Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What better day to make a Valentine Quilt?

I sketched this out over a month ago but I could not gather the energy. I washed the fabrics, I sketched the design, I gathered the embellishments I saw on it in my mind's eye.
But I could not start.
Until today, Valentine's day. I got an email from my friend Kathy in Maryland, and she said she was waiting to see my V-day quilt... a gently encouragement from a friend to just... do it. So I started.

Last night a Pairs Skating team skated to Michele LeGrand's Summer of '42 music. It started me thinking about his music and For some reason I began singing this today on my morning walk.

Let this other song of his play while you read how I made the quilt today
                                    ... lovely.
One of my favorite songs, and she does it best, with Tony Bennet a close second.

No freezer paper, so I free hand cut out a heart from parchment paper. Placed the folded heart on folded fabric and cut out about 3/8" away.
Snip all around.
Then I used lapel stick to temporarily turn under the edges.

there, done, now place it on my background, a black and white floral. Off center, that's good...

 see the paper is in there. I used some more lapel stick along this edge and pressed down to background then pinned.
after sewing with a blind applique stitch to within 3 inches, I reached in and removed the paper

better check that it's stitched all the way around, yep
Now, lay the appliqued heart onto batting and start the embroidery.

 I used some #5 perle cotton in dark brown to embroider a tree.

Trees symbolize growth.

No marking please, just start a chain stitch and add more til it's done!

Trust the process. At the end I stitched a wee bit of leaves to the tree, to symbolize new life

I didn't worry with making a perfect heart, a perfect tree, I just started, and kept going. Like life, no?

I plan to see if I can get my machine going tonight to quilt through the layers. I plan to echo around the heart, radiating out. Love radiating out from center. Roots of growth based on Trust.

I make a V-Day quilt every year, they can mostly be seen under that label at the side. I try to make the quilt fit the year and we've had a lot of change, and growth, and need hope that they were smart changes, and will lead to more growth and that we will be stronger together for it.

I'm in no great rush to finish this because I am in awe that my tired spirit did this much. I feel the creative part of me comes from spirit, and know it's a gift to make the days worthwhile. Beauty and self expression enhance lives. Love is universal.

I plan to put beads all around the binding after edges are finished, and to place a path of flowers on after quilting.

No rush. I'll show you when done, because I love you for reading my words, and for walking this path with me.

There are many people on youtube to hear singing this lovely work by Michele LeGrand. I discovered this lovely woman singing it and another song is very pretty french, at Birdland in NYC. I wonder do I belong in NYC?
 If that wasn't enough romance, how about this video of Michele Legrand singing along to summer me winter me...

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  1. I’m so glad you found he energy to start! You made fabulous progress and I can’t wait to see where this ends up.

  2. Very pretty. I'm glad your friend gave you the gentle push. :-)

  3. I really like the freehand embroidery on the heart. So glad you spent some creative time today to make this.

  4. that is an artpiece ... and the word makes it to something we can watch again and again....

  5. Slow and contemplative processing has its place in restoring one's soul. Filling us up. Loving. I'm glad to read the emotional response along with technique. Always good to visit here.

  6. Oh my goodness. Thank you for the music. So lovely. Barbara Streisand is the best on that song. So filled with love.
    thank you

  7. I was mesmerized by the process of your valentine quilt. So cool.

  8. As I was reading this from the link in 'I like Thursday', I wondered how did I miss this post. Aha, both posts were in the same email today. Anyway, I'm glad the inspiration/motivation struck to get you started on this year's Valentine quilt. Even with a new beginning, some traditions need to be maintained.
    I love Barbra. We have nearly all her albums (and yes, they are all on CD).

  9. Adding beads to the edges is a great idea!

  10. Love how this evolved, and that you had a wonderful time making it - that's probably the best part!

  11. So glad to see you getting some creative juices flowing! Take it slow, do it when you want, but do it.
    I love Barbara Streisand. Do you remember her duets album? Back when they still had albums. I played that thing all the time.

  12. What a lovely piece to energize your tired spirit, love everything about this post and the Valentine's Day quilt, I look forward to seeing it all in its glory, in time.

  13. That is such a unique quilt. Not that I know anything about quilting but I am in awe of people who can make these little pieces of art.

  14. What a sweet little heart project. I like it because you put so much of what you're feeling into this piece. The tree, the new growth, giving yourself time to enjoy the process. I just finished listening to Barbra and it makes me want more. There's no one else who can sing a ballad like she does.

  15. To make such a creative piece when you're not finding the creative energy is really amazing. I love everything about your Valentine's Day quilt! The tree, the heart, the word trust, the background print. It all just works together so beautifully.