Monday, February 26, 2018

Milo's rock collection

Milo has been collecting rocks since we got him at 8 weeks.

Yep, this little guy would grab rocks on walks. If we tried to take them he'd fight us for them. Tooth and nail literally.

We've tried to break him of his rock addiction all his life and he slowed down on usage til we moved here.


Milo: This place has more rocks than any 100 dogs could collect! I mean, every yard is FULL of little delicacies! They get onto the sidewalk, just asking to be picked up. 
I love to find one, I leap on it lest it get away or mama sees it first. I strut around rolling it on my tongue as I go, throwing it up in the air! Catching it, chasing it if it rolls away, and having a great time. 

The way I figure it, Mama should be happy. If I'm busy with the rocks, I don't bite the leash or her hand or Daddy's coat. 

Hey... that's not a rock! That's candy, but I'll eat it anyway.

 LeeAnna: Well, I'm afraid he's break a tooth, or aspirate it  the way he plays with them. I'm personally tired of skittering around on rocks on the sidewalk, and seeing them instead of grass. The rocks are in shades of brown and light red, like the homes, like the surrounding land, like everything I see. It's all a shade of tan. 
 Thank God for the blue sky, just to remind me there is another color on the spectrum. 

All transplants from the east comment on the Brown. We're all starving for other colors. I look out on a sea of roof tops, all brown. The land? Brown. Hills? brown. 

Milo: um, Mama? this is about ME not you. Me and my collections. 

 LeeAnna:  Milo you are right my baby. Tell us what you like about rocks? 

Milo: Like? what's not to like? What do you want me to do, bark a poem to rocks? 
my poem: 
I LIke Rocks.

LeeAnna: When he comes running in at night from his evening walk with Dad, and happily throws himself to the carpet, still wearing his collar and leash I know he has another rock. We left all the MD rocks behind, but he's starting to amass a new collection
 This might be a life long obsession.
Link to Rock show post: CLICK HERE


Sara said...

I had a little girl who collected rocks. Now I wonder what happened to that box when she moved out of our house? HMMMM I could not retire to live in the desert like some of my friends, because I would miss seeing green, and flowers.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Aww, Milo! You are a true gem. Don't let those humans dissuade you from those glorious rocks. You have found some pretty ones - I see some yellow in there! Not all brown . . . with a little red for fun. Just stay away from the little ones, my favorite poodle or you might choke on them. That would scare Mama to death! And look at that cute little puppy picture! Awe so adorable! ~smile~ Roseanne

Tails Around the Ranch said...

How odd! Elsa tosses her head back with toys, hooves and antlers in her mouth, but never rocks. As for the brown...this is a high mountain desert. But I prefer our blue to grey skies any day. Grey skies are depressing.

Sandy said...

Ha! Our former dog Pepper loved rocks. and throwing them. Worrying if you have a tiled floor! It was the little ones I was worried about. She use to hold one in her front teeth like a little tongue and taunt you to try to get it...which you never could. So, if anything to go by, she was 12 when she left us. and it wasn't anything to do with rocks.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

We have a rock collection begun by my deceased father-in-law who also made gems for jewelry as a hobby in older age. I love looking at them.
Like you I would worry about rocks in his mouth but apparently a lot of dogs do this with no ill effects. As Sandy mentioned there.
I'm sure colours will be breaking out all over soon, LeeAnnA.

sonja said...

I also like small smooth rocks that i find at the beach.They are worn smooth by the roll of the sea and the sand.
They are tiny treasures, some talisman-like and some i paint.
Sweet Milo is a rock hound!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

LOL...Rosy does the same thing with sticks(and an occasional rock)! Good job Milo!

Angie said...

Sounds like an otter come back to earth as a poodle - I would share your concern about his teeth, or swallowing one - but it also appears to be a lost battle!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, Milo - I wish you wouldn't do that. We lost our beloved border collie that way. Be careful!

easyweimaraner said...

it's all rock n' roll ;O))) Phenny was a rock-eteer too but we are glad this phase is over... now he starts to collect the dirt from tractor wheels ... sigh...

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

LOL. Its a shame you moved there in the winter. I found Colorado to be a beautiful state-one of my favorites actually. The beautiful mountains, some red rocks, gorgeous blue sky. I hope you get to see all that soon. I visited my son for a week in D.C. many years ago and never saw the sun or sky-it was just gray night and day. I told him I felt sorry he lived in such a depressing sky. LOL. It's all temporary and all relative.

LA Paylor said...

but it's all "now" It's all I've seen. People say live in the now. The now is brown. I have been told so many things about CO that are not what we've seen. It's become hard to believe it's going to be pretty because of that. There are blue skies, and that's nice, is it enough?
Time will tell. For now it's brown.

Quiltdivajulie said...

We live with "khaki" season here - from November until right about now the Bermuda grass goes dormant and dull. The trees lose their leaves and on the ground they are brown (in all shades). We have lots of light indoors and plenty of colorful quilts. I've learned not to obsess about it but merely laugh and say "yup, it's khaki season" (and yes, I deal with SAD and have since childhood in Michigan where it was white/gray/dirty for months instead of khaki). Hang in there - wear colorful clothes - it helps!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your stories about Milo! He has such an expressive face. Makes you wonder what he's thinking!

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

That's quite an impressive rock collection, Milo!

The Flynnigans said...

What a cutie! I'd be worried too but doesn't seem like he has an interest in ingesting them, he just likes his rocks just like the next likes their stick or teddy. :)

Unknown said...

Hi LeeAnna, I am enjoying your blog very much. One of the reason there is rocks instead of grass is the lack of water in Colorado and the DANG WEEDS take over, so the rocks are a good alternative. BUT, they do migrate onto the sidewalk and I have nearly slipped on them. Milo is so stinking cute, I can see why you love him.

Anonymous said...

Tell Milo I still collect rocks, but once in a while I ask my grands to paint them for me:) Great story you add to All Seasons, LeeAnna! Have a beautiful-rock week:)

likeschocolate said...

That is hilarious! I have never hear of a dog collecting rocks. Sticks-yes, but rocks no! Have a great week!

vaiybora said...

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