Friday, June 16, 2017

Still life... backyard edition

As an artist who enjoys peace, I looked at my backyard as a still life today...

This is our water fountain with a flamingo (slightly listing) and it gives us such peace to hear and watch the water fall.
Hard to come by these days. Peace and security go hand in hand to me and I haven't felt very secure since November. Birds even metal ones are peaceful....
The one remaining railing window box is peaceful...
It holds the steadfast returning perennial creeping jenny.
This shot represents a lot... the cow planter made of wood was given to me by my boyfriend and now husband when we first met. He came to pick me up in Boston when I flew in for a visit, and bought this for me. We are married over 20  years now.
 Milo's outside toys are here, a wicker chair, pretty railings and view of yard all contribute to a sense of permanence and calm.
I love lawn ornaments and this flower is tall, and made of spoons!

An old fountain shaped like a lotus, and a heron statue of metal, with ferns, are another still life I observe from my perch.
the glorious leaves of a hosta inspire me to make quilted leaves. The color is healing. The curved repetitive lines are soothing. How would I create shadows like this in art? Would it read as natural?
I suppose there is always...
another ornament I can see from my perch. It's small, delicate, but made of metal and has endured many seasons. Hopefully hope will endure.

Those are my still life photos today. What would you be inspired to make with them? I would write a story like this one but with a beginning middle and end.

I might paint or make in fabric a scene.
 I might remember my love of cows and flamingos and words. Or a piece of pottery.
Imagine a song inspired by one of these photos.

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  1. Absolutely lovely. And peaceful. Saw a flamingo at Dollar Tree last week and thought of you.

  2. Hi, Very nice and comforting to have the things one loves around you. I'm intrigued by the flower made of spoons...have a ring made of them too. I find that amazing as well as you are the kind of girl to bring a cow planter to. I was famously gifted pumpkin lights on a string once!

  3. How peaceful this post is. i love the view from your perch. Have a wonderful day. mary in Az

  4. Thank goodness for pockets of peacefullness!

  5. Your yard art is wonderful and I love how you've had some pieces for many years! Well done.

  6. Green is the color of hope and peace and calm and home for me. i had a windchime of pounded verdi green forks onceuponatime; our hostas are elongated and clear green and show natures idea of quilting with a walking foot for sure. Love the Lennon song, once did a fabric postcard exchange with That title,a line in, as theme....happy green weekend to you!

  7. Imagine never loses it appeal and the message unfortunately never gets old because we still can't seem to get along as a country say nothing of the world.
    At least you have peace in your backyard. It is lovely.

  8. Wonderful yard art, especially the spoon flower. And the cow planter. I haven't even gotten most of my garden art out this year. Hot and humid right now. Had 2.5 inches of rain yesterday. Enjoy your weekend. Hope Milo has a Father's Day gift for Drew.

  9. I enjoyed the tour through your yard, so peaceful and so pretty.