Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Like Thursday #133

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I like cows. Yes, cows. For years now. These are two out of three special pottery cows I own, one got broken in the move and I need to repair her.

I like the sprays of spring colors I got at Michaels, and put them on my china cabinet
I refinished this cabinet, from my granny's house, and it's very special to me. The movers broke it too.
Forgot to include a picture of the lamp I got at IKEA last weekend. LOVE the bright yellow color, and that the neck bends to exactly the right place to illuminate my screen, and the sewing area!
And forgot to show the cutest little pink glass to go with our bigger pink glasses also from IKEA
It holds a cup of liquid, and fits just in my palm and I love a small glass!
And we just may have to go back and get this table... so pretty
We went to Hallmark this weekend, and Milo enjoyed shopping with us... the owner enjoyed him and told us about her grand dog puppy living with her...
We checked out the really cute bowls there on the table... look what's inside!
Gather your wits!

I had to stop and laugh out loud on a walk through the snow this weekend... look who jumped up on it
I kind of wanted to knock on the door and say thank you. They rolled a ball of snow and put him on it!
On the calendar, it is Spring. So this is what Spring looks like here!
I'm ready to make something with my painted birds and flowers...
I enjoyed a free show on the Quilt Show (online) this weekend with Kathy Doughty, of Material Obsession. I learned so much!! Nice of Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson to give us some shows!
I'm also really jazzed that Project Runway returned to Bravo, and that Master Chef Junior is back on... love those talented folks.
So happy my fabric stash got sorted finally and I can find things easier!

I love TED talks... a living magazine article that expands my knowledge and awareness.
This one is interesting for creative people, in my opinion, because this scientist describes the process of learning through play... through creative thought and letting yourself look at problems a new way....

To me, it's all the same, fixing a creative problem. The substance is different, but not the process...
Hope you enjoy the talk about how our moon was created

I met with my art group this week, and one of the members did a lot of hand work on a tree trunk component. I can't show the front but loved the handwork from the back,
and the meeting was at Holly's Quilt Cabin, who had this for sale
so I invested in a few more quarter yards of the gold and silver shot fabric... heh heh

Milo's Moment

Hi y'all! Wanna play?
I am not a linguist but I am trying like crazy to learn some human. I don't know a lot, and refuse to learn what "stay" means, (sounds like no fun) but I am always trying to learn what Mama is saying.
I tilt my head so the words get in better, and to tell Mama I wanna learn.
I know just about everything that starts with "Milo do you wanna..."? is good. Wanna treat? Wanna play with Gracie (yes please), wanna go for a rideinnacar? Love that.
This weekend I went with the pawrents for a ride innacar to a book store and I was an angel.
Yep, pure angel! And everyone had to pet me which I really like, especially little humans who coo so cute! One girl said, "I wish my dog was a poodle"
Sometimes "wanna...?" back fires on you like when a wanna go for a rideinnacar ends up at the vets... but you buys your ticket and takes your chances.

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  1. Fun post! Milo sure is a pretty boy. He's kept so much more of his black fur than Scout! I love the projects you're working on! Have a great week!

  2. oh I had such a cow too... with bavarian decoration... sadly mine broke too and after mark tried to fix it... we are cow-less now ;O(

  3. Good Morning! How interesting to hear that TED video. Hmm, I'll have to explore more of them. Thanks for sharing that! I love that photo of Milo playing - looks like lots of your snow has melted. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. depends on how much sun hits that area. We still have 6 foot piles around, and still have ice on sidewalks. It's melted a lot in Milo's play area.

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    There are the Ikea glasses! Would be fun shopping with you!

  5. Your little touches of spring decor made me smile. I've done the same thing here - added some little spring things around the house. We never really count on spring here in the northern plains until mid or late April. Sometimes it surprises us in March, but most years it just teases us until April.

  6. I love the cow with the swimsuit ladies on it! And thanks for the links to the TED talks. I'm a big podcast listener, but I should add some TED talks into the rotation. And I too am thrilled about Project Runway returning- it's in my post this week too!!!

  7. I am falling in love with Milo. Kitties beware. I think I wanna poodle. I have never wanted a dog in my life. My hubby will say, "what?" which means "no. " I shall have to just enjoy Milo. <3
    I like all your finds. Your painted birds are so pretty! You are multi talented.
    Thank you for hosting and sharing and liking ... :-) Pat

  8. Like all the cheerful spring touches inside your house! Maybe you could spray paint all the snow green? It's a nice first day of spring here but we've had snow as late as April, even May so I'm just going to enjoy each super nice day & hope for the best. Milo's language skills are great :) Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday. Happy First day of Spring!

  9. The pig on the snowball is hilarious! Looks like a good laugh, for sure! I forget to look for Ted Talks - thanks for the link. There are so many good things out there to listen and watch!

  10. You always find the best things at IKEA...I need to go shopping with you. I found this video...thought you would like it.

  11. You have such an eye for color and design. A friend had a passion for cows, he just liked to watch them and enjoy their passive attitude on life.

  12. Those colorful cows sure are cool. Hey Milo, you're doing good understanding humans, they sure are complicated. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  13. I believe spring is almost here in middle Missouri. But, not enough to put the screens in the windows and open up the house yet. I love to have the windows open. I love the colorful cows and your touches of spring are lovely. Ted Talks are always interesting and I found this one very good. She is an excellent speaker. Milo, keep up the good work learning new words. Cabo is having a spa day today and should come out handsome and smelling much better than he went in! Have a fabulous weekend!

  14. Such beautiful things, but I think Milo steals the show in this post!

  15. Oh Milo...maybe mama will let you check out that piggy more closely. That was pretty funny. I was in Franktown yesterday (south of Parker) and there's still 3-4 drifts of snow. Incredible!

  16. I have two of those lights from IKEA. That are perfect for shining light on the needle area (from the front). We had sun (but cold) for the first day of Spring but more snow is due tomorrow. I need to get my few Easter decorations out before the season is over. I've heard of TED Talks but have never watched/listened to one. No time like the present, I guess. Have a good weekend. Hope you have a fun outing planned and weather doesn't interfere.

  17. You're having SO much fun! I think we are all energized now that it's really Spring! Enjoy your week!

  18. I love those cows too.

    You know I love Milo.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  19. What a great list of likes. I LOVE those cows! I might need to go shopping for some new chicken bowls. ;)

  20. Speaking of play, I had this on last weeks 13 Thursday: “Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain—unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions!”— The late Dr. Karyn Purvis, Director of Texas Christian University’s Child Development Center Love those watercolor-like birds on sheets.

  21. I am in love with that yellow lamp from IKEA. Looks perfect for many uses. Milo must be a pretty mellow kind of dog, if you can take him shopping:) Thanks for linking up!

  22. Purrrrrrrr, Milo, says Molly the Cat. Purrrrrrr.
    I like all the bright Spring colors popping in your home, LA. Also popping is the sudden pop of getting your title. Not Afraid of Color. I think I am there. :-) Hugs, LA.

  23. That Milo, he really is a good dog to visit stores like that.
    I have the same Ikea lamp but mine is black, definitely not springy in any way, but it is perfect for a little close work. Pink glasses are so vintage like to me. Your birds are sweet too and definitely springy.

  24. ..I like cows to, your colorful ones are great.
    ...clumsy movers.
    ...I wish that we had IKEA near us.
    ...enjoy your weekend.

  25. Happy Friday! Hi Milo! Great shopping spree and we love those painted fabric patches!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  26. Gather Bowls look cute, cute, cute - Your Work is Amazing . . and So is your pupster! Happy Spring!

  27. Milo, you are such a smart pup. Some human words are useful to learn and others are totally not...
    Toodle pip!

  28. Love those cows!
    Hello Milo! You are such a smart dog!

  29. I finally had time to get on the computer and read your blog! Love the cows. Thank God Ikea is at least 20 miles away-never been there- I would spend a fortune on cool things like those glasses! Can't wait to see your Spring quilt. Have a great weekend. mary

    1. a very small fortune as they cost about $1.99 !

  30. Diggin' the cows, and all that stuff from IKEA. It's probably a good thing the closest IKEA is several states away from here ...

  31. Love the cows, Lee Anna, sorry one broke. I hope you can fix it.
    Cool that you can take your doggie to the shop. I think you can only take guide dogs in shops here.
    Holly thinks people exist to pat her and say she is lovely. (Maybe because I say she is a scruff?)