Thursday, February 8, 2018

I Like Thursday #75 a valentine, some hearts and flowers, some flamingos of course

Life is only a party if you make it one. I love a holiday and an event. I love to decorate with seasonal items although I kept some Valentine quilts (I've made at least 25 for the years we've been together) up all year. Alas, I am not feathering this nest as it's temporary, however I had to place a few items out.

I love having a mantel. A focus for the room jewelry. Those little carnations are holding on!!
I've had this for years and leave it out all year. It reminds me of whimsy from the 1920's... a tap dancing heart.
Right now it's in the shelf holding some of my special family room things that made the trip intact.

I got some new valentines this year, the sweetest little hard backed cards with glitter all over and rick rack hangers. The remind me of really old greeting cards.

Are you like me? Did you exchange little cheap valentines with classmates? We all made a bag, and dropped our offerings in each bag...  you had to have one for everyone.

I was going to send them to people, but I'm too selfish. And needy this year. I have to look at them a while.
Right now, this year's valentine quilt still looks like this but washed and ready to make.
I just do not have the creative mojo to make. I miss it but I'm drained daily here. 
the hope is I finish it by next week and show you on the 14th. I've decided to simplify the design and embellish it a lot. I went out and bought a small batting to stabilize the embroidery and extras.
When I looked through my recent purchases, I did feel a little heart tug at them...
 A Moda scrap bag of strips... love the spring colors, and I realized every one of my recent purchases go together in this color palette.

Including the flamingos and coral fabric, the ocean batiks, and words.
I'm crushing on the coral flamingos. Perfect as is. Old and new.

Such a rich, sort of undefine-able color, kind of dusty red,  that brings out roses in my cheeks. Very 40's looking.

On cold evenings, I've been using this flannel quilt I made one year,
and thought I might get a pic of it for you but Milo photo bombed it...
thanks Mama! Just what I needed!
I think I might just take a nap
 I said, Milo... OFF! I need a picture! He said, why wouldn't you like one with a model on it???
Milo, please, get OFF!
If you're a quilter, look at the first photo for the cool retro way I quilted it. I know moderns are discovering this style, but I made this about 14 years ago.

We all kind of share it. If it happens to fall to the floor, Milo finds a way to snuggle into it until I give in.

One of his likes this week was relaxing by the fire, with a good newspaper and a small bowl of treats...

especially after he had a runaround with a new friend named Boss. A black lab 2 year old who has energy to burn and loves everyone.

While you read this, Milo is having his big boy surgery. Please send him healing thoughts!

Milo kept up step for step with Boss.
We took them to the field and let them run full out.
Milo hasn't been allowed to do that for a long time, and he had a great time!

Boss says, throw the toy! Milo says I don't care about the toy, run!
Two black dogs enjoy firewood together
Milo:  it was a little big but I claimed it! Boss said, okey dokey, lots more where that came from! He's a cool dude. I kind of prefer rocks anyway. More about that later.

 The evening was warmish, so we dragged out our porch chairs and perched on the little backyard patio for the sunset...
It got cold when the sun went down but we three just sat companionably for a moment in the quiet, thinking our own thoughts. We want to find a place to belong. It may not be here, and we are not happy here yet. I just thought I should be honest that even though I find things to like each week, I'm not "PollyAnna"

I'm LeeAnna and trying to find a place to belong.

I needed to laugh this week, so I turned to Youtube and found these two videos....
Now, if you enjoy a tap dancing flamingo, and who doesn't??... enjoy

and one more just for laughs... Domingo the Flamingo for my peeps who flamingo-nuts
 (his favorite day is Sunday)

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  1. Cute decorations. I have not decorated in years. I think it is time I feather this nest. Great likes, I like the tap dancing heart, and adore the old fashioned postcards.

  2. I love the old Valentine cards and the sweet tap dancing heart. Reminds me of Betty Boop for some reason. In our younger years of school we made Valentine boxes out of shoe boxes with a slit in the lid to contain valentine cards from everyone in class. It was such fun. I sure like that Moda scrap bag with even flamingos in it? Score. Your flannel Valentine quilt is very nice. I hope you can join a group or something so you can feel happier in your new area. Thanks for including me. mary in Az

  3. Love the flannel Valentine quilt . So happy to see Milo and Boss play. Speedy Recovey to Milo. Hugs to all three of you

  4. Doesn't that flamingo get dizzy?? I like the quilt. So colorful. And if Milo likes it, it must be snuggley. Good luck with the snip!

  5. Hi LeeAnna,
    I thought we weren't going to hear from Milo for a minute. Phew, there he is . . . and with a friend! I'm glad Boss doesn't act like a bossy pants. I really love the vase the carnations are in, and they are hanging on so nicely. That is one good thing about them - you'll probably still be enjoying them on the 14th! Oh, that tap dancing flamingo - how cute is that?! Happy Happy week to you and your peeps. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Hello, your Valentines hearts are pretty. Love the flowers and your quilt. Pretty sky shot and Milo is a cutie! Have a happy day!

  7. I love your tapdancing heart. Her legs are super cute, and I love the red glitter. I'm sorry you haven't got your creative juices flowing. I felt like that for a lot of last year, and I don't know the answer, except maybe to just force yourself, but that's not exactly helpful advice! I'll be sending you strengthening thoughts. I love seeing milo on the quilt! My dogs also think all pictures are better with a dog, but usually they just come right up into the camera lens so you can't get a picture of anything!

  8. Hope Milo heals up quickly. Love that idea of making a Valentine quilt each year. That is a wonderful tradition.

  9. Oh yes, I remember giving valentine cards to all my classmates!
    Very pretty quilt!
    Hello to Milo!

  10. Hmm, link #10 doesn't work today . . . I'm not sure why?!

  11. Love all that fabric goodness! One of these days you will feel the need to just go and make something! I really like your heart quilt, and got a good kick out of Milo posing on it, too. I always love your stories about him!

  12. We like hearts and mingos too! Nice find Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  13. Lovely fabrics, quilt, doggie, and nature photos.

  14. My grandson was disappointed I don’t decorate for valentines, he had fun helping me at Christmas. Cute things and reds and pinks are so pretty. I love the spring like fabric. I also love the idea of a heart quilt in flannel...cosy.

  15. So nice to hear Milo has a new friend, and is feeling better. You'll find your creative mojo sometime - you've just got a lot on your plate to deal with. Keep thinking happy thoughts!

  16. We love flamingos here in Florida and they are funny to watch! This week we've been seeing more big flocks of Sandhill Cranes fly over though! Hope you're having a good day my friend. LOVE your old fashioned Valentines! Hugs, Diane

  17. I love the vintage look of those Valentines. Just gorgeous! Thank you for linking up today!

  18. Love your Valentines and the beautiful quilt. So fun watching Milo and all his antics - such a great personality. Glad he had a good run with a friend. It's difficult to put down roots in a new place. Sometimes, even now, after many years, I still miss my New England homeland. Your new Valentine's quilt will be so pretty. Love the cheery fabrics. hugs x K

  19. You have nice Valentine's items.And Milo is a cutie.

  20. Loved this post, your descriptions of talking/dealing with Milo are so real, I laughed out loud. We made a major move last year from Virginia to Sequim, Wa., and have no regrets even though we left our two adult daughters and six grandchildren in VA. We love it here.

  21. Great likes! Can't wait to see the valentine quilt! Am emailing you as well.

  22. Love that teal next to the flamingos. Beautiful heart quilt, with or without poodle.

  23. Aww! milo's not a photo bomber! He's enhancing the beauty of the quilt by his presence. Who cares if he hides the design? :) Have a great weekend!

  24. What a sweet collection. A reminder Inlinkz is free if you just want the urls and not images. You can link me up. Off to see all that eye candy.

  25. This is Danice, from Homespun Hannah's Blog. 'Still cannot comment on most Blogger blogs via my Blogger account, so this is my Wordpress account. What adorable decor. That heart with the legs is too cute! I also remember Valentine's Day cards in elementary school. Hoping you and your family are soon happy. Sometimes I feel like I do not really belong either. Perhaps that's the way with creative unique people? Lol.

  26. WOW! Love the quilt. Milo is a cutie!

  27. The coral flamingo fabric is perfect, and I like how everything you bought is colour coordinated, in lovely spring-like tones.

  28. Gotta love tap dancing flamingoes! Happy Valentines Day to you and Milo and hubby.

  29. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your photos each week :)

  30. Beautiful Valentine quilt, and cute dogs ;)

  31. such fun from beginning to end loved all

  32. I remember embellishing valentine sacks or boxes for grade school and I loved it. I remember one year I put a special big card in a boys box that I had a crush on!

  33. Fun to see Milo on your quilt. I bet your flannel quilt is nice and warm. Love the hears and the vintage looking Valentine. Fun post!

  34. Hi there! Love your "likes". What a great tradition - a quilt made for every Valentine's Day! Our anniversary is that same week, so I may have a new tradition!

    I love reading your posts! You phrases make me smile. Take good care!

  35. Pretty Valentine Decor. I was lazy this year and didn't get my decoratins out. - Love your pretty quilt. Had never heard of Domingo the Flamingo, what a catchy tune that was.

  36. wow, love the quilt - and so big! Love it, because there are many black pieces in there - unusual! Doggies usually a good idea what is important to their owner, haha. Thank you for sharing your interesting Valentine meanderings with All Seasons! Wishing you a great week!

  37. I'm in my 60s and I still think I haven't found the place where I belong. So I said this morning to the Husband. It got us dreaming. Hope Milo's feeling better. You quilt, it eeks of love, no wonder Milo jumps to snuggle under it. :-)