Saturday, February 3, 2018

Groundhog! Where's the Groundhog???

Where's the groundhog???
(what's a groundhog?) 
prairie dog village across the street

groundhog? What's a groundhog? All I see is a poodle! 
It's my job to watch that poodle. It's all I do. Every time he comes out of the house, I stand up and watch. 
He got out once, but due to my diligence we all popped underground.
I don't know egg-xactly what a groundhog is but I hear cheeping... 

yep, that would be me. What are you, deaf! I was saying, watch out! The poodle is in the yard!
 huh? Sounds like my squeaky toys are all chattering! 
Mama? What's that? What's a shadow? I don't see any! Ooops what's that thing?
You mean this thing following me around? It has some meaning to you? (It doesn't smell, and disappears when I turn around... I don't get it)

All I see is this...
wanna play?

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  1. how long is winter then...if the poodle sees his shadow...? what's a shadow!

  2. Fun!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. LOL - I can just imagine the critter conversations!

  4. It is groundhog day for sure in my sewing room. I am sorting my bins over and over and over and over....

  5. Awww Sweet Milo! So handsome! He's an adorable boy!

  6. Hello, love your cute Milo and his shadow. The groundhog is watching Milo. Cute series of photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  7. I guess you will have Spring. Our groundhog only comes out once it warms up.

  8. Such a cute post! Have a great week!

  9. You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  10. You have great imagination:):) Thank you for sharing this story with All Seasons and brighten our day with the ground hog and your dog:):)

  11. LOL it's always 6 more weeks here in Missouri

    Love the poodle story so cute

  12. Haha! So funny! Love the pics. Think spring. x K

  13. Prairie dog V. Poodle dog, hahaha. I think the prairie dog should be head of the neighborhood watch.

  14. You are so clever! Have you ever thought about doing stand-up?

  15. Oh, what fun you must have had preparing this blog post! We have plenty of gophers/groundhogs (I don't know which) but they aren't out sunning themselves in our frigid Alberta temperatures. When they're visible, however, our little dog goes right out of her little tiny mind. She actually screams, and pulls my husband across the prairie at a great rate. When I walk her, I have to put her longest leash through the belt loops on my jeans, so that I have my entire weight to keep her from diving headfirst into a gopher hole.
    Did I say "what a wonderful post"? Well, it sure is, and it will have me smiling for the rest of the day, maybe the rest of the week.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  16. PS — Thanks for backtracking to some of my previous blog posts. I really appreciate it when someone clues in to my convoluted writing style, especially if that person loves dogs. :)
    Kay the Unfittie

  17. PPS — I looked it up, and that dog had a hyphenated name, something Cordelia, or Cordelia something, but not Bonnie-Belinda. Close, but no cigar.

  18. Poor Milo. He is not part of the prairie dog party. Does their chirping get annoying?

  19. What a cute post! Seriously, Lee Ann, you have a children's book in you! Awesome!

  20. We had one of its brothers stuck in our fence. They aren't friendly fellows. Just as well you didn't find him.

  21. Bite that goofy groundhog on the buttocks Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  22. Too funny! I am so ready for spring, but I guess we are in for at least another 6 weeks.

  23. We are very annoyed with the groundhog seeing his shadow. We are ready for Spring!!! Give him the bitey for us Milo

  24. My dog used to do the same thing as Milo, with a vengeance. She usually had a pleasant personality, but once she claimed a quilt I was working on, if I tried to kick her off, she'd growl and get mad at me!!! If dogs had civil rights lawyers, she'd be one. Your colorful quilt is wonderful, by the way!