Monday, February 12, 2018

Just because... a movie review, flowers and love

I would like to review a movie I just watched. I highly recommend it to all as a beautiful film.
 The title is "Paris can wait" 

This movie is in no hurry to reveal itself. It takes you on a journey, watching two people who discover themselves as they reveal themselves. They learn who they are by seeing it through the eyes of their companions.

It's a story of life, and choices. Beautifully illustrated with photos. Art photos. And food, art, architecture of France, history, textiles, beautiful language. It's an art film, written and directed by an older woman, a woman of a certain age. One of the Coppola's, Eleanor, who  in her 70's she decided to direct her first film.

Imagine deciding to do this, to gather other women in a crew, to have the vision, to be courageous enough to ask for collaboration among the cast and crew while defining her vision. And telling her story.

As far as a complete story with a predictable ending, it is more like real life. Leaving questions that are difficult to answer... un-answered.
Leaving it to your desires as to the outcome.
At one point the male lead says to the female lead about her photos... something like... you do not show it all, you allow me to imagine the rest!

This is art to me.
 The collaboration between viewer and maker.
The maker taking the viewer along for the ride on their creative air currents, but the viewer fills in the blanks so that the art becomes personal. Lovely.

And to me it is a love story. It explores love in new ways. There is the love between long time married people, and the spark that can happen at any time between two strangers. Whether fulfilled or not, is not the point to love... it's the spark and the moment, the shared moment.

The poignancy of such a moment reminded me of my husband and of moments before I met him. It reminded me I have also lived and loved. To me, love has nothing to do with youth or appearance, it has everything to do with the unseen that attracts you to take the risk to care about someone. When you love someone, they become beautiful in your eyes, because you see them.

I thought about my dear husband. He understood early that he wanted a happy wife more than he wanted the income she would bring in. He gave up financial security to allow me to finally rest  and become me. I had worked so long at a job that required much giving and little reward. I was tired and he said, not in words but in deeds, "rest with me, I'll shoulder the burden and together we will explore life. Learn who you are and see what you can be, and do it with me at your side"

We are not wealthy nor do we live in grand homes or drive new cars. We don't vacation in France as this woman in the movie. We live daily lives sometimes of excitement and most times of survival. But the love shared between us, that started in a flash at a contra dance, continues.

Like this movie it is an experience of the senses, and there is no one on earth I'd rather go through this life with than my husband. He might not be led to tears at the end of this movie like I was, but he brings me flowers, and he cooks for me when my nerves hurt, and provides for me... and "my dog". He has integrity and kindness. And he is beautiful.
Image result for valentine quilts by lapaylorHappy Valentine's to all because love is universal. Not limited to a person or a moment, but universal.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day. What a wonderful description of Drew. He is a keeper.

  2. Beautiful words! Happy Valentine’s Day to all three of you .

  3. So well written - I can tell it came from the heart, every syllable. How blessed you are! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Sounds like you chose well with that husband. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy day with your Valentine.

  6. that was a wonderful way to say I love you to your husband... I like the movie too... and generally paris can wait, it isn't what we expect ;O)))

  7. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Beautifully written LeeAnna.
    I'll have to go find this film!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Drew and Milo.

  9. You must do this more often. I can't wait to see this movie! I like the way you speak through your thoughts and words. BTW, I love those blue flowers, too. Happy Valentines Day!

  10. What a lovely post. How wonderful that you have found your one true love and soulmate. Believe me, it is a rare thing. Happy Valentines’s Day. 💕💕

  11. Leeanna - I was trying to add a comment to your last post, but it wouldn't let me, so hopefully you will see it here.

    Milo coordinates quite well with the quilt, so I agree with him that a model was needed ... I got a kick out of both of your flamingo videos - and now I can't stop singing "Domingo, the flamingo ..." Thanks for this giggle today!

  12. 💘 Happy Valentine's Day to you and Drew. Your thoughts on the topic and review of this film have inspired me to look for it on demand. Thank you!

  13. What a beautiful tribute to that hubby of yours and it sounds so romantic to have met doing a dance! And the movie sounds wonderful too.

  14. Beautiful post Leeanna, full of the love you have for your sweet husband!