Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's a quilt show without a fabric purchase??

We went to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza yesterday. This quilt, made from cathedral window blocks, amazing, was one of the ones from the World Quilt show. I apologize for not being able to focus on the name of the maker but she is from Japan.
I met up with Mari, a blogging friend who recently moved to PA. Her blog is
Here we are taking a break from all the fun, shopping and awesome quilts.
We look happy don't we?? It was such a gift to become acquainted with a kindred spirit! Mari is just adorable and it was so much fun to walk around with her, commenting, shopping and seeing quilts from a fresh perspective.
I was distracted so I must ask forgiveness for not getting names of the makers. I will show you a few of my favorites...
I believe this was made in New Zealand. Anyone know the maker? Look at the lovely pieced work and how in the world was that tree done??

The next ome was a big bed quilt... look closer, a double wedding ring, pieced with white, cream and tans and embossed with daisies! Love! Anyone know the maker?? 

At least I could read the maker of this one.
This is a close up of the kind of whimsy, detail and three-d effects I love!

Rachaeldaisy from Australia made it.

There are competition quilts for PNQE, some of the World quilt show quilts, special display exhibits, Hoffman challenges, and .... shopping!

I went with all good intentions not to buy more fabric but y'all....

Look at the bunnies!!! Who could resist these two at $5 a yard for each? Not me. The ground on the poppies is so bluegreen. The bunnies are doing chores y'all. Spring will be here before you know it and I will need them.
Then there were these...
I had a yard of the circles in my hand, ready to pay $10, then the shop owner said, buy two get one free!
What! Well then, two yards of the circles which is what I wanted anyway, and free companion fabric making these a bargain as well at less than seven bucks a yard. All that color makes me happy.
The real find of the day was Mari. I just had such a great time with her, and it felt like we had known each other for years. What a happy day full of good things.


  1. Lee Anna, Thank you!! I wasn't able to go to Oakes and enjoyed the photos you posted! They are wonderful and glad you got to meet up with Mari. One of the women that came to my program on Saturday said the crowds were thin on Friday at the Extravaganza, how did you find it on Saturday? Anyway, have a great day!
    Hugs, Mickie

  2. What FUN!!! So glad that you and Mari could meet-up at the Quilt Show. I'm heading to SAFF next month and will be meeting up with one of my Ravelry friends. So exciting!!

  3. That earth one and the street car are incredible. And of course, you MUST buy fabric!

  4. the streetcar one is stunning (as is the Earth). It might be an Aussie quilter as the building looks a lot like the market in Melbourne and they have trams there too. I still can't help with the maker though.

  5. I always envy you when you meet up with other quilters - such fun! I love the selection of quilts you have shared here - almost as good as being there in person.

  6. Great quilts, very inspiring! And good shopping is always a fun addition to these events! Thanks for sharing!!