Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Mischief of Milo... reading material

Those of you who know me, know I love a magazine! I have hundreds of them waiting to be thumbed through and enjoyed!!! read all about that here!

They are a collection of sorts!

Well, Milo has a similar love of magazines!
Milo: I LOVE a good magazine!
They make this fabulous ripping noise when you barely bite them!
They fall into these little pieces that remind me of tearing into prey!
This is a job for SUPER POODLE! 

I keep the mama happy by not eating them, well, most of them heh heh. I might have accidentally swallowed a tiniest piece because it wouldn't fall out of my mouth but really it's just fun to tear them up!
(They don't really taste like chicken if anyone told you they did)
 Here I am enjoying an article about Maya Rudolph! Mama seemed to enjoy it with her eyes but I mostly like to enjoy things with taste! How about you? Mmmmph.... she's cool!
Ahhhhhh, surveying my handiwork!
Don't you feel great after finishing a big project?? I do!!!

And the mama doesn't have to shred anything! I do it for her! For NOTHING! Free! 
Gosh! I am so tired now.

Better get busy on those power naps! Gotta get them all in to my day, between the bursts of biting/running/playing and growing up!
My advice is take more naps! 

(LeeAnna: whew! It's work letting a puppy work for you! Guess I am in the role of "snoop-ervisor" 

I gave Milo a magazine headed for recycling. I started with the little inserts on card stock. He had so much fun I held the magazine for him to tear off pages. Then just graduated to handing him the whole thing! 

It's so satisfying to see him busy. I know, I know, it's a bad precedent to let him chew a magazine but right now I choose my battles and I'm tired. He only chews the ones I give him, and when he's looked at others a "not that!" diverts him, and the others are out of reach of his teeth. He loves the sound of ripping and it reminds me of my lab puppy Chelsea. 

She loved to tear up a cardboard box! Riiiiiiiiiip! He hears "not that, no, stop" often enough so around here so we chose to let him do this.  We're all getting through this phase best we can! )


  1. For Oscar, a paper towel on the floor is fair game. Rips it to tiny bits. But he doesn't unroll the TP or take anything that is on a table. The floor is his domain. Keep it clear or he scatters torn bits everywhere. Fast. At least the two of you are enjoying the game together.

  2. Learning to rip paper is a vital skill! How else will he know how to open his Christmas presents?

    1. Opening Christmas presents is an important skill for dogs to learn! Otherwise it's so boring.

  3. Choosing your battles is a wise move, just like with people. I had a toddler who shredded paper. Luckily she grew out of that habit. HaHa

  4. Let's hope that clever boy doesn't start thinking for himself with the off limits mags. And tissues. And paper towels. Or rolls of Ritz crackers like a certain dark-haired cousin. BOL

    1. And toilet paper spread throughout the house LOL

  5. Love that look on his face! I'm all for choosing your battles, just like with kids!