Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shiny Sparkly Beads

Yum! Look at all the pretty shiny sparkly beads! These little sparklers require a good pair of reading glasses.

Beading has returned as an obsession.
 I never stopped caring about them, and beads find their way onto most of my quilts, but I had forgotten just how much I like peyote stitch. Now I am doing free form even count flat peyote instead of tubular. It has opened up a world to me creatively. Mainly because I can't follow someone's else's directions, so I make up my own path.
Much more satisfying.

Recently on vacation, while DH Drew was doing this...
That's my husband in blue on the SUP for the first time
 Cole and I were doing this...
I took along the beads I am using for my Geogia O'Keefe piece, but stopped in the local bead store, "just to look" and left with these little tiny squares and bugles of color. I spent the next few days playing with them to see how they behaved...

It is fun to just play with color, size, line, and finish in this format instead of painting or quilting.

I had prepared some baggies full of thread, needles, and beads but you know how stimulating new materials are!!

I haven't shown you any of the 8 pieces I've done so far. You can just see the start of some circular mandala's on the brown bag above. It's grown now into a beautiful piece. It will go on the Georgia o'Keefe  quilt along with a teensy painting I did a la her style.

I haven't wanted to be in the studio at the machine, so am enjoying summer and hand work. What about you?


  1. I'm a lover of beads too, I use them mainly when I craft jewelry, but over the past year I have been using them more and more in embroidery and quilt pieces I make. And like you when I go to a bead shop intending to just look, I leave with a few new things, its the shiny sparkly pieces that call to me like a mermaid. I look forward to seeing what you are creating.

  2. Ooh, can't wait to see that finished Georgia O'Keefe piece! Such a clever girl! ;)

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    Your beadwork looks great!
    Always a bonus to have a choice!
    I'll dust of a sewing machine or two this coming winter!
    take care,

  4. Beading is another one of my obsessions, but only as embellishments, not as jewelry. We have a girl who comes to all our retreats who does the most beautiful jewelry pieces. Not a stitch of quilting!

  5. I love other people's work but rarely bead myself. What fun all three of you are having!

  6. LeeAnna, have you seen the current issue of Threads Magazine yet? Mine just came in the mail the other day. There's an article in there about how to make decorative beaded buttons using metal button forms, similar to your circular beaded mandalas. It was pretty interesting and got me thinking about new ways to use all of the sparkly beads that I have been hoarding... I know what you mean -- you can't just LOOK at beads and not buy any!!

  7. Sparklies really are hard to resist! Somewhere I have a tacklebox full of beads that I collected years ago, waiting for time to play with them. Someday it will happen...

  8. Yummy beads!!!! So sparkly:-)
    I haven't touched a thing all summer... Just enjoying the sun ( you know me )

  9. Beads and quilts are a good combo! Please show a sneak peak of the Geogia O'Keefe piece. Looks like you had a lovely Summer!

  10. Playing with beads requires a good block of time and a pet who isn't too likely to pounce onto your workspace. You're brave taking them on vacation. But I know the draw of new shiny things!