Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't ignore the muse

I went into the studio on a rainy Saturday morning to make some paper pieced flamingos. While looking through the blue scraps for sky/water fabric, I see these...
most less than 1" wide strips about 5 inches long all grouped together. Hmmm, seam these together...
not concerning yourself with straight edges... then using the BEST tools...
spray it with water, and smooth out the seams with your very best tool, your hand...
 when almost flat, press with a hot iron and let's make a mess...
Stamps, ink pads...
your colored pencils, a fabric pen like Tee Juice in black, and a white gel pen and some paper to test the image on.
One stamp from each of three packages will do it...

Then go around the letters with black pen, fill in some of them with white for sparkle, use purple and pink colored pencil behind the words

heat set with iron when dry, which is within minutes
Trim and that's all the waste I ended up with. I didn't mind what size it finished, just trimmed to the largest it allowed.

Add just a bit of zentangle on the sign...

Wasn't until I saw this pic on the blog that I noticed the word IF show up. Cool.

and let the auditions begin...
I like this which is more intense in color in person.
Maybe different proportions. Opinions???
I've used this fabric in many many quilts.

The one at the top of the page is a new exciting black and gray fabric, go back and look... I'll wait...

How about this?

A Ginny Beyer fabric with intense blue and purple, almost glowing with rich color... or this?

Try to ignore the red and green ironing board cover.
 It's a lovely hand dye I have used before and am in LOVE with and decided if I love it that much I should use it as often as I want. So there.

Of course I can't buy any more if I run out. It was a special fabric, overdyed  by a vendor in Houston. Colored in with pencil by myself. The hexies are from a project where I used both these items. I haven't it shown it here but...
I show it in lectures ...

And here it is a bit re-arranged
So the whole process from stepping into the studio, digging thru blue scraps, to auditioning took 1 hour.

That's it.
It's not finished but on it's way. I imagine gold thread to quilt it.

Wouldn't it be fun to take an hour and see what you create?
Then tell me all about it? Just an hour to let your inner child play?

By the way, the words say:
"The Journey is never truly over, it just changed course"
I have finally chosen another border but am keeping it quiet (not showing) for the moment. It's a mix of a few of the ones shown.

 The studio is a mess. But... it's always a mess because I start to clean then get excited about making something.

I don't ignore the muse when she speaks... I listen and hasten to do her bidding.


  1. Wonderful! I love to do just play. My favorite thing to do.

  2. The blue and purple speak to me. What a wonderful, spontaneous creation!

  3. I hope some of that suns&stars made the cut, because I love what it does to the blues in the piecing.
    Can't wait to see where you take it next!

  4. I liked the first audition--because that was the one I saw first, and I though it was the completed piece. But I know you will come up with something awesome 'cause you're in the zone.

  5. Wow,all of that from finding a few blue strips? Very impressive and very pretty. Lots of options for finishing, not sure I can pick a favorite.

  6. Very cool! I love the mixed media aspect.

  7. Clean is over rated! Play is much more important and look what happens!! Wooo-hoooo!

  8. Great post! I like that you share your process! It really is inspiring! What a wonderful way to start the day!

  9. Inspiring! I never thought to use stamps! I have loads of them. Thanks for giving me a new way to look at crafting a block and going with the creative flow!

  10. re: Throwback Thursday, Your candy corns are so cute. I love them even though I can't stand the candies. My husband loved and bought them every year, 45 years. So good memories, and they are dancing, which I love.
    This post is fascinating, love to see the process and the choices.

  11. So many great fabric choices. Thanks for sharing all this eye candy and food for thought.

  12. A great little piece...what fun to give yourself an hour to see "what if"....I like the new black and grey as a border...more calming for the busy center focal point.

  13. How fun and such a great little piece! Every once in a while you have to play! I did that last weekend and had so much fun just creating!

  14. My vote is for the last one with the hexies overlapping a bit on the bottom, second choice the intense batik. Amazing how you can take something a lot of people would throw away and make it into an art piece.

    May the inner child in you never grow up :-)

  15. This was such a fun piece. Thanks for linking to AHIQ.

  16. I love the walk through all your choices and like your last version, with the hexies a lot. I hadn't realised you 'made' the bird yourself - brilliant!

  17. Really fun to follow your steps with this one! Love it! So unique and very you.:)

  18. LOL LeeAnna, I actually had zoomed back up to the top of the page to see the first one again and then came back down and read that you suggested to do that.
    I love where you are headed in the final version! It is a wonderful piece and will be even better once you add your final touches!

  19. Yes, follow the muse when she comes,, I agree. Thanks for sharing your process, very inspiring, beautiful arranging. Looks so good...

  20. Oh, muse never leads me that way!! It's a lovely piece.

  21. It's lovely to see the process of this piece. What a great idea to use stamps on a strip-pieced background! I'm debating if I like the first or the last borders best, but I'm sure you'll be able to find the best combination...

  22. I love the hexies with the bees - something good about that!