Monday, June 26, 2017

Milo's Monday Mischief... Milo helps Daddy put on his shoes

For Monday Mischief today, I wanted to share one of the many ways Milo helps us each day... today it's helping us put on our shoes. He continues to be very interested with shoelaces. I've been known to sort of tie up his nose into my sneakers...

I will say, this is about a week ago, and although he continues to help with laces he no longer growls or barks at us.

Our baby is growing up.
He turned 4 months old last Wednesday and lost all his bottom front teeth.
Possibly from having shoelaces and the leash pulled out of his mouth.

Everyone exclaims when finding out he's four months old, "He's so BIG!"

"Milo here,  I just don't see the point in covering feet. I don't like it. I prefer natural. My people will not listen to me so I had to up the ante with growls and barks. Then I had to resort to force, pulling the socks off. 
They will not learn however, so I hope they grow out of this"


  1. So funny. He is a big handsome boy, but his breed does get pretty tall.

  2. Milo loves "au naturale" hahaha...a barefooted poodle boy. ("There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, and he wandered very far, very far awaaaay") songs for barefoot poodle dreams...hugs, Julierose

  3. LOL. So funny. I had a guinea pig that loved shoe laces. I had to keep the ends tucked in the shoe or the shoe behind closed doors, or I'd find the shoe lace an inch or so shorter (and stained dark green.... ick).

    Milo is adorable.

  4. We are dog sitting this week for our daughter. Her girl is 10 years old but still active Australian/lab mix. Yesterday, she was bugging us for a walk. However since it was over 100 outside I had said 'No'. My husband was going to give in until I told him the only way I would let him take her for a walk in the worst part of the heat was to do it barefoot. I told him he could walk just as far as his feet would allow. No way was I letting him walk her on super hot asphalt without booties, which we did not have. Once he heard the restrictions he declined to walk at that time also. They went after dark.

  5. He's persistent if anything. Good news, that chewing puppy behavior will start to wane soon. 😇

  6. Drew is one patient man! Milo you are one rambunctious boy! Time to learn that rope toys, not socks, are for tugging! Teddy says he'd share his rope toy with you if he could.


  8. Oh puppy teeth! Milo has added a good energy to your family that is for sure!

  9. He's only trying to help! :)