Monday, September 14, 2015

Cole's Cleanliness Caper

Home sweet home
Cole:  ah, the sweet life. I am resting on the porch, remembering the fun I had on vacation weeks ago. It sure was a pleasure to have My Daddy my parents to myself for a whole week. I even enjoyed the ride in the car, the stops at quilt shops, and all the hotels.
It is good to be home and quiet though.


The words I hate to hear  happened over the weekend, out of the blue, with no warning
Already? It's only been 5 weeks. What's a little matted hair, itching and lake water to you? What's wrong with a little doggy odor? Leave well enough alone y'all. But no... and I admit I do feel better.
I had some pent up energy from the whole thing though so I tore the caps off these bottles. Do you like to bite off the lids too? The bottles make a great crunchy noise when bitten.
These took a beating while I got out the rest of my vexation at smelling like soap and being manhandled by

the peeps. Oh the noise the shaver and scissors makes. They, touch my feet
I must have squeaked for 5 minutes giving mommy such a look.
I let the squeaker speak for me.

She says we're not done. She still wants to torture me with the brush, scissor my leg hair, brush my ears! I mean, help me! What's this obsession with cleanliness?


  1. Psh. Baths. We get those every six months and call it good. ;)

  2. She sounds like a real pain Cole! Lol

  3. Dear Cole,
    Baths are horrible torture; our parents must be related. Hope you survived and are fully spiffed up now.
    Your friend, Sam

  4. Hey Buddy! We all got baths on Friday when our parents left for grandmas,funeral. We fixed that though, we founded two utterly fantastic smelling things to roll in today. One was the seeds that the opossum threw up last night. (we paid him extra to do that IN the yard!!!)

  5. Well, gee, Cole - you'd just had a bath in the lake. You'd think that would have been sufficient for one summer.

  6. Oh the evil bath. Mom outsources our paw pad and nail work.

  7. But just think how wonderful it will be to roll in something smelly when bath time is over, lol! ;)

  8. lol hubby put a ban on all noisy toys in our household as Bunk could just squeak for hours at the time

  9. Oh you poor doggie. i feel sorry for you. Why do humans have to always torture us. Why can't we just do whatever we want to do? Nice to meet you.

  10. PepiSmartDog: poor Cole! Thank dog you are a tough guy and didn't I read somewhere a superhero-dog? I used to LOVE getting my short shaved every 2 weeks and I'd run around like a puppy. Hope you survive part 2 of your grooming-torture.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We are always thrilled to see you and hope you’ll be back this week too. *waves paw* :=o)