Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Like thursdays #41

at paper source
Welcome to another I Like post where we take note of the everyday things that make us happy this week!

*I like...the store Paper Source!

Aren't those bunnies the best??!!!

It's pure eye candy and I have sewn with their papers before.

Also they have lots of stamps, and embellishments, as well as beautiful organizers for a person who finds beauty in the every day!

and they have really sparkly papers....
 and the store in our shopping village in Annapolis allowed Milo to come shop with us...
Milo here! Wow! so this is what mama does when I'm home in the crate! Oh Daddy found a doggie kit...let me sniff that...
no thanks Dad but good looking out for me! 

*I Like the store Anthropologie...
they have such interesting clothes, displays, and home items!!!

Look at this fancy outfit! 

I love the pants, made of tiers of sheer chiffon like layers that flow and drape. The color is awesome, and that top is white/gray satin! 

How pretty! Can't you see me wearing this while I walk my "Very Handsome Poodle" ?? 

I didn't buy it because I'm not working so I don't spend much on clothes but let this baby go on sale and I'm snagging it! 

Look at the dishes there...

 *I Liked going to the local quilt show last weekend and seeing the beadwork on this Hoffman challenge...
 *I Liked buying some amazing one of a kind overdyed fabrics and imagining all the possible landscapes I could make with them!
This one looks like water in person
Ahhhh, this is the background to a scene... can't you see it? They cost more but I know how time consuming it is to over dye a piece. So you dye it, then after that's processed, you do it again, maybe a third time. 

*I Like
making iced tea for the week by brewing a concentrate of two flavored teas with two green teas, then mixing in water to have a half gallon for the week. I am currently in love with Raspberry Royal!

*I Like also the tea goblet. It's short and thin and so graceful. Much better to me for every day use than a thick  regular glass. This feels glamorous somehow. And green tea is good for you!

How rare to actually like something that's good for you!

* I liked the way I figured out to set the little flower poem strip... with two more NY Beauty blocks.

 It's all coming together now, and I should start quilting it soon. How satisfying to sew bright colors while listening to a Nora Roberts novel. Decadent.

*I Like the book I'm reading, the latest installment in Her Royal Spyness series of mysteries set in 1920's England. I fall asleep after a chapter but I love the author Rhys Bowen.

* Milo and I both liked being able to walk around a shopping village (Parole Plaza) together, and be invited into so many beautiful upscale shops! He was an angel, greeting everyone, playing with the athletic store guy, preening for the young women, taking treats from little kids. He learned a lot about how to fit into our lives, and was tired at the end! Win-Win!
 Milo: I'm not tired. I could go on and on but Daddy was tired. So I pretended to be tired for him. It was fun to be with my people, and meet so many others and see so many places. 
I didn't buy anything... it was mostly human stuff. (what do they do with it anyway?) 
I hear there are dog stores where there is lots of stuff I want. 
Gotta figure out how to get my people there! 

So that's it for us this week. Please visit these fine folks for other things to like this week. And remember if you write an I Like post, let me know to include it! Check back to see who shows up later! 

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  1. OMYGosh Bunnys with maracas, sure to make you smile. Love your yellow New York beauties blocks. Great job Milo socializing!

  2. I drink lots of green too, but never thought to make iced tea out if it, especially with a flavored tea. Now you've got me thinking! I love the way you added the little strip of flowers to your yellow piece. A beautiful dish filled with lemons, maybe? I bet Milo gets lots of attention when you're out and about! He's such a good looking guy!

  3. Love all the likes. Anthropologie is online and I've looked at it a few times...unique interesting stuff. How nice to take Milo shopping. I've never thought of making iced tea either and what a good idea to make a jug to keep on hand. Going to do that.
    I saw where your golden blocks got featured, sorry it escapes just where, but I thought how wonderful for you because these are so pretty.

  4. love the bunnies and I'm a fan of this pants too (but I can't buy them because of the shredderaner on my side... yes... it is "that" time now...everything gets a hole.. or more)

  5. I love that you were able to take Milo shopping and that he did so well!

  6. I can't say I like green tea, but I do like those papers. How fun! Sounds like Milo was very patient with you. He deserves a treat!

  7. Oh Milo is cute! And what a fun adventure. THanks for sharing.

  8. What a light- hearted post! I needed that. The fish beadwork is beautiful. I also liked the simple but elegant outfit at Anthropologie. I don't even have a place to wear it! I can't wait to try mixing tea! Can't believe I never thought of it with all the teas in my cupboard. The flower strip is perfect with your shades of yellow. Thanks for it all. And, thanks for hooking me up! have a wonderful day. mary in Az

  9. You made me smile this morning! Thanks! Love that beadwork in the challenge project. It makes me want to do that. Milo is a lucky dog to have such good parents.

  10. Hi,
    Love those pretty papers. Milo looks exhausted after his family trip. Love the dyed fabric, so pretty. I've posted my I Like Thursdays, could you link me up please, have a great day!

  11. What a fun day out with all 3!
    Love how the quilt is working out!
    The second dyed fabric reminds me of the northern lights!

  12. Those buns are too far out! Love them. That beaded fish is pretty cool, and I like that nifty outfit as well. Looking forward to where your NYBs go next.

  13. i likie tea and Thursday when a couple of my friends come up for cookies and tea and that my local market gives us seniors a whopping 5% discount on Thursday and that Lee Anna has such great shops and ideas and a finished quilt top(very mellow yellow) to share with us. And that Milo is doing so well socially!!

  14. I make ice tea with black tea and either raspberry or peach tea. Concentrate when brewing and then add more water. A splash of 100% cran-raspberry juice gives just a little sweetness. I found the bottled flavored teas way to sweet.
    Love the yellow poject. Looks like Milo is starting to socialize well. It will get better.

  15. Oh Milo, I'm so jealous that you went to the Paper Source, it's been way too long since I've been there:-(

  16. Fantastic beadwork!
    Have a great week-end!

  17. Lovely plates with dogs! Colorful things make me happy.(#^.^#)!
    Have a good weekend!

  18. What a fun day and a fun post! Thanks for the beauty.

  19. Looks like a great outing for the pup. Stamp and paper stores have had to be off limits for me-already have far more than I need, but so love the inspiration they provide. "Happy Father's Day" weekend to Drew 😁

  20. Lots of neat stuff. I liked the Plates with the dogs, We have a pug (a black one) so that one was my favorite. I love paper/craft shops too, that one sounds like a good one.

  21. Oh that bunny paper is lovely! We don't have that kind of store here but maybe it is a good thing as I could do some seroius damage. :) Milo is getting so big! The yellow quilt is going to be a stunner! :) Might be my favorite!

  22. Hello, it is nice Milo was able to go shopping with you. The bunny paper and the doggie plates are cute. Pretty materials. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and weekend!

  23. Nice post! Love the paper shop and the quilt show.

  24. Ooops! Forgot to let you know I did an "I Like" Post!

    Love those papers - but especially Milo's entertaining perspective throughout your post! Those blocks are so pretty - I love yellow! :)

    I shared your blog with a friend of mine and she loved the fish! So pretty!

    Thank you for hosting and sharing!

  25. These are fun! Love the paper and the doggie plates! Thanks for linking to Willy Nilly! Will be up and running in the morning! Hope to see you!