Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Like # 77 movies, music, fabrics, jokes

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
That's one of my yard objets d'art we have no room for in this yard.I've been in search of a home with a yard here, no luck yet, but this POST tells the story of our latest adventure looking.

I've enjoyed some silly TV lately. The bachelor, the bachelor olympic events, Celebrity Big Brother which made me laugh each episode (never seen it before) Amazing race, all competing for my attention from the olympic skating. I've loved the skating from all the world's skaters. What a joy to see it in my home!

I loved the fabrics I bought at the going out of business sale at B-Right On. The store I found after moving here? sad it's closing.

All fabrics were $7 a yard and I could have bought out the store but I showed great restraint and only bought 9 yards of 7 fabrics. Two were flamingos,

 and yes I already got some of the coral one but decided since I haven't seen it anywhere else,  to get one more yard. That blue green is sooooooo pretty in person.

I got these two cool embroidery patterns too,

and hope to use them to embroider something soon. I do like handwork and it's easier to do handwork right now. Remember the song at the movies, "Let's all go to the lobby...and get ourselves a treat!"

"Let's All Go to the Lobby" was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2000 as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Wanna listen?

The fabric on the left is black shot through with glorious shimmering gold spikes, like NY Beauty

I'd like to have the whole bolt thank you ma'am.
(I got a yard)
The other one is a landscape fabric for rocks.

glorious greens, and a basic batik in soft colors, perfect for stamping and backgrounds. (yard each) (except for this one...
got two yards of this beauty!
I had to go buy a tapestry needle to finish DH's knitted hat.

The skein made a long scarf and a hat with exactly the right amount of yarn provided.

I like that today is the two week mark, and hopefully we can put the snip surgery behind us, so to speak. We have an appt today and my great desire is to hear something like, "looks good, the swelling will eventually go down all the way, you are free to bathe him, er, let him run!"
He smells a bit like pee.

 I love Milo with a freshly shaved face, so I can see his eyes... but sometimes he has a wild look to those eyes... He's going to be a year old in March... who'd have expected any of us to survive his puppyhood?

I don't know if I liked this movie, but I watched it.
About an older woman who delayed her life to take care of her mother, then she was labeled a hoarder when her brother and his wife wanted to sell the family home after her mother passed. Doris got the idea into her head she could find love with a young coworker, and a "french farce" breaks out.

Actually there was one character in there with a quote I really liked. The motivational speaker that sets her plans to find love,  in motion, replied to her when Doris said finding her love was impossible...
instead of saying impossible, say, "I'm-possible" Hmm. Can I do that?

And it says something about me, that I didn't think her house looked like a hoarders! lol

I also watched Florence Foster Jenkins... I don't quite know if I liked it... I got kind of tired in the middle, and it kind of hurt my ears.
Florence Foster Jenkins (film).jpg

As usual, Meryl Streep did an incredible job becoming a character, and I liked that the real story was a woman following her passion. Apparently she wanted to be a singer, so do I, but her voice was screechy and not in tune.
It was distracting to me, and at one point drove me to the kitchen for snacks.
I wanted to like it. It was well acted. It just, put me off.
That said, I loved her final comment to her husband. She said:

Well, they can say I "can't" sing but they can't say I "don't " sing.

After all, how much does it matter in life if you're really bad at something you want badly to do?
Maybe it's best to just enjoy yourself.

I really liked this play list of jazz female vocalists on youtube,,,

The link to the wonderful play list of jazz women is above.
I tried but the video wouldn't embed.  The ballerina on the picture is Aesha Ash, who went on to fame after being put out of her original troupe because of her skin color.

Beautiful people right??   Now that's a plank...

Image result for aesha ash ballerina
RELAX! He has dance underwear on!!

This made me laugh, from google...
Image result for far side comics poodles

Milo wants to say, "I've been VERY HYPER this week, and no one understands!
Everyone is mad at me. I've just been hugging them a lot, by standing up and wrapping my arms around them and maybe, there is a little love nip involved... but when I'm tired and want a nap, I love my bed...
LeeAnna: he may like it but he drags out the soft blankies and pillow every stinkin' night and every stinkin' night I put 'em back in

Milo: " What can I say? I have my likes. I like the softies but sometimes I like them outside the crate.

Sometimes I want to lay on the hard carpet in front of my crate! So? It's my turn to "like" stuff!"
Now please leave sleeping dogs lie, and go visit Mama's other friends doing post about their likes!

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Oh, I love that first picture of your yard art that you can't enjoy! What a shame - it is really fun. I can't believe that quilt shop is closing - you just found it! Darn it. Good deal of the fabrics, and both flamingo cuts are great. Yes, I hope you get the good word on Milo and that he can have a bit of a bath. I love that little video - Let's All Go to the . . . we always sing kitchen, to get ourselves a snack. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love your yard art! Hope you find a place that is just perfect very soon. Lots of great fabric finds, but so sad the store is closing. I love the hat you knitted - still working on finishing up my scarf.

  3. Oh Lee Anna,what a great post. I had to read it twice! The yard art is so cute and I hope you find a new home soon where you can really unpack and unwind. Perfect flamingo yardage for you! Thanks for the film reviews. I couldn't get pass the trailer of Meryl Streep's movie but the other one sounds good. I laughed at the poodle cartoon. Such fun. Have a great day. mary in Az

  4. I love this fabulous sun and I love Milo's eyes... yes it is worth to see them, they are beautiful!!!!

  5. You found some fabulous fabrics. The flamingos are so cute. I so hope you find a house with a yard soon. I enjoyed the Sally Field movie. Her character was so interesting.

  6. Love the fabrics, thanks for the heads up on the movies, not sure about either of them so I think I'll hold off. Milo is so handsome, I hope you get good news today! My boy dogs sometimes got that pee smell from wee-ing on their own legs. *Sigh* it's just a boy thing :) Hugs and love!

  7. Love those fabrics. That duo is something! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the black shot fabric. If you get tired of it, you can send it to me. ;-)
    As for the singer and doing what you enjoy. Well, if you want to come live next to the Singing Troubadour next door with his just off key singing all.the.time. and most of it with a karaoke microphone. Well, you can trade with us. Our houses are small here in the UK and usually terraced. So, you can hear him up and down our bit of the street. and I can hear him even more when I am in my studio. So I listen to the radio. But...when I need a nap and he is singing on the other side of the wall? No, thank you.
    Actually, he does prog-rock good because they couldn't sing either, but the music usually makes up for it. When he does Elvis - oh no. or Glen Campbell. Or... and ...
    I don't actually get that he gets hired for wedding receptions. But then maybe by the time he sings they have had enough to drink that they don't notice! Yikes.

    1. bwaaahahaha, er, I'd hate that. I mean, I couldn't watch the movie for the bad singing!

  9. Mingos! We love mingos here and you had lots of cool stuff today. I hope all is okay with handsome Milo. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. I love that pretty Flamingo fabric! And we keep watching our 'old' movies...they seem to be better than anything new coming out! Enjoy your day sweet lady!

  11. Squee! Love the yard art....maybe instead of giving away all of the silverware I should make something of it. I always love your likes, they are so much what I would choose. The hat and scarf will look fabulous. Handwork is so relaxing. ROFL your space with Milo looks like my space with Bobbin....nothing is every clean or neat anymore. Always a shredded something.

  12. I enjoyed your Elizabeth trip...there is a similar town here called Elizabethtown and it is very old. Thanks for all the photos. You do have amazing things even in yard art. I just love the fabrics esp. the batik with the birds. Embroidery is so just have to be calm to even do it and it is convenient, don't need a machine, etc. Thanks again LeeAnna for a great post.

  13. I hope Milo got the thumbs up at the vet today!

  14. Love those fabrics, and that yard art.

  15. You got a steal on those fabrics - the green ones were calling my name!

  16. Great fabric haul, especially the green batik with the hot pink flowers, but sad that the shop is closing. Everytime I see fabric with flamingos or cows or tulips or iris, I think of you and wonder if you have this one or that one. Saw that Denver area had a huge drop in temperature over 48 hours. We've been experiencing record heat here in FL.
    I'm not complaining, but it's too hot to go out for a walk until evening. (I don't do early morning LOL).

  17. I felt the same way about Florence Foster Jenkins. I really wanted to like it, but I don't think I did. Simon Helberg was good in it, though. And, wow, did you get lucky on those fabrics. Love the green!

  18. Plus I now have "Let's all go to the lobby" stuck in my head! If I dream about movie theaters, I'm blaming you! :)

  19. I absolutely adore that sculpture made of spoons and forks!!! Yes, it IS sad that these quilt shops are going out of business. First Quilter's Newsletter magazine closed shop, then AQS announced they will no longer publish quilting books, now Free Spirit/Westminster Fabrics is ceasing operations, leaving Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett fabrics with a huge question mark hanging in the air... What is happening to quilting???

  20. Milo looks like Elsa all curled up when she sleeps. 😍So adorably sweet and innocent. And then they wake up. BOL

  21. I loved both those movies! The Doris one surprised me!