Saturday, September 5, 2015

Want a pen like mine??

Available at Twisted Sister store in Annapolis

We three went for a little outing in West Annapolis and visited some terrific shops.  As luck would have it, ended up in the Art Supply store, where I found something for you...
No silly, not this ENORMOUS brush! (actually I'd like to have it and it was on sale for 12 buckeroos)

I found some more of the faux fountain pens in even brighter colors! I got you one.... 
or at least one of you.

 The purple one, a bit darker ink than my polish, can be yours. This is for my peeps, my fellow writers, my lovers of color, my friends who read my words time and again and leave fun comments.

This time, to win the pen, please leave a comment about what you would write with this pen...
anything from sudoku puzzles to grocery lists to notes to a lover to poems to letters-to-the-editor to your memoirs.

Tell me what you'd write, and to be honest I'll probably pick the one that entertains me best!
Either humor or sentiment or honesty. All good.
And thank you for your continued friendships, it's so good to see your comments and know you've shared the creative life with me each day!!

Pens purchased at Art Things in Annapolis
 See the original post about my discovery of these little wonders of ink here, just...CLICK
I just became uncomfortable wondering if I can send an ink pen to Europe.... well if the winner isn't in the US I'll have to check the rules.
UPDATE! A winner has been chosen and it was hard and I am still not sure that I won't go get another one because there were so many GREAT answers!!! I love you guys! 
The winner is   Quilted Fabric Art!


  1. " Me, me, i do !!" sonja said waving her hand in the air wildly!!!
    When i was a teenager on a family trip to Germany, i bought a marble notebook and a fountain pen and a bottle of violet ink of the Pelican brand. i kept that journal completely written, well mostly, in that scratchy pen sound and purple ink! In this journal are idea seeds for more stories, perhaps even quilts! One entry was about knocking on hotel room, in Garmisch? that i shared with my brother who never woke up but the rest of the hotel did and the cranky manager let me in with his key while my brother continued to sleep.

  2. Meh, it would have to be green to lower myself to beg you for it. A dark forest green and then it would become necessary to hide it from my grandson who is a green freak, too. So it's just as well you didn't buy an extra one with green ink and save me from debasing myself and devising a hiding place that would not be one of the safe places where all your favorite stuff goes to live until you give up looking and buy a replacement.
    Good luck to all your purples peeps.

  3. I know exactly what I'd write with the purple pen: I'd write about my quilts in progress and quilts I want to make and quilts I've made, all kinds of quilts, all in a simple spiral notebook. I keep the notebook next to my work table where I can easily thumb through its pages.
    I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed your travels through NYS, from Syracuse to Lake Placid. I have good memories of Ithaca and other towns and felt I was taking a vacation with you, Cole and your husband. Thanks very much!

  4. I would use the pen to write about my misadventures in quilting. I love to have stories to tell people how the quilt came to be like the time I sewed the wrong side of the fabric unknowing until the very end.

  5. I like to sign cards and letters I send to friends and family with 'pretty' colors of ink (right now I'm using a turquoise pen:). Purple would be wonderful!

    :) Linda

  6. I don't know what I'd use it for. I'd have to be hefting it in my hand, so I could wonder "Okay, what wants to be purple today?"

  7. Oooh... I would write a quote book in color! You've just inspired me.

    I collect quotes and I write them in journals. The only problem is I buy my journals quicker than I can collect the quotes. I have a pretty whimsical, floral one that would look lovely written in purple flourishes and calligraphy.

    Thanks for this opportunity!


    1. jerriann I have no way to reach you if you won.... please email me at leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  8. My handwriting is terrible so I try to do most of my writing on the computer. A pen like that would probably be best used for zentangles or perhaps as a hard tipped paint brush. But you may have just given me the perfect gift idea for my daughter, who loves pens!

  9. You do know that purple is MY color, right? So, with my favorite color pen, I would write a love note to each of my immediate family members: my husband of 32 years; my 27 year old son and my 25 year old daughter. I would tell them how much they mean to me and what I wish for them in their lives. I would scrape the very corners of my soul to let them know how much I love them. I would ask forgiveness for my past (and future) mistakes. I would shake their world with words of wisdom that would stay with them for eternity. Then I would draw a dragon tattoo on my butt, if there was any ink left over.

  10. Happy Creative Day to you!! My favorite color is purple. I have more purple fabric than any other colors. I have more purple clothes than any other colors. My bathroom is purple. My purse is a lovely shade of purple and I love to slurp on purple popsicles. But when I went to get a purple pen to practice some pesky and persnickety quilt doodles, I found that I had none. Gasp! How can that be? No purple pen in the house and now I am at a standstill. Help!! Karen

  11. Ok, LeeAnna. These two posts have inspired me to find an ink cartridge fountain pen. I know a couple of people who'd love them as presents and I might use them to write short notes. My handwriting is illegible these days - too much typing, not enough writing. But what fun! You always have the best outings. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Well I would write you a thank note of course! And then I would sing you this song (to the tune of the Gilligans Island theme song)

    Just sit right back
    And you'll hear a tale
    A tale of a fateful trip,
    That started from LeeAnna' s house
    All piled in the car
    The mate was a mighty good looking man,
    The Poodle brave and sure,
    Three passengers set sail that day,
    For a day long tour,
    A day long tour.

    The sun was out 'twas a perfect day
    But oh to where to go
    It didn't take long to decide that day
    The art store of our dreams
    The Art store of our dreams.

    The car found parking right away
    LeeAnna was filled with glee
    With Cole, the pup
    The Hubby too.
    A credit card
    And a tote
    The pens are cool
    The colors are bright and in my hand,
    Here at the Annapolis Art store!