Monday, June 24, 2013

Time Flies, whether you are having fun or not

 Time Flies was made in 1999 going into the next century when every one was afraid the world would end, and clocks cease to tick, and computers would fail.

It sits in the doorway of my hot-mess lovely studio to remind me to get moving! Time Flies girl! Don't forget your deadlines! You're LATE!                   Tick, tick, tick

Today I get to hang with my quilting buddies. Material Girls rock!  I will take my latest creations and they will share the joy of finishing something. There could be oooohs and aaaaahs. Maybe, hopefully. There may be scraps. 
I am known for loving a scrap, any scrap of fabric.People gift me with their trash beautiful bits of leftovers. 

 I love to sort and groom my scrap stash, and often make really wonderful art from them, probably because they are odd shapes, or varied, or I don't mind wasting them. For what ever reason, I have been writing a book for several years about the joy of scraps. 

So today, I must walk with the poodle, then load up the car, leave the Hoffman deadline quilt to be worked on later, and go hang with my peeps. 

Yesterday I planted the wilting seedlings, then made my Art and Artist study group challenge on Klee.Two months of thinking, two days of making.  I made two and LOVE them. Check back tomorrow to see them. Whee!! Don't you love it when you
1) meet a deadline
2) make something you love 

hope you are all making stuff

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  1. Loved this quilt from the first time I saw it..... and the clock really works! Such a creative and bright idea!