Thursday, June 20, 2013

the house that needs too much

I looked at the flowers in their little starter boxes    PLANT-ME
I see the bird feeder from last year                         FILL ME
I see the old tired dirty carpet                               REPLACE ME
I see old tired baths and kitchen                           RENOVATE ME
I see a messy studio from too many deadlines          SORT ME
I see a dining room table, well I can't actually SEE it   ClEAN ME OFF
I see laundry mountain                                             WASH ME
I see a hungry poodle                                              FEED ME (so I do)

Too much to do, and the studio wins again as usual. I am under deadline with two challenges as well as trying to get digital pictures for entries done. And figure out how to design this blog. People said, it's so easy!
They lied.

It's a wonder I have any hair left. My niece sympathetically condensed my rants to :  " not tech savvy??"

so I'll put off the picture of my current project til tomorrow when I hope to learn how to link to Nina-Marie's  off the wall Friday site.

The studio is calling, MAKE SOMETHING and I'm going to listen. The house can wait another day.


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