Monday, September 28, 2015

ouch! My food BIT me! another Cole Caper

Cole's food stand, his bowl says" Look my dog is hungry"
Cole here, to discuss an important issue.

My food BIT ME!

Ack! here's the story...
I got pretty excited when I saw Momma go to the big white box that holds the food, and pull out some of my favorite ingredients.
Finally! She's making what I like!

Scrambled egg whites! With cheddar cheese and butter! I mean, you all get it right? Anything with cheese is good.

Just look!  Imagine the smell!

I begged and begged her to give me some. She had some, and I was more than ready for my serving.

She put some on a plate and said one of my least favorite words...

 Let me say, I don't think her definition of obedience and my definition are the same.

As soon as she turned her head sat down to eat her eggs I rushed over to mine. I mean, you understand the smell right? It was screaming at me to "come" which was louder than her "wait"

Well, it bit me. Yikes! I ran away and grabbed a squeak toy and squeaked at momma that the food was fighting back. She just sat there, eating hers. Wow.
She said, kind of snotty unconcerned-like,"I said, "wait"" (LeeAnna here, it was just hot for Pete's sake)

I was not getting near the plate at this point, can you blame me? She came over with the plate a moment later, and fed me a bite. Oh! So it's safe now! I gobbled the whole thing ignoring the danger, standing up like super-dog! Ta-da!
Then I left one little morsel for the "food goddess" just my superstition, heh heh, just to keep it comin'


  1. Your boy is about the same size as many eggwhites? Bet he'd love a change from his kibble :)

  2. Oh, my......DON"T tell the Bassets that you make Cole breakfast of eggs! They will want BACON too!

    ps......i must make dishes next year........must

  3. Haha! Good to see your mama didn't raise any ordinary fool. Cole, you're just extraordinary! Very cute bowl, BTW.

    1. oh no. He would rather eat non edible items than kibble... no fool he.

  4. Oh, Rita loves anything with cheese too. It's hard to be patient when cheese is involved! Rita usually leaves a little somethin' on the plate too. Thanks for explaining why, Cole!

  5. At our house, the cat is the 'food goddess' who collects that little bit that the dog leaves. Sometimes even before the dog decides which bit to leave...

  6. Love your story Cole... And that little morsel you left behind... Too funny!

  7. At least your momma lets you have cheese and eggs Cole. Luna only gets to lick the plates after we've eaten all the good stuff.

  8. Jax doesn't wait either - he gulps it down piping hot.

  9. PepiSmartDog: more proof of what a tough dog you really are! *impressed face*
    Nice to see you keeo the superstition gods happy too. Hee Hee!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
    I love reading your posts each week and I’m very thankful to you each time you join us.
    Hope to see you back again this week too. *waves paw* :=o)