Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cole-di-Locks and the Big Bad Bed

Once upon a time Cole-di-locks needed a place to lay his little poodle head. Is this the right bed he asked??
Maybe for a moment, if Daddy is in it.

You see, Cole has not enjoyed being on the big bed since he was a young pup."I need my own space" he says,"These long legs, you know"

The only times he gets up there is during big thunderstorms and the only reason he does that is to comfort his poor pitiful parents who are scared to death of loud thunder...

This bed is TOO BIG! (even with a daddy to guard me)
He tried this little bed

but he kept falling off it. This bed is too small. (Not to mention too hard) (And smells like soap) (ewww)

Oh don't worry about me... I'll just lay down here like a dog on the hard cold ground...
Long-Suffering Poodle
(Sound of snoring)

What's this??? the perfect bed? Soft, cozy, in the room with my peeps but not having to actually touch them or put up with their endless, "Cole! Be still!" or "Cole, MOVE OVER" or "Cole.... your breath"
Just me, and my new squeaky vacation ball, and my night time trail mix of kibble and cranberries. Ahhhh now this is the end of the story! The poodle slept happily ever after!

Of course we're home now.... reality bites.


  1. Seamus only wants to sleep in his beds (note plural) but in this heat wave, he prefers the wood floor. The only dog that slept in the bed with us was our first dog Paddie and she also would try to push my husband off the bed :D Sweet dreams Cole! You sure are a cutie pie !!

  2. "like a dog" cracked me up!
    Good thing he's there for you when the thunder is so scary...

  3. he does look comfy in that last photo!

  4. I wish my dogs would find their own beds and let me enjoy some room on my bed. They all have their own beds but when i fall asleep they sneak into mine.

  5. Cats love to share beds with their humans. Sometimes I can't get up for the bathroom because of them on either side of my legs. So depending on the urgency of the situation, sometimes they just get shoved off the edge. They are very forgiving, though, and might be in my warm spot when I return. I love that Cole puts his head on a pillow. Smart dog.

  6. It looks as if you are comfy wherever you go.

  7. Fun :) We have no animals to share our bed with but two girls is just enough :)

  8. PepiSmartDog: good lord! Lucky you found the bed in the last piccie Cole.
    That was almost a disaster...Phew!
    Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop buddy.
    Hope you'll come back this week too. *waves paw* :=o)