I happen to enjoy other shows, and we call them game shows, like Survivor, American Idol, Project Runway, Master Chef Junior.
I already know from comments, you don't watch that kind of show, but I do and enjoy them. If you can't relate, then it's okay to blow past this part! There are lots of us who do watch, and we can chat about the shows happily! Let me know if you DO watch these.

American Idol is going to be so good this year, I'd already buy cd's from some of these special singers. Master Chef Junior is ALWAYS fun. The contestants are little kids, amazingly talented little chefs. I LOVE the way Gordon Ramsey treats them with respect and kindness, always encouraging without being patronizing. He is gentle but honest and they know they are being treated like adults and thrive in this.
Project Runway returned to BRAVO with a fresh look and judges. It's going to be fun to watch the challenges done by talented designers of clothing. I already enjoyed the first episode, but didn't agree with the judges at all.Let the games begin. I often disagree with quilt show judges too.

We are also watching together, Time Team a BBC show about archeology in Britain. So good but they only spend 3 days in an area, and I'd rather they do a more in depth dig.

The Quilt Show online also gave three days of free shows (choose from 10) and I'm trying to see a couple of those before they go away. It's so good but I found when I purchased a subscription I never watched enough to make up for the money, so  now get the limited free offerings.

It's just so messy outside, and poodles bring in lots of snow and ice, so we set up a drying station by the front door, moved the rack there to hold four wet poodle boots and his coat, and our wet clothing too

I finished a tiny snow scene this week, and my ongoing blocks for a challenge. I am excited to sew in my new space. I wake up and can't wait to get to work again. That's a good feeling.

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  1. Your breakfast looks mighty good.

    Yikes on the nightmare following you. I hate it when that happens.

    Milo is always such a treat.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  2. how sad that the nightmare was still there in the morning... but I hope your breakfast chased it away ;O))) your studios look absolutely fabulous I wish I would be so well organizated ;O)

  3. hoping your snow melts soon. I watch reality-tv too, you are not the only one.
    2 studios! wow a girl can dream.
    Have a great week

    1. hA! the two studios are smaller than my studio in MD. They are very small bedrooms but they're mine all mine!

  4. Good job on getting organized. Wish I could get my spring cleaning mojo going because my office and my sewing room are a mess. I dug into 1 little pile in the sewing room this weekend, which turned into sewing a little on some discarded things. We also have a wet mess here as snow is starting to melt. But we know there could be more snow in April which is typical.

  5. It's nice that you found an art quilt group! I've noticed that Colorado seems to be a center for art quilting.

    Yikes! I was going to DO some things today, but it's the last day for free The Quilt Show, and I see at least a couple I really want to watch! Eep!

    I enjoy Top Chef quite a bit, so I looked for TC Junior. It's not coming up on my TV. Oh, well; I watch (listen to) too much TV anyway.

  6. I love the look of your fabric storage, I yearn for something similar, but just don't have the space at the moment. I love reality TV, just nothing nasty. We tend to watch MasterChef (not sure if you get that in the USA), Best British Bake Off, Project Runway, and my son likes the home decorating type shows.

  7. Can't stay long today because I have LOTS of sewing to do on my list. I don't have a dedicated office for that type of activity dining room has been repurposed for the time being. I love Top Chef Junior! These kids are amazing. Normally, I don't go in for electronic readers, but have found downloading a book or two from the library beneficial. But, it's definitely not as rewarding as curling up with a bound book, afghan and a cuppa or class of wine. No time for that activity now anyway! Hope your week is a good one!

  8. Your house seems to be in another universe, our 8+ inches of snow is gone for the most part except for north exposures. How bizarre conditions are so different just 15 miles away. Congrats on sorting your fabrics. No doubt the organization is a relief for you.

  9. quesadilla, good Anytime you are hungry! We make ours in a toaster oven as we are just two and lostsa stuff fit in it to toast, bake pronto!.i like all your likes and admire you stamina. The croton plants are colorful. Leaves of that plant is one of my favs to paint on fabric to quilt .Happy Monday!!

  10. I hope your snow melts soon! Ours finally has! Have a great week!

  11. Glad you are getting the studios in shape and are ready to rumble with new projects. Hope your snow melts soon. We have cold (although it hit 70 one day last week) and snow flurries off and on. I'm ready for spring. Finished a baby quilt top that I started while in TX. Now to make a backing and decide on how to quilt it.

  12. LA - not sure who gave you information on Colorado - but they should be ashamed of themselves … and I do think you and your hubby would be very effective at writing a funny book about your experiences. Could be cathartic too. I can only imagine the creativity that is going to emerge from those studios now that you are organized. You go, girl! And I am about to go binge watch American Idol. We don't have conventional TV, so I have to wait a full week to be able to access the episode from the week before ...

  13. Sorry about all the ice in Colorado. After a particularly icy winter here in Maryland I got some strap on cleats for walking in ice. They really help.

  14. At least the time indoors from the snow has let you get the studios in order - they look great. And I LOVE those quilts! Have a WONDERFUL week and think spring!

  15. wOW-A TON OF IDEAS ! Congrats on the organizing of fabric. That always feels good. I would never be able to handle the snow you are having. I would be a hermit till June. Too scary to drive anywhere.
    Thx for the cheese crisp idea! Two studios? Nice. We are watching the Voice and Idol at the same time- I just try to ignore Katy Perry. That is such a smart idea on the drying rack by the front door. mary

  16. Oh, wow, all of that snow and ice. I'm so sorry! I do hope it melts and lets you out and about. I'm glad that the space you have is working for you! That is a wonderful feeling!

  17. I love the snow scene and let's hope your ice doesn't melt all at once because frozen ground and a quick melt = flooding. I think the Poodle is on high alert out there, maybe he's daring it to snow some more. Loving that quesadilla recipe, an open melt, so simple yet so smart. I am in diet mode now and looking for "sensible" recipes.

  18. Love your fabric bins, such pretty ones in there :) Hope your ice has melted by now. Have a great week!

  19. I like your snow scene. I wish I could get into the mood for working in my space. I do a little each day, but the creative mess keeps me at a standstill. Sigh.

  20. I don't know why, but I always imagined you lived someplace like Florida or the Caribbean. There's so much sunshine in your artwork! Sending you VERY warm fuzzies and and a big bear hug. The one thing I remember about Minnesota winters (I lived there when I was a little girl) is the way joy would just well up inside of us and bubble over when the snow finally did melt and we'd see those crocus shoots sticking up out of the little white clumps that remained here and there. Just hang in there -- you never fully experience all that Spring and Summer have to offer until you've made it through a dormant, ice-and-snow covered winter.

  21. Greetings, LA! As you can see, I'm running waaay behind in commenting this week, but, better late than never...right? :) I'm so thankful that you all survived the blizzard and am wondering if you got more snow with the recent bout of bad weather that has hit the middle section of our nation. I feel so bad for all the folks that have been hit with the flooding and all those poor ranchers that have lost livestock. It's all so sad! The quesadillas look delicious! I love using my broiler. I mainly use it when broiling salmon, but I do like broiled sandwiches and things. Haven't thought of doing that in a long time. Thanks for the reminder! I hope you've had a great week and weekend. I will see you again tomorrow! <3

  22. I am so happy to see your sewing space. Wow! your house is big compared to here.
    We watch the cooking competitions. Master Chef, Master Chef: Professionals and just now the celebrity edition as they raise money for cancer. There is also The Great British Menu, where top chefs compete to be selected to cook for a fancy banquet. One year it was at Wimbledon, another celebrating a big anniversary of the WI (Women's Institute) and last year to celebrate a big anniversary for the NHS (National Health Service). two years they had Creme de la Creme - where top patisserie people competed. I don't know where that went.
    And the Great British Sewing Bee. and The Great Pottery Throw down. But I think it went away, too. We have been watching a programme from America called Forged in Fire. It is on the History Channel. If you make things, you can really value the work that goes into making a blade or a sword.
    we used to watch Time Team regularly. I think they are done now, too, but there are some that take less brains to watch. One where they try to find WWII stuff...for instance, near the places where American soldiers were based, or where German planes were shot down. And now there is something called River Hunters. They snorkel in rivers to find stuff. One guy is American. They were in a river near a castle in the last one. They don't really find much. But they pretend that what they found is of great national interest - not.
    Ok that's enough! Sunday night is Country file - nature and farming ...and antique Roadshow. and we tape Gardener's world on Friday to watch on Sunday, too.
    Anyway, nearly caught up with your posts!!!

    1. oh. the cancer cooking show is actually Great British Bake off, which of course we watch the normal show, too.
      I used to watch Project Catwalk - the British version of your PR. Years ago now, but our TV provider fell out with the provider of that programme and we can't get it.

  23. Hi Lee Ann, I live in Breckenridge, about an hour and a half west of Aurora. Originally from PA, I can understand the weather learning curve!