Thursday, June 29, 2017

"I Like" thursdays #43

Welcome to this week's list of likes

I had to get rid of my old flower boxes on the old railing and missed seeing color from the kitchen window. We picked up some half price impatiens in a yummy shade of orchid and white, combined them in the new blue pot with caladiums,

 a rusty bird, and a crystal flower to make a little display on the deck. Don't the impatiens look painted? I must remember this effect when I choose fabric, and use a mottled hand dye or add paint.
It's the little white-ish sections that look scuffed up I like...
The hostas at the base of the stairs have all sent up tall stalks of purple blooms too. To relieve the constant color of green in a shady yard.
I like this painting that was in the hotel.

The design is log cabin, but the variations in line and color are interesting aren't they?

I didn't see an artist's name, sorry I can't attribute credit. I imagine a graphic designer created it with a computer, but I could create something like it with fabric.

Always thinking of how to paint, draw, or sew something...

I LOVED this Ted talk by Anne LaMott  the link is
 I've read books she's written on writing, and really like her. She makes so much sense in a humorous and touching way in this talk. In general, I just always get so much from Ted talks. 

I liked being at the hotel (not the reason, which was avoiding the massive mosquito spraying in my 'hood) this time partially because of discovering a wonderful park in Columbia...
The path is 1.4 miles around, past a lake, gardens, buildings, over a bridge, etc.
We walked there two nights, we three.
I like that artists painted this chalk celebration to the 50th year of Columbia, knowing it would not last, but while it was there it would bring a smile to all who walked over it.

Sometimes it's about the moment.

I loved the sky the first night we visited the lakefront...

Luckily this park was created, just to bring beauty into our lives. Not for profit but for humans and critters to coexist. 
I hope your monitor lets you see the brilliant painted sky we saw! The colors were saturated, yet soft at the same time. The clouds looked like a painting. And were reflected in the lake...
So very pretty. So soothing to one's spirit. Shall we all work toward keeping the Earth clean and healthy? Isn't that as important as big businesses making huge profits? 

 I like this book by Eliz. Kubler-Ross. More on it on Tuesday...

I have an interesting post to drop on Tuesday... what's on your coffee table. If you do a coffee table post,  let me know, I'll link to you!

Milo's Likes
I like critters. I like watching birds and these crazy birds were swimming!!!

And I liked being with my peeps the whole three days at the hotel, always with one of them... Ah pawrents are the best! And I got to sleep on the bed with them! (Milo sleeps better than we do)
I'm too big to sit on Dad's lap but still... it felt good to protect him for a moment.

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  1. Like! Your plants look great! A cheery Summer look!
    Always nice to join you three on a walk through a park!

  2. Gorgeous plants. Impatiens are fabulous for shady spots to add a bright spot of color. I love the clouds, the colors changing in the sky. I used to point it out, I have forgotten about the things in life I used to love.

  3. I like to see a bit of color out my windows, too. The deer ate my impatiens like they were candy!

  4. Love your likes! That sky was magnificent. Scout and I are waving at Milo you big boy!

  5. Pretty flowers and pot arrangement! I love impatiens - they grow well in my shady yard, too, and are always pretty. Glad you got a chance to see Anne Lamott's talk. I thought she was so interesting. Also love your photos of the sky and the beautiful place you were walking! I'm so glad that cities and towns have realized how important those places are for us.

  6. Fun list! That park looks peaceful.

  7. That reflection of the sky on the water is beautiful. I love urban walking trails as you find all kinds of the chalk art. I added some flowers to our patio this week too and have to agree the color is wonderful to see each day!

  8. The sky does look like a painting. What a beautiful park you were able to attend. The chalk painting on the sidewalk is genius. It's hard to believe that hotel painting isn't a quilt. I love your new planted pot outside your window. So sweet. Enjoy your day. mary in Az.

  9. I love impatiens - had them at my last place. Your sky shots are beautiful. Looks like a nice trip.

  10. Thanks for your post. I always admire your quilting adventures. But today, I took the time to listen to Ann LaMott. ( and relaxed watching your photos along the walk) I had seen her years ago at a book store and have read a few of her books. But this just reminded me of what is important. THANKS!

  11. Great post.Imps are fun to paint, watercolour, as they are iridescent below the color! I would have to say Anne LaMott's books have a section in my book shelves and on my tables. I just finished "Stitches",a handbook on meaning,hope and repair and "Hallelujah, Anyway". Occasionally i pick up "Bird by Bird" and read just where it opens up...uplifting, funny, opinionated,with really good points.
    just my cuppa.

  12. The impatience are lovely and a welcome spot of color in a shady green garden. Sweet little protector, Milo. Adorable.

  13. Dang, that sky was sure pretty and I'll bet the walk was fun! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. Wow, the flowers turned out beautifully. Those Sky shots are very calming!

  15. Gorgeous flowers! The sky so often doesn't look natural because of the amazing colors we see or cloud formations we see. If someone painted it like that no one would believe it could be real.

    I love TED Talks and used to use them often in my staff development work. I will have to listen to this one.

  16. Those impatiens must be a new variety. They are bigger flowers and the shadings are beautiful. Also the white with the touch of rose centers. My family got me the ordinary ones in rose and flamingo, which really have taken over the pot in no time. Enjoy your garden every time you can.

  17. My favourite thing in this post? The reminder that 'Sometimes it's about the moment.'

  18. The motel seems very nice especially the walking path.

  19. Took me a minute to learn how to comment - I believe you could create anything - beautifully. I enjoy your sense of color. AND Milo? - Awesome.

  20. Pretty flowers! I like the Log Cabin quilt block pattern, and it is always good to see (and hear from) Milo!
    Have a great week-end!

  21. Sometimes it is about the moment and you shared some lovely ones. Milo is too cute. Gorgeous skies. I'm an Anne Lamott fan. Your impatients are lovely and the street art is fun! Fun post! Happy Friday!

  22. Hello, I like your pretty flowers and bird. Your Milo is adorable, I like the shot of him watching the birds. I will check out the Anne link. The park and sky shots are beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  23. Enjoyed seeing your blog. Not sure that I have visited it before.

  24. Great post! I'll have to remember that for next Thursday and join in.

  25. I love the chalk artwork


  26. Pretty flowers, good choice for the planter. I liked the little bird accent. - Also fun to read a good book. Milo is a cutie.

  27. what a fun get-a-way! i like your flowers and the chalk art! haha milo protecting dad :)