Thursday, March 7, 2019

I Like #131

 Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I would like to see Spring...apparently it's not coming any time soon... snow expected Saturday and next Tuesday at least. It was good to see a bird, not a goose, again however. This robin made me think of the East coast and how pretty Spring is, with it's flowering trees and tulips...
We're not in Maryland any more.

So what did I find to like this week... let's see...
I liked this chocolate... too much... it's gone now, sad...
I liked that a member of the art quilt group brought in lots of sheers to give away, I took what was left...
I liked that there were a few flowers from the Valentine's bouquet still alive, and put them in a summer vase on the mantle
Joining them are a few bunnies I found in my seasonal decorations... good to see them again...
yes that's a clothes peg bunny on the end. There was a wonderful craft show near Annapolis every Spring, and I got him there.
I follow a quilter's blog, and she told us about these project bags... I promptly ordered some and LOVE them! Block of the months fit in with pattern, UFO's will be perfect in here, and much more. They are in pastel colors of pink, yellow, green and blue... so very pretty and useful. Link for Amazon is:
 ( this link) (which I hope works)

I liked getting my challenge quilt done, the post is HERE

And I like the name suggested by Angie.... Flamingo Moon Rising. It was for an online challenge to interpret page 20 of the first magazine you pick up.

I have to warn you about the book on disc I recommended to you, Gotcha! by Fern Michaels.  I was enjoying the story til the 7th disc/ 8 discs. It became so gross my heart hurt and I pulled the disc out and returned it to the library unfinished. I thought it was the sisterhood series about older women solving mysteries, it was the vigilante series about older women doing despicable things, at least in this second book in the series. I wish I could un-hear it.

I often like Milo, although not today as he hurt me pulling on the walk, but this week I was walking by the family room and saw this...

Mama: Milo! What the heck are you doing? (I walked by and saw this)
Milo: huh? Wha? What blanket? Er, what do you mean Mama?
Mama: Well, for starters what is your nose doing in the blanket?
Milo: what nose? What's a blanket? (if you don't have an answer, dazzle them with nonsense)
Mama: I have to get a picture of this... people won't believe what you get up to!
Milo: People seldom understand the Poodle Brain

Milo's Moments
it's blurry because I couldn't believe I got another indestructible chicken!

Milo: I got two cool toys for my birthday!

Mama: yes... the "indestructible chicken" lasted all of two hours before a wing and a red something was chewed off.
Milo: I know! it did take a long time to tear it up!

Mama: indestructible.... what does that mean to you?
Milo: a challenge.

And my pawrents waited for a whole day to give me the next toy, my favorite kind of toy since I was a baby, the stuffie inside a soft waffle ball! How I love those toys in a toy!!! I threw it around, carried it from room to room. Don't tell the big dogs but it's a puppy toy. So what ? Just because something is made for babies doesn't mean they aren't fun for me too!
(editors note: the stuffie inside the ball is nearly chewed off, then he'll chew up the ball. It lasted a couple hours. ) 

Oh and my Daddy chased me when I grabbed his shoe after our nightly walk this time. What fun! I won of course. All my dodgy play turned out to be a good skill when I had to dodge the vet from looking in my ears... ha! what fun, he had a hard time catching me, and would still be trying if Mama and Daddy hadn't turned on me and caught me for him.

Now please visit these people keeping it paw-sitive this week too! 

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  1. I love the blue and yellow decoration... it has a nice effect and looks like spring ;O) I always thought tartan is the fabric of the scotties but it also looks great at poodles ;O)

  2. Hi LeeAnna! I can't believe those flowers are still hanging on from Valentine's Day. Someone put a lot of love into them for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Nice job on that robin photo! The clothespin bunny is my favorite. I couldn't get the link to work for the mesh bags. Do you have any other info on that? I was so surprised on the Fern Michael books! Stay warm and enjoy your day! mary

  4. Several times I've read things in books I wish I could unread. They stick with me!
    Meanwhile, thanks for the link for those pretty project bags...sadly I need organizational help. Yea to anything spring like at this moment. Speaking of which, love Milo's appearance in this post. Too cute.

  5. Milo really cracks me up! My daughter's bull dog used to destroy - quickly - any stuffed toy he got. But now that he's old and mellow he doesn't even play with them anymore. The robin is a good sign that spring may finally arrive. We are expecting 2-3" of new snow today and another 8" on Saturday. Endless!

  6. Your challenge quilt project is wonderful! I love how you have some of the circles going off the edge. Milo and the plaid blanket - so cute! March is being its unpredictable self in Colorado, but Spring will come eventually! (We hope...:)

  7. I love your challenge project and I like the project bags...I have a few myself....I use them for everything. Milo always makes me smile.

  8. Your challenge project turned out to be beautiful. Always nice to see Milo enjoying himself. Thanks for linking up today.

  9. Poodle Brain! Dog brain in general is virtually unintelligible. Milo's pretty cute with his nose in the blanket though. I can hardly believe he's two- it seems like you guys just got him. We've had a few birds, but not very many yet, it's still really cold here too.

  10. Love you spring decorations. I cannot come fast enough for me! Those project bags are on the way to me. Thanks for sharing about them. Love the challenge quilt and the name is prefect!
    Hello Milo.

  11. No robins here yet. We do still have what I call snowbirds from farther north. I think they are called juncos, that we only see them in winter. Milo is a cutie. I do not have a dog, but I have a grand-pup who chews apart every indestructible toy give her in a matter of minutes. Then she just looks at me for the next one. I get all my doggie toys pre-approved by her mommy first so she does not get sick on something. Cat toys, I know how to choose wisely, but not doggie toys. My daughter puts grand-pup in a harness that attaches the leash on her chest so she does not pull when I walk her. She is a 40+ lb mixed breed hound. I like to take flowers that last beyond others in mixed bouquets and re-vase them, too. I love your challenge quilt. That is a good name for it. Reading this post is pure fun and makes me smile ... thanks ... :-) Pat

  12. The first link didn't work but the second one did. I like those bags!

  13. Signs of spring are as delightful as Flamingo Moon Rising. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  14. We're home! Just so you know, it was 26 degrees when we left Leesburg and there was snow here and there as we drove through Maryland (Rte 15 through Gettysburg). About 3" of frozen snow in our driveway and 22°. I'm going to check out those project bags when my husband gets the internet up and running. Glad to be home, but wish it would warm up.

  15. What a goofy doggy with that blanket. lol That's a great photo. I just heard my first brown-headed cowbird this morning - a sure sign that spring is around the corner. :-) I love your challenge quilt.

  16. Yeah, you don't wanna be in MD either this winter. And there ain't no spring, so you're not missing anything!

  17. Your challenge is awesome. I have been MIA. I did spy flowering trees in Oregon last week. Um then it snowed, and snowed some more. But I saw Robins there too. As I flew from Seattle to Detroit the country was one huge white blob. I don't think there was any area that was not snow covered. Thanks for the heads up about the project bags. I needed some and these cost as much as one from the LQS. Happy Birthday Milo. They should use him to test their indestructible toys

  18. Haha at Milo and that blanket. He looks so nonplussed! :) Your posts always make me smile!!! Hugs!

  19. ...'Flamingo Moon Rising' is gorgeous! I rarely buy chocolate, it's one of my many weaknesses. Thank for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  20. That chocolate caramel crunch wouldn't last long in my house either! Have a great weekend.

  21. Hi to Milo! The quilt is looking good!

  22. Hello, the flowers are lovely. Cute photos of your Milo. Chocolate candies do not last around the house, my hubby loves them. Your quilt is looking beautiful.Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  23. Milo is precious. And that quilt is outstanding...what a work of art.

    I grew up & raised my family in Colorado (50 years) before retiring to the Gulf coast.

  24. Milo, you are hilarious! Do you also lay on the settee with your head hanging off, like Holly?
    I love those flowers left from Valentine's Day. They go so well with that vase! So cheerful!
    Love that quilt you made for the challenge. The title fits very well.
    I didn't manage a thankful this week. Now that I can see, I am finishing off projects. and then suddenly it was Thursday! But guess what? I got on the computer and have been doing some catching up with photos...and...I have already written next Thursday's post. phew! LOL

  25. I especially like the dog photos

  26. Hello. Your dog is so cute.

  27. I've not tried that kind of chocolate. I too love chocolate.

    I love seeing Milo. A delight and an awww.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  28. You know how I love Milo.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, my friend. ♥

  29. Milo is so funny with his nose in the blanket!