Monday, September 7, 2015

Cole's version of swimming

Let's see... do we need one of these??? No, silly! 
Every day on vacation we walked down to the beach to go for a swim.
You will be needing a squeaky floaty toy, so you can fetch and make the other dogs jealous of your intense squeaking ability....
oh, it's kind of crowded today. Let's see, there are several dogs with their peeps, people setting off on kayaks, people swimming, ducks, etc.

The water rose up a bit when these two got in....

I threw down my toy for this little doodle to play with, just for a moment you know, not for keeps since the squeaker is REALLY loud which is cool in doglish.

She ran around with it for a moment and I have to admit I considered a poodle summer romance but she was dog-tired from swimming so much.
Let's discuss swimming. Now I'm 13 and a half. My idea of fun is to wade out CAREFULLY up to and only up to my elbows. That's living! Doesn't matter how long that takes, or how many sips of lake water it takes to complete one round.
 Life is not a race.
Momma and Daddy are really good at throwing it just where I like except this time... uh oh... too far. It kept floating toward the middle of the lake, oh noooooooo
We all tried to get a retriever who was already out there to bring it in. He swam over to it, touched it with his nose, then left it. Not his.
Well, why were all the peeps looking at me??
EVERYONE knows I don't go up to privates height in the cold water.
Finally Daddy went out and brought it back, FETCH DADDY! Good boy! (BOL) (BARking out loud)

Maybe next time we should take a boat?
On the way back to the room, I stopped for a cold one. Every year Momma takes a pic of me playing with the shaved  rink ice outside the center. Usually I dig in it, because what's more fun than digging in snow?

Sure wish my people would carry me home too....
young labradoodle being carried by dad

No sound came through, but I had a funny running commentary going trust me.
The link is on youtube here


  1. I never stopped to think what they did with the ice shavings at the rink... What a great summer place for a dog to play!
    And good for Cole for having a firm idea of how deep is deep enough and not being swayed by other people's opinions!

  2. Shasta is definitely with you, slow and steady wins (completes) the race and it's a crime to not take your time!! :-) We love your game of fetch!

  3. You went to lake placid? I was born and raised in the Adirondacks! Such a beautiful place in the summer- emphasis on summer. You can have the winters though.

  4. I bet seeing all that snow was fun! Looks like you had a fun weekend playing and exploring. :)

  5. McGee says feet should NOT get wet, even if it is wet with only morning dew!!! Bassets don't float, so they must have some inate fear of the water. But I have seen some basset guys with the life vest on, floating away!

  6. I love reading about Cole's adventures! He's doing so good for a 13 1/2 year old. He's so cute putting his toy down so it can be tossed into the water again. Thank you for these stories!

  7. Cole that's much more water than I let on my body :o) but you are a hunting breed for water fowls, therefore you can master that challenge with the water...hell-bow high is enough, I agree :o)

  8. I'm like that too though around our way its the cold Atlantic. Nothing wrong with inching in and taking your time!

  9. What a great story Cole. I love your idea of swimming... I wouldn't go all the way in either. Love your water toy!

  10. Oh Cole, my mom is shaking her head and giving me the stink eye because I won't go near it. And hanging out in the snow is cool too especially in the summer!

  11. PepiSmartDog: thats a pretty action packed sports video Cole! BOL!
    ROCLAMO Can't type...giggling too much.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop again.
    Appreciate you being with us each week. Hope to see you next week too. *waves paw* :=o)