Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Milo's Meanderings West Annapolis Adventure

Milo here to tell you about last weekend's adventure! Whee! Ride in the car!

A puppy never knows where they will end up when his peeps say "let's take Milo!"
This time we ended up in West Annapolis and I had a good time!
We went in an antiques store where the pawrents knew the owner had dogs too. They were Italian Greyhounds and cute. The gray one is old and yelled at me! Then he left us two puppies to play. The white one is Carmen, just adopted at a year old and ready to rumble!
She had the cutest little star hands and we boxed. She loved my games "my teeth are bigger" "boxing day" "surprise, here I am!" so we did that and no body broke even one of those precious dishes!

When we left I said, "don't worry Carmen, I'll get my Mama to bring me back soon!" Her daddy said, good! Next time we'll play in the yard! 

I saw this place and walked right up to the front door
LeeAnna: The Vet center is a place for soldiers to find services. This sign on the door tells them there is a service dog inside. Very comforting.
Milo: so anyway they were closed... Emma looks nice. I know I'd like her. We shopped around a while and Mama went in a quilt store. Lucky for us it was quick! We were hungry! We stopped at a new deli to try out the sandwiches...
Here I am holding the table while Daddy fetches some food. Oh I asked for my own sandwich but all I got was my kibble and a bowl of water.

Those people didn't offer me any sandwiches either.
Still, my peeps seemed happy and that's a good thing. Less pulling on the leash when the pawrents are happy, right?

Last stop was this garden center for the mama to get flowers for the new deck...
 Let's see... I like the ones I can tear up but she didn't listen, she got the ones for shade. Named after me... Impatients! Hahahaha (just a little poodle humor) Anyway I steered Daddy around til I was done looking and we got back in the car.

It was a lot of "Milo! Lie down!" and "Milo! stand up so I can lift you out!" and that kind of thing. In between I sucked up the cold air and enjoyed the ride! Guess what? I'm up to 30 lbs now and 4 months old!
I could be driving soon!
Of course I won't text and drive, ever, but if I do learn to drive those squirrels better watch out!

It's a good day when both your pawrents are home, right?? Later gators.



  1. What a fun adventure! You are such a good travelling poodle!

  2. A good day for both the poodle and the peeps!

  3. It's fun to watch you and Milo having so much fun together.

  4. I Love dogs! I have seven and we live on a farm....we call it it a dog farm!
    Teresa from

  5. It looks like you're gettng to be quite a traveler, Milo! Fun!

  6. It's such fun to hear from Milo. thank you for sharing the adventures. He's growing so fast.


  7. Making friends in MD already huh? good for you!

  8. Milo, you are such a man about town. Before you know it, you'll be giving tours.